Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1145

Hears some people to nose the video recording, the manager has pressed the button in hand directly. The front presented a large screen immediately. Sees large screen sudden time, everybody understood, some people said goodbye to the person to leave thousand, this large screen did not openly express starts, opened one time is 100 million dollars, moreover was paid by the demander. The large screen returns to a moment ago opening the time. That person shouted very wildly all detains. Then Xia Tian said with, afterward that person looked at own card in a hand. Stops!” That person shouts. Screen immediately anchorage. All people looked that looks at the direction of card in a hand to that the monitoring video has patted. Q. Is Q. This that person thorough hoodwinking, he remembers that the clear his card in a hand obviously is J, but why will turn into Q! Actually this truth is very simple. He has been at the stimulated condition, was highly nervous, Xia Tian does not go to attempt to pervert to the playing cards, but attempts to pervert to his finger, simultaneously has gripped his acupoint with the silver needle, this will make him present the photism, he will see the thing that one want to see, he wants to see J, he naturally has regarded as J on finger Q. This Xia Tian won. His front chip turned into less than 9 billion chips, but this table now only remaining he and last person, in that person of this time had 2.5 billion chips. So long as he wins light this person again, he advanced. After checkoff, Xia Tian was also shown did not have thousand.

Therefore this table has been able to continue. Before that person just before leaving, stared Xia Tian one wickedly. Helps me revenge.” He said to the remaining that people finally. Although the final that person nodded, but he at heart may lack self-confidence now, because Xia Tian was too mystical, all the way this wins is really too relaxed, moreover others got up his working as each time. This person wants to leave this now. He has won in any case. In his present has 2.5 billion dollars chip, besides 800 million dollars capital other 1.7 billion are he wins, these much money already suffices him to spend freely, but here has the custom, either takes first, either your one cent cannot take away. Originally he also to oneself very confident, but his confidence almost did not have now, he discovered that gambling sometimes really solely does not depend on the luck on the line, he obtained good sign, but can this be what kind of? He has time Xia Tian of good sign not to detain with him, his sign is not easy-to-use, Xia Tian all detains. Remaining our two, have you can also struggle? All detained, before our two this time came one not to deal entire detains, looks that is whose luck was actually better.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears this proposition, that person was excited. Words that because such makes, belonged puts together the luck. This was for him fair, otherwise comes several words again, his confidence must all not have. Good! Now our two all push, after one will start, any sign cannot take carry back.” That person said directly. Dealing!” Xia Tian looked that said to dealer. dealer direct dealing. After having sent two signs, Xia Tian and that person have not gone to look at own card in a hand.

Afterward dealer continues to deal. dealer disposable all sent their five signs. I think that did not need to look at card in a hand.” The Xia Tian sign surface is three K, but the opposite party has two J. Why? Why puts together the luck I not to put together you continually.” That person very unwilling saying. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not said anything, the opposite party could not certainly put together him, because he planned that before the opposite party put together the luck with X-Ray Vision had seen that sign, he must win. Therefore will propose that puts together the luck. If the opposite party were not crushed by his imposing manner, is will not agree with this gambling law absolutely, but he thoroughly frightening to deceive by the Xia Tian imposing manner, therefore he no matter how bets certainly will lose. But this is happier. Solved. Xia Tian has solved this table of people of completely, he is also the person of second advancement, at this time his chip has reached as high as 11.3 billion dollars. These money are others are unable to gain for a lifetime. Even if these big entrepreneurs, they are also only company value money, they absolutely do not have these many floating capital. Naturally, superficially although Xia Tian wins unusual is relaxed, is very attractive, but has a look at these people who loses to have miserably knows that this line was not the good path of enrichment. Only if you are really Expert of God of Gamblers rank, otherwise do not come, person who these lose money, possibly all of a sudden lost bright light. They came to here are go back for to win money, how many but loses is hundred million, who can bear? Since the ancient times. Ten bet nine to deceive!

Even if Xia Tian is also playing at heart the tactic with the opposite party, he is also deceiving. Here monitoring is too strict, nobody dares to leave thousand, that be stronger than the skill that who deceived people, naturally the luck must have part, what was main was deceives, so long as you deceived the opposite party thoroughly blurry, he attained any sign unable to win you, because he was fearing. Only if he has corrupt wolf such luck. After Xia Tian has won, sits in the rest area eyes closed maintains mental tranquility, he is conserving strength, his recent physical state was not good, gambling must concentrate the spirit, the rapidness of brain conversion, moreover he must use the X-Ray Vision eye, therefore consumes also much. Wang Bing noticed that the Xia Tian appearance also knows his situation is not good. Although Xia Tian seems very crisp, has won 10 billion dollars, wins money that others have not been for a lifetime able to think, but he these hours of dark wars actually compare to fight are tired, moreover this time he also has this opportunity. Happen to caught up with the annual world to bet the king competition, therefore he can win these much money. Otherwise on first and second, plays for one month not to bump into several rich men, even if has bumped into, your to win money everybody also metropolis thinks frequently here you have the problem, does not play with you. Therefore in this case, Xia Tian absolutely could not win these much money. At this time tables of people had finished fighting. Finally only then 20 people advance, in these 20 people, what the fund are least is 6 billion dollars, most is the world bets king Ciro, in his hand is taking 30 billion dollars chip All people understand that is the genuine war. Five person one tables, four tables of people carry on gambling. Four people who finally wins compete to bet the king. This is being promoted rule of competition, can arrive at this step person, is almost gambling king rank Expert of each country, is good to cope without any, even if Ciro does not dare 100% guarantees one can certainly win these people with ease. The true competition started.