Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1153

Saw that Xia Tian comes up to detain, all people stare. This is the world bets the final of king competition, but Xia Tian comes up to detain, this made the person feeling very puzzled, moreover a moment ago Xia Tian and Rowsey were betting the life. If his these all lost, his life did not have. Everybody guessed this can be a deeply worried station, but no one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly comes up to detain, two signs all detain, this is breaknecking to be the same simply. Such detains, other three people also hoodwinked. Abandons the sign! Three people abandon the sign completely. Instigates B.” Xia Tian has thrown own sign, this is the ultimate gambling house, custom that although also five must detain, but is 1 billion guarantees a minimum, consecutively four do not detain, fifth least 1 billion. Moreover deposited also turned into 50.001 million games. Snort, meets me to think how you die.” Rowsey cold snort said. Second game of start. Xia Tian or spade A. 5 billion! Do not tell me you not to dare with.” Xia Tian has pushed directly 5 billion chips. Abandons the sign! Xia Tian below Jia Qi. With you.” Rowsey's sign surface is K. With!” The Xia Tian on family is on a world bets the king, he also followed, his sign surface is Q. Third round dealing! Xia Tian sign surface A, what Rowsey is K, on a world bets the king is Q.

I am big, 5 billion.” Xia Tian directly Qian Reng. With!” Rowsey pushes directly 5 billion dollars chip. I also with.” The previous world bets Wang to say. Fourth round dealing, Xia Tian or A, now his sign surface already three A: Since my sign surface is so big, that 10 billion dollars.” Rowsey's sign surface is three K, his card in a hand is A, all these already in the Xia Tian eye, on but the sign surface that a world bets the king is three Q, but his card in a hand is actually K, in other words, this game, so long as on a world bets the king not to attain Q finally, that Xia Tian won. With!” Rowsey and on a world bet the king to follow. After they all followed, last round has dealt, fifth sign Q that Xia Tian attains, who is also, this game of he won. It seems like my luck is quite good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, in his hand must push the chip on tabletop, he was shocked suddenly. Wants to detain? I am waiting, a bit faster all detains.” Saying of Rowsey face smiling face. Originally you are one group.” Xia Tian fastened own sign directly. Abandons the sign! Xia Tian unexpectedly abandoned the sign. All people all are the doubts looks to Xia Tian, those words that Xia Tian said a moment ago, you are one group, here altogether on four people, you should represents another three people. Since you step this gambling table time, result that you must die.” Rowsey contemptuously looks at Xia Tian. At this time Xia Tian chip only remaining 46 billion US dollars. But Rowsey's chip also turned into 14 million. The previous world bets the king remaining 50 billion US dollars, the last person is about 64 billion, he only lost the point to deposit, the brow of Xia Tian tightened immediately. He was to look to understand now. These three world bet king unexpectedly to collaborate.

Moreover these two people obviously in letting Rowsey win, in other words, Rowsey before competed has taken these two people, no wonder before , he saw that procedure not any response of Las Vegas. He was not throws his procedure, but was he had already completed. Those words. Sometimes victory and defeat not necessarily above gambling establishment. Collaborate! Three world bet king unexpectedly to collaborate. This lets present all people all startled. It seems like you think that I will certainly lose!” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to Rowsey. Naturally, you did not have any opportunity of winning.” The third game started. dealer dealing. Xia Tian attains spade A once more, this is his third time attains spade A, he has not gone to look at his card in a hand, another three people of cautious and solemn looked at one. All detains!” 40 billion chips of Xia Tian in front has all pushed. Followed.” What this time with is the Xia Tian below family, his sign surface is one ten. I also with.” Saying of Rowsey face smiling face, it seems like that this time his matter planned that has eradicated Xia Tian, now Xia Tian has detained own complete chip, if in other words this time he lost, he will directly be eliminated, when the time comes his life did not have. Rowsey's sign surface is a Zhang San! I also with!” Last person also followed, his sign surface is J. Four people all followed, Xia Tian and previous gambling king has all detained all chips, if this lost Xia Tian, he will directly be eliminated, but Xia Tian won, then besides Rowsey, another two people remaining were few.

Especially takes to the streets to bet the king, if this time lost, he can only the remaining 4 billion US dollars. Third round dealing. Was same as before, was enemy sign, Xia Tian has attained two A, next was two ten, Rowsey was two Zhang San, last was two J, Xia Tian had seen with X-Ray Vision, his card in a hand was ten, under him the card in a hand of family was three, Rowsey's card in a hand was five, the last card in a hand was A. It seems like I imagine is quicker, this can revenge for Senior Brother me.” Saying that a Rowsey face badly smiles. Right? In my opinion this should be able to solve many troubles me.” Xia Tian is also mysterious smiles, these people in this table all are great gambling Expert, they are good at observing any person's change at heart. Moreover among these three people have also used a special method communication, at this time their three knew each other card in a hand. Therefore Rowsey so will be confident. Fourth round dealing. Xia Tian has attained A, other three people are also three, three ten, three three, with three J. Cannot have the matter.” Wang Bing sits in the auditorium is praying. At this time on the spot and all watched the person of competition to turn very quiet, the enormous and powerful final, came up unexpectedly to keep violence such, this was the matter that they have not thought. It seems like my luck is quite good, did you say?” Rowsey looks Xia Tian strange smiles. Right? I do not think.” The Xia Tian response said. Last round dealing ended, the other two are three, said playing cards that now sends only then four A and four three, but Rowsey has three three, but Xia Tian also has three A. Moved, at this moment Rowsey and Xia Tian below family simultaneously moved, they have exchanged their card in a hand fast, they are the world bet the king rank Expert, this exchange technique and speed others naturally did not discover. That move.