Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1147

Xia Tian that match this is very confident to oneself. He knows that Xia Tian this must lose without doubt, because Xia Tian was being compelled, in his opinion, Xia Tian this definitely thinks next 1 billion, then abandons the sign, but he has not given Xia Tian that opportunity. He all detains directly, Xia Tian is under him the family, that Xia Tian can only be forced all detains, otherwise he also eliminates. Third round dealing, the sign surface of opposite party is Q, but the Xia Tian sign surface is a spade six, with colored sign surface. Snort, unexpectedly is with the colored sign surface, I do not believe you am suitable with the flower.” Expert cold snort of that gambling king rank said that he does not believe Xia Tian is suitable with the flower, because is he is now impossible the sign that sees dealer to shuffle, even if remembers several reluctantly, does not work as too big using. Therefore this putting together the luck he cannot lose, now he is three, the opportunity that he wins is big, but Xia Tian wants to attain by the remaining two signs with the flower is suitable, the probability is very low. He wants to see the clue of Xia Tian sign from the Xia Tian expression. But his anything cannot look. Wang Bing on auditorium is anxious, now she can also look at the opposite party to have very much big superiority, but the probability that Xia Tian can win is small. Fourth round dealing. The opposite party has attained a spade four, Xia Tian has attained a spade seven. Your same flower along in my this.” The opposite party saw that the spade four time confidence were fuller, because Xia Tian sign surface first is the spade five, looked that he has self-confident that him definitely with the spade five by, now the spade six appeared, the spade four also appeared, since that Xia Tian card in a hand obviously anything, he self-confidence has not been an attire. Thinks of here, he was more self-confident. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed. How also to sigh? Thought one lost, therefore sighed?” Saying that person disdains. Last round dealing.

That person has really attained four Q, but the Xia Tian sign surface is the spade eight! Also really made you attain with the sign surface that the flower was suitable, but I do not believe your spade 51 spades nine had that in a big way self-confident with was suitable with the flower, I was four, even if you were with spending me also win.” That person has lifted own card in a hand directly, four Q. Thanked!” Xia Tian light saying. What?” That person has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Money thank you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward has lifted own card in a hand directly, his card in a hand spade nine. Saw that spade nine time all people have all been shocked, Xia Tian unexpectedly closed right up against a spade nine and a spade five attains has been suitable with the flower, middle sign unexpectedly all appeared, this was also too skillful. Moreover a spade five and spade nine his unexpectedly have that big self-confidence. He resembles knows one will definitely come along to be the same with the flower. If this table had three people to bet a moment ago, anything that then Xia Tian definitely attains is not, in other words this Xia Tian wins all by luck, his luck already as good as explosive table. Has won, Xia Tian front chip turned into 20 billion dollars all of a sudden, looks that these chip all person eyes are shining, but they also know that this money is not good to take. Although the Xia Tian front is suspending these many chips now, so long as cannot bring, these chips are also only one pile of broken plastics. Only the final winner can carry off money completely. 22.4 billion chips, that person front chip of turned into 200 million at this time, suffices several cards in a hand, but he has not given up. Xia Tian visited him, after dealer dealing. All detains!” Xia Tian spoke, he came up directly to detain.

Snort!” The Xia Tian below family abandons sign directly. Another several also abandon the sign, only then the remaining 200 million that people looked at their card in a hand, then followed. One round deals, Xia Tian unexpectedly has attained three A, but the opposite party is two pairs. Won. This person by thorough elimination. Regarding Xia Tian, the enemy has been short of one, he were many a opportunity of winning, although because he can see the playing cards, but he must play the psychological warfare with these people, like this he can look actually one can attain any sign finally. Draws an analogy, he has calculated the opportunity that the sign that oneself must win, among the results some people Qi, he won suddenly may too be tiny. That person has not continued add-on funds, but direct turn around leaves. Now Xia Tian their this table of only remaining four people. All detains!” Xia Tian spoke, he all detained once more! That several people all abandon the sign. All detains!” Then, to the fifth chapter, these person of this times have had to follow. dealer dealing, the Xia Tian sign surface is A. Abandons the sign!” Xia Tian abandoned the sign, his sign surface was His unexpectedly abandons the sign, all people a brow wrinkle, do not understand immediately what is this, according to the normal condition, this should be processes they three good opportunities was right.

But Xia Tian unexpectedly said that the abandoned sign abandons the sign. 1 billion!” The Xia Tian below family has gotten down 1 billion hurriedly, the other two also followed. Third round dealing time, Xia Tian saw several people of changes, although they hide is good, but Xia Tian has discovered that his below family will want is the good sign corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, but so long as third will be the good sign to touch own ear, so long as fourth will be the good sign intentionally to rotate own ring. This rule is invariable. Although this rule is slight, the average person cannot look, but this small problem can actually make them suffer a more disastrous defeat, even if they bump into is not one, but is Rowsey, they certainly will also lose. Xia Tian had looked at their sign. So long as Xia Tian abandons the sign, their three each people can attain one four, but Xia Tian four biggest, is four ten! 5 billion! Came such good sign, how the Xia Tian below family possibly to give up with great difficulty, another two also thought that their sign was very good, therefore they have not abandoned the sign, followed. After the fifth round dealing conclusion. The Xia Tian below family all has pushed directly chip on the table. He looked to understand, another two have the possibility very much is also four, but will not compare his big absolutely, therefore he all detained. Snort, wants to fool me.” That person of cold snort, has all pushed front chip, last looked own sign, has abandoned directly, he believes that his on family absolutely is four, but the Xia Tian below family possibly is throws a bluff on, however on his four not him big of family, therefore he abandoned the sign directly. Fights!” The Xia Tian innermost feelings show a faint smile, these people also treated as the enemy him a moment ago, now in starts to fight, they have jumped in Xia Tian to dig in the good pit now.