Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1150

Xia Tian looks at Rowsey surprisedly. His unexpectedly can be so quick, he traded speed Xia Tian of sign also to praise to the heavens a moment ago, moreover he trades is not the sign of match, but is dealer there sign, nobody can think that his unexpectedly such changes the sign. Therefore is the monitoring does not pat. Because he plays cards has sealed up oneself all angles, besides him, nobody knows that his card in a hand is anything, in addition he trades the speed of sign, even if the monitoring cannot pat absolutely. Actually does this fellow how achieve?” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at Rowsey. Rowsey's technique was really too special, Xia Tian felt a moment ago suddenly spiritual energy, he opened the X-Ray Vision eye afterward directly, even if were in this case, his unexpectedly also reluctantly saw Rowsey to change the sign. Xia Tian has to acknowledge that Rowsey's trading sign speed is faster than him. However is good because of Xia Tian can defend own sign not to be traded by him, but wanted to prevent him to trade the possibility of sign to be too low. Xia Tian discovered that Rowsey stiffly anything is not the sign changed into three, this technique simply was too terrifying, Xia Tian also felt the terrifying. It seems like was careful him, I persecuted to death Island Country to bet the king, he must certainly retaliate my, when the time comes this fellow will aim at me absolutely.” Xia Tian kept a mind, but final altogether four people. Perhaps another two people are not good to cope. Time little passed, Rowsey can attain the sign every time, moreover his gambling technique is exquisite, although that several people are also various countries' gambling kings, but they all played with by Rowsey in applauses. Why? Why?” Rowsey that table of man whole faces of puzzled looks at own sign, the spirit of this person had the problem, his whole person soon collapsed probably. Why, in my eyes you radically have not been a match, but is a stepping-stone.” Rowsey's light saying, he used the vision to look afterward to looking to another two people of sharing a table: Either you directly surrender, either I make you two individual he more miserable.”

Although here has many people to lose, but few people will lose this. Because he wanted to change the sign a moment ago, what a pity he when changed half to make a fraudulent switch by Rowsey. Runs into such matter, he also can only the mute eat the Chinese goldthread rhizome, has cannot say painstakingly. That two people have simultaneously looked at each other one, afterward they clenched teeth: Spelled!” New started one round unexpectedly is the enemy sign, they have not spoken, but has exchanged with the look for a half second, afterward they started to change the sign, this Xia Tian saw clearly, they changed the sign mutually. In order to wins Rowsey, whom they have not cared about to lose who won. After they just changed the sign, Rowsey raised hand. I must report!” What reported?” dealer asked. They leave cheat.” Rowsey raises hand to say. Watches the monitoring need.” dealer just about to said that the words of his big string, Rowsey stopped directly: Does not need to monitor, your only needing made them operate the sign to be OK.” Em?” dealer doubts looks to Rowsey. The two one unlucky premonitions, they look at their card in a hand suddenly hurriedly, when they see own card in a hand, the complexion immediately becomes very ugly, subsequently they have made a similar action.

Ate! Their unexpectedly playing cards directly eating. Saw that this action everybody understood, they definitely were thousand, what the people were not clear, why Rowsey must make they operate the sign. You such do, although did not have thousand evidence, but defers to the custom, you will be eliminated directly.” dealer said. They also nodded. Was eliminated they also to recognize, their this time had feared really Rowsey, Rowsey had given them a moment ago intentionally a way out, otherwise did not have the legs and three now points. Rowsey advances! Rowsey is the second advancement, after he advances, sat the Xia Tian side to say directly in a low voice: Is lenient to them, they will fear me for a lifetime, later will see me again is not my match, because they in have lost to me at heart, but you will be different, what I will want will be you dies, will be the most miserable cause of death.” Visits you act high and mighty before me, I who visits was thirsty, the service person, gives me to come a bottle 82 years of mineral water.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. His sound all people heard. On the foreheads of these people is the heavy line. Everybody saw Rowsey low voice spoke to him, regarding any everybody has not heard clearly, is present one hear of Xia Tian words, everybody understood, Rowsey definitely boasted with him B. Sir, this does not have.” The servers come respectful saying. „, Does that have old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine?” Xia Tian asked.

Old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine?” The servers have doubts looks to Xia Tian: Your isn't healthy?” „! I thought that I was the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.” Xia Tian said that looked directly to Rowsey: I am the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, monopolizes to boast B.” Rowsey's complexion was getting more and more ugly. He also wants to maintain the demeanor, but by a Xia Tian such saying, he immediately was felt one lose face very much. Although he bets the technique to be excellent, in is also very good, but after all he who betting the table the psychological warfare plays this year more than 30, are the man self-respect strongest time, how possibly to bear Xia Tian such insult. You have a look at you, was sick you saying that I governed to you.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face: „The words said first in front, the perneiras I may unable to govern, you cannot absolutely the slipper, otherwise that was the biochemical crisis, no one could bet you, the world bet the title of king to turn over to you not to be, because others smoked to faint.” You court death!” Rowsey looks angrily to Xia Tian, said that his hand grasps directly to Xia Tian collar. Hit the person, has killed people, silenced a witness of crime.” Xia Tian shouts directly, hears the Xia Tian words, Rowsey bite back own hand, but Xia Tian puff passed lies down on the ground all of a sudden. Oh mother, my arm elbow, my wave Ling Gai, my waist plate, ended, was I the later period, I wanted certainly the chemotherapy, I could not bear, this was the envy, he knows that I can definitely win the champion, then intentionally persecuted me, I am not good, this matter each 18 billion could not level.” Xia Tian lies down on the ground starts to spit the foam. Saw Xia Tian installs looks like, Rowsey has almost not irritated, he has not bumped into Xia Tian. The general manager in Las Vegas gambling establishment walked hurriedly, he has patted on the shoulder of Xia Tian, then looks to Rowsey: You said that does this matter solve? You blatantly injure the participants here, this has violated a regulation, I have the right to pursue now you, according to eliminating processing.”