Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1154
Congratulates this book fourth rudder main emergence, group management Mo is evil. A trading sign speed of Rowsey person had made the Xia Tian heart be startled, now they simultaneously change the sign to give the opposite party. In this case, the speed was more frightening. Trades the sign successful Rowsey corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, at this time he thinks that he has settled on Xia Tian, because of Xia Tian, only then three A, fourth A in his person hand, therefore Xia Tian, only then three A, but his he has four Zhang San. Although is smallest four, but smallest four also compare three A to be big. I also think copes with you to need to abandon on a free time, what a pity you were too tender.” On Rowsey face has filled disdaining, in his eyes Xia Tian is ants, ants that he momentarily can be run over and die. During all are planning, all in Rowsey's planning, Rowsey is a very self-confident person, he thinks that his plan is absolutely flawless. Nobody can evade his planning. Today this table of people of besides Xia Tian, all people all are his person, they have the exchange telegraph code of secret, therefore they can know the card in a hand of opposite party mutually, thus carries on thousand. As for the monitoring, they will not place in the monitoring the eye, so long as they are more careful, the monitoring could not discover their card in a hand, so long as does not know that their cards in a hand, they can change the sign at will. Moreover he is self-confident to his technique. Your sign surface is three Zhang San, my sign surface is three A, sees me compared with your big.” Xia Tian light saying. Other three people all are look to him who a face disdains. All during Rowsey's plan, they at this time is familiar with the sign surface and gambling house, in their eyes Xia Tian is a deceased person. Xia Tian, you died, today I can revenge for my Senior Brother finally.” Rowsey excited saying, he has lifted his card in a hand directly, his card in a hand is three! Four three! Finally appeared, all people all looked to Rowsey, his unexpectedly was really four three, in other words he had the absolute superiority now, four three, are the sign surface biggest.

Xia Tian deeps frown, has not spoken. How to speak? Feared? How even if you to delay time again, you are also difficult to run away today die.” Saying of Rowsey coldly, he can be today finally Senior Brother revenges. Moreover 300 billion dollars, already enough he well exactly for a lifetime, although he pledged that divides equally this sum of money with the other two, 100 billion dollars however enough he lived in seclusion. This time he must for his Senior Brother thorough revenging. Operates the sign, how to operate the sign? Doesn't dare to open? I told you, how regardless of you delayed some time people not to save you.” Rowsey drinks greatly was saying. At this time all people all looked at the vision to Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian has all detained. If Xia Tian this losing, him directly had been eliminated. Xia Tian that eliminates and not only eliminates, but lost including the life, because they just started own life betting, the person who lost must be chopped the four limbs, and ejected the heart. Five always sat there anything words had not said. They come are assume personal command, so long as their five sit there, everybody bets was feeling relieved. Because their five have represented fair and notarization. Wang Bing has closed both eyes, she was praying, she could look, the present situation is not good regarding Xia Tian, that three people about being on fire to deal with a Xia Tian person. Sir, please operate the sign.” dealer spoke. That they cannot flanerie, therefore they were urging that Xia Tian operates the sign. Feared?” A Rowsey face disdains looks at Xia Tian to say.

Was too quick, was really too quick, this just started several games.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Right, is quick, I think you can also insist a meeting, what a pity I high visited you, you did not match to be my match.” Saying that Rowsey disdains. Hand signal that dealer has made invitation once more! The hand of Xia Tian has placed on own card in a hand, all people have all turned very quiet, at this moment, nobody is willing to miss. Opened! All people all looked to playing cards on the large screen. A! Is A, clarity that all people all look , the Xia Tian card in a hand is A, he now is four A, here is biggest, remaining two did not need the sign he also to win. What?” The racket that Rowsey's both hands make an effort in has bet on the table, whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out four A: How is this possible?” Rowsey puzzled looked to the Xia Tian on family. That A obviously in this individual hand is right, this person is also his person, he by Xia Tian stirring up rebellion? No, this is absolutely impossible.” That person is also hurried to lift own card in a hand, when he sees his card in a hand, on the face has written all over inconceivable, his card in a hand made a fraudulent switch by Xia Tian. Saw such situation, Rowsey understands finally. A moment ago when he changed the sign, Xia Tian also trading quietly another card in a hand. He does not have to think own unexpectedly planted in the strongest method, his person unexpectedly had been traded the sign by Xia Tian, was Xia Tian has made the bridal clothes. Won.

This won Xia Tian. 184 billion US dollars chip is placed in the Xia Tian front, he is here chip most people. His below family remaining 18 billion US dollars, Rowsey's chip turned into 94 billion US dollars, final that only remaining 4 billion US dollars, just opening, the fight turned during the superheating. Originally Rowsey very wild, but he sat on the chair now, this he it can be said that owed in a big way. Yeah, I said that was too quick, according to words that this speed got down, you could not insist several.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Snort!” Rowsey cold snort. He can only swallow toward his belly in the air/Qi, although Xia Tian left thousand, but their this table of manpower laws of were too good, therefore was adjusts monitoring anything unable to look up, the final result was the same. At this moment, the remaining 4 billion that people lifted the hand. Replenishment 10 billion!” Replenishment! The final finally started the replenishment, moreover added is 10 billion dollars, this was the wealth that they accumulated for a lifetime, was used to care for the aged, but he could not attend to now that many, so long as has won finally, this 10 billion his, but if they lost, his one cent could not attain. Now their three tie up a grasshopper on rope, once lost all lost, if he were eliminated, their three have been short of an opportunity, therefore his replenishment. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment Xia Tian lifted the hand.