Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1149

Leaves thousand. But here world bets king competition. Can person each that comes to here to compete be Expert in Expert, thousand techniques their metropolis. However dares to use truly, perhaps few, here is strict regarding the penalty of cheat, chops the both legs, discards the middle finger. Who dares cracks a joke with own both legs and finger? Just the Xia Tian opposite that person reported him, although has not reported successfully, but that person determined that Xia Tian was certain thousand, this time he has stared at the Xia Tian sign to look that he discovered Xia Tian was only suspicious has looked at a sign, he believes firmly that monitored not to pat absolutely, therefore he has exchanged himself and Xia Tian sign. When the time comes is Xia Tian considers him not to have the evidence. He then called intelligently, with the Xia Tian style, tited for fat. Saw that Xia Tian considers him to leave thousand, he also shows a faint smile, he is self-confident to his technique, the monitoring cannot look absolutely. „Do you determine? Reporting needs to spend 100 million dollars, if reported the successful opposite payment, if reported that failed you to pay money.” dealer looked that said to Xia Tian. I determined.” Xia Tian nodded. The manager has let loose to the large screen, Xia Tian this table of competitions of were replayed a moment ago changed. At this moment, all people saw inconceivable, Xia Tian just had lifted their sign, the sign changed. Stops!” This time stopping that is the manager is said. They saw, the Xia Tian side opened the body to make the monitoring illuminate his card in a hand intentionally, hearts A, the flash of but in Xia Tian the card in a hand taking away, all people saw, changed.

This type thousand methods make all people be startled. unexpectedly changes the sign on the flash that the Xia Tian trump card puts, such excellent technique was really too fierce, if were not Xia Tian makes the monitoring pat intentionally own card in a hand, that nobody can discover that the opposite party was leaving thousand. What?” Sees here time, that person has opened the mouth surprisedly, his whole face inconceivable looks at the large screen, he remembers that he trades time Xia Tian of sign not to play cards. Is the speed that Xia Tian plays cards is too quick, was he negligent? But he absolutely does not have that skill in others hand Li Huan. In other words, Xia Tian knows that he must change the Xia Tian sign, therefore lifted own card in a hand to make the monitoring pat intentionally at that time, then has helped his, oneself trump card trading. Evidence is solid, comes the person, chops his both legs also to have the right hand three fingers.” Saying of general manager coldly. No.. No, is impossible, is he, is he makes me trade intentionally, I impossible to change radically the sign from his hand, certainly was he has traded.” That person went crazy same shouting, at this time he had been pressed on betting the table. „Do you work as the idiot with us?” The general manager has given a hand signal of chopping to that several people. Ka! The giant axe reduces that person of both legs directly, and has cut off his right hand three fingers, the fierce ache made that person faint directly, quick one group of doctors ran over. They chopped others legs absolutely not to make others die. This is the technology. Said that wants the leg and finger, that wants the leg and finger.

These doctors' surgeries to this aspect is self-confident, this surgery has made several hundred every year, these catch up with the person who comes to Las Vegas to stir up trouble finally are this fate. This person bets at the king big game in the world thousand, that only will have this fate. Wang Bing had closed the eye a moment ago, she is afraid very much, her fear next cut off the person of leg is Xia Tian, regarding him, here everyone is very terrifying. Sometimes the victory and loss is only the flash, especially in the gambling establishment, momentarily possibly like a moment ago, a moment ago was Xia Tian exceeded, otherwise was cut the person of both legs is Xia Tian. The Xia Tian chip also turned into 66 billion, person who he advances first. After the advancement, he sat there directly has rested. Along with the competition, Xia Tian looked, along with being promoted of competition, these gambling technique Expert was getting more and more fierce, the psychological warfare or the technique became are different from the beforehand person. Although he had won a moment ago, however the same method absolutely does not have the second successful possibility, especially in this case, although other tables are betting their, but they also the method that notes Xia Tian to win. Therefore Xia Tian the move has more than enough absolutely the second time, and they will also be careful that Xia Tian plays to cheat, thousand techniques of Xia Tian. Reason that a moment ago that person thousand defeats were because he lost in the technique. Xia Tian exceeds, in he leaves thousand lets monitor the record instantaneously, moreover that person said right, he is impossible to trade Xia Tian to pinch the sign in hand, in other words he trades the sign trades to 50% times, is Xia Tian helps him complete the other half. All these are framing by planting stolen goods on Xia Tian. Snort, interesting, I also worried that before you cannot rush to the final, now seemed like I have considered thoroughly, like this I can be Senior Brother revenge personally.” Rowsey innermost feelings secretly thought, relations between he and Senior Brother are good, his Senior Brother compared with his greatly is 30 years old, when he is very small, his Senior Brother can all that he wants, each birthday, will receive the Senior Brother careful preparation each holiday the gift. Until him at age 18, his Senior Brother gave him the different thing to make him elect, same is the playing cards, moreover same is the key of villa, he chooses the key of villa, he is for a lifetime having ample food and clothing, anything does not need to worry.

If he has chosen the playing cards, he quite therefore stepped onto has gambled this road. Afterward he had chosen the playing cards. Because he wants to work as the world to bet king, his Senior Brother saw that he wants to work as the world to bet the king, never attended this competition, is worried about and him bumps into, he spent the innumerable efforts to become the world to bet the king finally. His Senior Brother said that must give him a big present, then his Senior Brother has conducted that gambling house. All these he does not know. His Senior Brother wants to give him a big red package, for this red package, his Senior Brother has prepared for several years, he called to call out pitifully that competition the personal connection of several years of saving, but his Senior Brother was actually persecuted finally to death by Xia Tian. He must revenge, he must revenge for his Senior Brother, he must make Xia Tian die unusual is miserable. Perhaps yeah, the following four people did not have are so good to solve.” Xia Tian sighed, he has not thought that this competition is more tired than with the Earth Grade late stage Expert war him, this money also is really not good to take. Everyone mutually is planning. Their is not careful, that final result will be the same with that person a moment ago, lives to might as well die. Em?” At this moment, Xia Tian has opened both eyes suddenly, his vision has observed closely Rowsey's hand stubbornly: Quite quick.”