Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1148
Finally with is the same, the Xia Tian below family that Xia Tian sees has won, his fund erupted all of a sudden 28 billion, because remaining that lost 6 billion, therefore he now only remaining 12 billion. He just started money most that people. Just started money many not to mean that you certainly can win, like the present, Xia Tian their money compares that person to be many. New round dealing started. Xia Tian abandons the sign once more. Xia Tian below family now luck thorough good, in addition his money are many, the confidence also foot, he directly started to play. Gambling sometimes is this, after your luck gets up, that is irresistible, no one can block, but this meeting, the luck will have vanished, can guarantee the person who only own luck long-time does not fade has one, the name of that person is called the corrupt wolf. Xia Tian believes that if the corrupt wolf gambles, that forwards absolutely. Xia Tian often detains two, but does not have a fracture, but that two people actually started the blood to spell. Among them the war has continued for two hours, those who most make Xia Tian accidental is, Xia Tian below family unexpectedly lost, he 28 billion fund unexpectedly have lost to the opposite party, that person likes touching the movement of ring to be also fake, this was afterward Xia Tian discovered that he with this movement the Xia Tian below family deceiving. Result that person came one time to detain, loses bright light, this middle Xia Tian has also left several hands, his present fund has achieved 28 billion, but the remaining that people have 38 billion! They differ 10 billion. You are not my match.” That person looks at Xia Tian light saying. Right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not said anything. „This year's world bets Wang Yiding is my, last year I have lost to Rowsey, loses is very undeserved, this year I must defeat him, but you are just my stepping-stone.” That person of very self-confident saying. Gives a try!” Xia Tian said. Starts to deal! The Xia Tian sign surface is one ten, when opposite party J. „The sign that it seems like my luck compared with hello, coming up is older than you.” That person throws 1 billion chips directly.

Your this was too petty, no matter what, you also spoke answering, how 1 billion can, I detain 10 billion.” Xia Tian throws 10 billion directly. Saw that Xia Tian has detained 10 billion directly, that person stares slightly, afterward on the face had the smiling face: Your this psychological method is useless to me, I with you.” Afterward third round dealing. The Xia Tian sign surface is one nine, with sign surface that the flower is suitable, but the opposite party is J. I am the pair, I spoke, 1 billion!” That person said again. 1 billion good? 10 billion!” Xia Tian throws 10 billion! That person looked at own card in a hand to ponder the moment: Followed.” Comes up a person 20 billion, is this must fight a decisive battle? dealer has not thought that so will be happy. Afterward fourth round dealing, the Xia Tian sign surface is one eight, but that person of sign surface is J, three J. My three, I spoke!” That person said. That gives you a face, crossed.” Xia Tian said. Looked at Xia Tian, that person thinks that Xia Tian has feared, therefore his confidence was fuller. Last round dealing, what Xia Tian is taking is the spade seven. Excuse me, your spade six in my this.” That person shows a faint smile: 8 billion detain you completely.” That person of this time has thought one must win, because his card in a hand is spade J, Xia Tian two along had all been given by him with the flower. I followed.” Xia Tian all has pushed directly own chip. All detained!

Sees Xia Tian unexpectedly to dare with, the brow wrinkle of that person, why he does not understand Xia Tian also to dare with. „Don't you fear death?” That person has doubts looks to Xia Tian: Your spade J also in my this, how I but actually must have a look at you to win.” That person has lifted own card in a hand directly. Excuse me, your card in a hand probably is not spade J.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward he has lifted his card in a hand, spade J. What?” On that face is startled immediately. Is impossible, this is absolutely impossible, certainly has made a mistake, I see with one's own eyes my card in a hand have been spade J, possibly to be how wrong, is absolutely impossible.” A that person of face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, afterward angry saying: You leave thousand.” You can examine the monitoring.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying. I must examine the monitoring.” That person shouts directly. dealer told the manager with the earphone, the manager opened the monitoring afterward directly, all people looked to the monitoring video. But anything cannot see. At this time that talented person thought that he knows at that time had the monitoring video, was afraid here some people to play tricks, therefore he will monitor with his body has all blocked, this was to facilitate oneself leaves thousand, but he has not thought that this unexpectedly has facilitated Xia Tian. He has a dream cannot think that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to leave thousand. He finally understands now why Xia Tian did not look at the card in a hand, because Xia Tian knows from the beginning his card in a hand, he did not look that his card in a hand is because he does not want to be monitored to take a snapshot. Hateful!” That person has gotten hold of own fist. The new game started. What this Xia Tian attains is spade A, but what the opposite party attains is hearts K, this time intentionally has blocked own card in a hand with own body, then cautious and solemn looked at one. 1 billion!” Xia Tian throws 1 billion. Followed.” That person now only remaining 10 billion, therefore he must be careful.

Third round dealing, that person has sent to hearts Q, but Xia Tian has sent to block A. All people understood, if this time cannot do well, but can also be the enemy sign. 2 billion!” Xia Tian said. Followed.” That person followed. This time they all very peaceful, nobody spoke too many words. Fourth round dealing started. Hearts J and plum blossom A. Xia Tian has all detained, the opposite party also followed. Fifth, hearts ten and hearts nine. Really is enemy sign, the opportunity that now that person wins is only hearts A, so long as his card in a hand is hearts A, he has won, if his card in a hand is not, he lost. „Do you have the confidence to win?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally, because my card in a hand is hearts A.” That person has lifted own card in a hand directly, is really hearts A. Won! This time he has won, sees one have won, he was very happy, he succeeded this time he to be able finally well put together one with Xia Tian again, when he wanted to draw front chip. Wait / Etc.! He leaves cheat.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all stare, this table of opposite party just considered Xia Tian to leave thousand, Xia Tian unexpectedly considered the opposite party to leave thousand.