Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1151

Hears the words of general manager, a Rowsey brow wrinkle, he understands, reason that this general manager such aims at him is because the previous Las Vegas invited him, when here seat adviser he had not agreed. Therefore the general manager intentionally will say this matter in a big way. Oh!” Intentionally Xia Tian shouted was louder. Xia Tian and that general manager coordinate unusual is tacit. Manager Mike, what do you mean?” Ciro expression ice-cold saying, he is not affable, he is on a world bets the king, if the gambling establishment in Las Vegas copes with him visibly, that will harm the reputation of Las Vegas gambling establishment. If the matter is noisy, after that who also dares to come to Las Vegas to gamble? After all these people here may be honored and popular big figure, although they must set up the custom, but must handle affairs carefully, cannot make everybody feel that they are mindless. Moreover at this time in all gambling establishments in entire Las Vegas is watching here competition now. If the gambling establishment in Las Vegas finds fault intentionally, that definitely will make everybody discontented. Whoops mother! The world bets the king to kill people.” Xia Tian loud shouting. Has saying that Xia Tian these words may break through to the general manager, as soon as the general manager listens to Xia Tian to say hurriedly: Our gambling establishment speaks the custom, is reasonable, although you are the world bet the king, but is you cannot casually kill people here, moreover is one enters the person of final.” A Rowsey brow wrinkle, he has not thought of the Xia Tian unexpectedly such rascal. I have not hit him.” Whoops, my neck, I wanted not being able to come up to be mad, my neck was quite sore.” Xia Tian used the method of his rascal once more. Was good, do not install, are you how is it?” Rowsey already thorough was helpless.

Xia Tian does not want to eliminate Rowsey like this, if such with ease can eliminate Rowsey, Nara is not the world bets the king, but this is also the method that Rowsey uses frequently. A few words that Rowsey most often spoke are, sometimes victory and defeat not above gambling establishment. But he has not thought that his today's unexpectedly had been instead challenged armed forces by Xia Tian. Whoops, my arm leg, this time matter 18 billion words, my this sickness cannot be good.” The Xia Tian words stated clearly, 18 billion, this may really be the lion big start to talk, the blackmail, this blackmails absolutely. Rowsey hears the Xia Tian words, the brow tight wrinkle, Xia Tian also really dares to open the mouth, opens mouth makes him be speechless, but he is not affable, he how possible to give Xia Tian that much money, but he does not want to stir up trouble: 1 billion, in one minute arrive at your account, if the incorrect words, that called the medical examiner.” Good, this is my account number.” Xia Tian has put out a note directly, this note just wrote obviously, the handwriting has not done. Xia Tian this simply was too a rascal, heard that rich jumped. After Rowsey cold snort, to the Xia Tian account transfer, he clearly knows Xia Tian directly in the pit he, but he also very helpless, when he these 1 billion dollars participates in funeral ceremony to Xia Tian. Quick, Xia Tian received SMS, money to the account, saw money to arrive at the account, Xia Tian directly has stood. Now money to the account, he does not need to install. Sees Xia Tian with bystander same sitting in there, all people have raised up the thumb to him, Xia Tian was really too extraordinary, so serene obtained 1 billion dollars. Has saying that this is the method, because his has pressed firmly between the fingers Rowsey's heart. Therefore he can take this money. Beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people.

Snort!” After Rowsey cold snort, walks in the one side, he not in vitality, but in the adjustment mood, he understands that Xia Tian is playing the dark war with him, if he were angry, he on working as of Xia Tian. If this imposing manner lost, will then affect to the following competition is very big. The remaining that two competitions also ended. The two previous world of achievement bets Wang Heda the previous world to bet the king. This time may really have looked lively, three world bet Wang Zai to add on Xia Tian this rascal, this absolutely is a big good play, these four people have their characteristics. The previous two world bet kings are bet super Expert, reason that they previous time lost to Ciro are because lost outside the gambling establishment, but did not bet the technique, therefore before their this time came, has prepared sufficient. Four people sit there rest. They have not spoken. Wang Bing looks at Xia Tian anxiously, Xia Tian walks is farther, she is more anxious, she knows that following gambling will not be absolutely simple, this is hundreds of billions dollars large-scale gambling, in such gambling world also only then Las Vegas can form. Moreover turned for five years a time. This time is extraordinary big. Hello, finally waits till the final time, first I have needed to present all people to hand over all goods, including cell phone, cosmetics, jewelry wait / etc., all things, moreover you cannot have any communication with the outside, this also for Hello everyone, on after all a world bet the matter of king competition we not to see again.” Matter that matter previous time Rowsey who general manager light saying, he said wins by default. All people very much coordinate, Rowsey very coordination has handed over the cell phone, is very obvious, this time has not done any too big trick. However Xia Tian has actually lifted own hand: Manager gentleman, my abstention cannot criticize, these two one white tiger abstention that is China four big Expert can wear, another is the black market 12 health/guard special-purpose rings, I think that you do not know their origins, you should not suspect these two things do have the function of cheating?” Xia Tian said directly.

Hears the Xia Tian words, all people have all held breath cold air. Now they clear Xia Tian status. The people here are honored and popular big figure, the China four big Expert reputations they may be have listened, black market, how has listened to black market in Las Vegas possibly nobody, because here is the black market place of origin. Em?” Wang Bing a little hoodwinked, he does not understand that the Xia Tian words were any meaning. Rowsey has not spoken, on his face were many a hatred, the other two have not spoken, but is static sitting here. Good, since is these two things, we naturally believe.” The general manager nodded saying that one is the China four big Expert special-purpose accessories, another is the faith tokens of black market 12 health/guard. This type of thing naturally cannot cheat to use. For everybody's safety, we have prepared a big ritual specially.” The general manager said, has patted clapping. Bang! The front door was opened.