Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1152

The enormous and powerful more than 20 people walked from outside. This more than 20 people of footsteps are lithe, the facial color is solemn, completely is great Expert, their more than 20 people walk, the scene was peaceful immediately. To protect everybody's safety, this is we Expert that the invited from world, if which person wanted to solve the problem by the military force, they will accompany, moreover at this time the police forces in entire Las Vegas here thorough protection, in the event of any matter, they have also been able the earliest possible time to present.” The general manager unusual was meticulous, preventing anybody who this competition arranged to make a show. Hears the words of general manager, all people nodded, this was absolutely safe. They are gamble, naturally hoped to watch the fun well. Does not hope to present the life the crisis. Now in the gambling establishment presented these many Expert, their people have also been protected. Now I announced that the world bets the final of king competition formally to start.” The general manager shouts loudly, afterward will come an important goods bodyguard to come to bet the table to change into the large-scale gambling table. This time gambling table and chair is very luxurious, is the gambling establishment in Las Vegas asks the person to have custom-made specially, now these furniture are the furniture of final, but dealer of this dealing is in the Las Vegas higher manager. Playing cards altogether 500, the variety is all different, this can avoid some people hiding the sign to leave thousand. Moreover these 500 playing cards are Las Vegas specially design to have custom-made, playing cards above does not have any hands and feet, moreover is clearer than the normal playing cards and ensure after letting the person looked at one time , unable to forget own card in a hand, will not present any reflection matter. Las Vegas has handled all matters, enabling the person who here gambles absolutely not to have the extra worries. This time final altogether four people, bet the table to be bigger than before, this also to prevent others left thousand, if such far distance whose Xiang Huan, the monitoring can also a better capture. Xia Tian their four sat on the chair, Xia Tian and Rowsey were opposite parties.

Richness is good, can sit such comfortable chair.” Xia Tian touches on the chair intentionally, the design of this chair carries on the design according to the human body completely, will make the person sit is most comfortable. At this time in front of Xia Tian has 66 billion dollars chip. In front of the previous world gambling king has 70 billion chips. The greatly previous world bets in front of the king to have 64 billion chips. Rowsey's front 100 billion chips, these chips add happen to are 300 billion dollars. In other words the person of this achievement not only can obtain the world to bet the title of king, but can also have 300 billion dollars bonus, naturally, this is needs to deduct 5% taxes, 300 billion dollars, 5% are 15 billion dollars. The gambling establishment in Las Vegas will collect 15 billion dollars to take the expense of this competition. Although 15 billion are many, but compared with 300 billion dollars bonus is not anything. You died, I burn down one set to you.” Rowsey's light saying. The competition has not waited to start, smell of gunpowder was strong, one hear of Rowsey's words, everybody also understood, he definitely has a grudge with Xia Tian, perhaps this time they did not die continuous. General manager, he threatens me, now I was frightened, I feel myself to have a dizzy spell, retched disgustingly, ended, this time matter 180 billion perhaps have not been afraid of getting into trouble unable to solve.” Xia Tian by the chair, has shipped out a very weak appearance. Fuck! Rowsey cursed angrily one immediately, Xia Tian unexpectedly starts to play this set with him. „!” This general manager has coughed, he also thought that Xia Tian was too a little shameless, just from Rowsey that lane 1 billion, now unexpectedly must go to blackmail Rowsey, this made him also a little embarrassed.

Ok.” Xia Tian sat straight the body directly, he did not have wants to blackmail Rowsey. Snort, you went mad because of poverty.” Rowsey stared Xia Tian one: „After you died, my many focus give you.” This saying you looked on as an outsider, you have not died, how I felt all right to predecease.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Xia Tian, rubbish with me, today I must make you die, on this gambling table, I not only need win the light your money, but also I must win your life.” Rowsey looks at Xia Tian to say wickedly. Xia Tian?” Wang Bing in the auditorium hears this name stares slightly, afterward she starts to think aloud: Xia Tian, Tashita, is this, his unexpectedly has been using the false name.” I most did not like troubling, since you have delivered, I will not make you live absolutely am leaving this gambling establishment.” Xia Tian light saying. Suddenly, the flames of war were lit instantaneously. Another two people sat in two sides a few words had not said. Snort, Xia Tian, here is not China, is Las Vegas, nobody was covering you.” Rowsey cold snort said. What do you want to say?” Xia Tian asked. I cannot move you in China, however can save you in Las Vegas nobody, the idle talk little said that the gambling does assign you to dare?” Rowsey looked that said to Xia Tian, gambling house has not started, increased this chip. I also think that is any important matter, suits me.” Xia Tian said. My gambling life method is different, the person who from others loses cuts the four limbs first, then abandons the heart, do you dare?” Rowsey looked that asked to Xia Tian, this was must play ruthlessly, he has said that he Senior Brother will certainly revenge to him, moreover must make Xia Tian die his Senior Brother was more miserable.

Good Ah! Xia Tian to show a faint smile. „Did your both sides determine? Las Vegas has the custom of Las Vegas, once your both sides agreed that then you who was eliminated first, that is who dies, no matter was eliminated by whom, but another two do not need to enter in this gambling stake.” The general manager said. Determination!” Xia Tian and Rowsey said together. Wang Bing on auditorium has gotten hold of oneself show fist, she now is really anxious, hearing Xia Tian must with Rowsey bets the life the time she starts to appear worried, she feared very much that she feared Xia Tian will lose. Although she and Xia Tian arrives here several days, but she saw here bad risk, each a few words or each action of here everyone have the goal. Here other people are also very interested watch this competition, such scene also ugly sees in Las Vegas, especially at this 300 billion dollars gambling grand meetings. When dāng! The competition starts. dealer started to deal. First round dealing ended, the Xia Tian sign surface is spade A, is biggest. All detains!”