Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1146

The new competition finally started. When Xia Tian sits in oneself this table, he discovered that the imposing manners of imposing manners and beforehand these people of these people are completely different, on their these person each people are divulging the self-confident expression. Moreover everyone all came from the people in different country. Xia Tian understands that this is the genuine elite team, everyone the gambling king from each country, plays the psychological warfare with these people, the successful probability is not big, these people year to year play with others' person. Their gambling techniques are exquisite. Comes up is the air/Qi field is full. Moreover these people are very rich. In Xia Tian this table of these people of a richest person fund reaches as high as 18 billion dollars. Least also has 10 billion dollars. This table gets down is 70 billion dollar chips. The competition has not started, this table of dark wars of started, they have carried first on the exchange of look, then respectively scolded a person with the language of oneself country. Xia Tian saw that others scolded, words that oneself did not scold a little alternative, therefore he also opened the mouth: Your this group of melon babies, one crowd of big two B, I scolded you you unable to understand in any case, one crowd of smelly SB.” Xia Tian deliberately considered that these people do not know what in any case they scolded was anything, therefore he scolded such one directly, but he suddenly discovered that these people all were a face angrily visit him. „!” dealer coughed gently two, then has gesticulated to Xia Tian the ear, afterward Xia Tian discovered that on their ears brought a thing. Interpreter.” Sees this thing time, Xia Tian understands why finally these people were a face angrily visit him.

Originally this group of people wear the interpreter. Therefore they scolded was very simple a few words, drew an analogy: Grass!” But Xia Tian unexpectedly scolded scolded a big string, moreover interpreter unexpectedly also translated, this made him turn into the focal point all of a sudden. Fuck! Xia Tian by heart scolded one. He can determine one are really the fault, the absolute fault, was now good, this scolded, these four people have aimed at him the spear point, looks the smiling face that deceased person harbored evil intentions, Xia Tian understood, perhaps these people were want to join up to cope with itself. At this time with them hard anti- obviously was not the wise action. Looks at anything to look that not being feeling well words bite the father.” Xia Tian saw that the looks of surrounding these people probably are threatening him to be the same, he always opens to persuasion but not to coercion. Snort!” That four people looked at each other one not to speak. When dāng! The gambling house started. At this time these four tables, everyone is gambling technique Expert from world, their all came to world champion title, here only then 20 people, but will win any person regarding them the match who will be difficult to deal with. 20 super Expert compete for a world to bet the title of king, this rich bonus. If before , they for this given name, because after the world has bet the king will have the face very much, will have many people to come money to deliver, but was now different, here collected hundreds of billions funds, no matter who is the final winner, these money will also belong to them. That is hundreds of billions, can make them turn into the world's richest instantaneously. Then squanders money for a lifetime, they forever did not need this breaknecking to live.

Therefore for they this victory can resort to all means. Abandoned! Comes up, Xia Tian starts the abandoned sign, he could see that these four people have the hostility to him, this solely is not because he scolded these four people, because also he is the second advancement, on a world bets Wang Xiluo also five old on own initiative to notify him. Can see the Xia Tian uncommon place from this point. Therefore they definitely want to cope with Xia Tian. Sees Xia Tian to abandon the sign, the direct three people of abandoned signs, have a person of replenishment. The second game started. Abandoned! Xia Tian has abandoned, this time is one's turn the second person replenishment, other people Qi, their four such did can not need to receive that five games of limit, but the Xia Tian fifth game least must lose one hundred million! No! Here general manager announced a moment ago, the fight promoted, now starts the consecutively five games not to detain the note, the fifth game must result in detains over 1 billion, otherwise calculated to eliminate. They solely to not win Xia Tian 1 billion, but to let Xia Tian one game eliminates. The quick four games on the past, to the fifth game, after that four people have looked at their sign, afterward looks at each other one, the Xia Tian on family nodded, several other people abandoned the sign, was one's turn the Xia Tian on family to speak: All detains.” He has not gone with playing that Xia Tian does a bit less to be few, but chose has all detained, Xia Tian now is the fifth game, said according to the custom, if this time abandoned the sign, he has forfeited, therefore Xia Tian this time has to with, but his money was happen to similar to Xia Tian, therefore Xia Tian must all detain. This forced somebody to do something he incapable. Xia Tian thinks that with is not good, at this time the sign surface of opposite party is Q, but the Xia Tian sign surface is only one five.

The opposite party has the absolute superiority, under normal conditions, this type of sign cannot with, especially see their several plots the appearances, but Xia Tian has no alternative. Followed.” Xia Tian has all pushed in front of 11.2 billion chips, is met by chance 11.3 billion, but now here bottom [gold/metal] also changed, a 20 million dollars chip, therefore five did not have 100 million dollars. Enhances the bottom [gold/metal] and limit [gold/metal] main reason is to prevent some people does not care about that 100 million, intentionally protracted time. Snort!” That person contemptuous smiles, he felt that his luck is very good, although their several not with language exchange, but they are actually using the look to exchange, they decide whose sign surface is the fifth game is big who all detains with Xia Tian, if the Xia Tian sign surface compared with their big, that Xia Tian avoids a tribulation, however the Xia Tian sign surface is one small five. Therefore they naturally cannot let off Xia Tian, but under the contrast, his sign is best, therefore this time opportunity gave him. After he has eliminated Xia Tian, he had about 23 billion funds, when the time comes he was this table of biggest households, how when the time comes he wants to play can how play, money was representing the imposing manner foot much. He even felt this table of advancements certainly was he. You thought that you can definitely win me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that man. „Did you say?” English that man uses. I think that your this time will be eliminated, if you are rich can also continue to purchase the chip, you in any case finally buy are more I to gain are more.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Extremely arrogant, dealing!” That man disdains stared Xia Tian one.