Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1156

Naturally has not detained all, 4 billion.” Rowsey's light saying. Followed.” The previous world bet Wang Gen. Xia Tian also followed, this Xia Tian has not spoken, he all has not detained, but only followed 4 billion, the Xia Tian below family also followed 4 billion. What's wrong? Doesn't speak?” Rowsey thinks one have seen through the Xia Tian scheme, Xia Tian, although on the mouth said all detains, but he in fact all has not detained, but only followed 4 billion, this showed that Xia Tian does not want to face fifth game of passive. But on his mouth said that all detains is just a pretence. He not possibly recognized Rowsey to be eliminated by his person, therefore intentionally will say, but Rowsey has not cared, he wanted nibbling slowly to fall Xia Tian. Third round dealing. Xia Tian has attained one seven. Abandoned the sign. Xia Tian abandoned the sign. Snort, Xia Tian, when I must have a look at you also to be able but actually very to arrive.” Rowsey also abandoned the sign, this time was to let the Xia Tian on family wins, like this they three chips can also balanced. Is insufficient the situation of having eliminates. But Xia Tian this time abandoned sign has also stayed out from the fifth game of disaster. Also was three games passed, Xia Tian has been abandoning the sign. Scene all of a sudden to Xia Tian very disadvantageous, although his present chip is most, but all people can look, his present situation is not good, because he every time sending to the sign of hand is youngest. Luck difference to each side. But is this really the luck? Of course not, reason that he cannot attain such sign is because Rowsey has replaced his sign, Rowsey in three people of hands all traded in the smallest sign of flash of dealer dealing to Xia Tian.

„It is not wonderful.” The general manager deeps frown, he can look, the Xia Tian present situation is not good, he does not want Rowsey and the others to win, if this time Rowsey they have won again, Nara was more lawless. Later the gambling city in Las Vegas is also not the back garden of his family, when was short of money, when takes. Therefore he hopes that Xia Tian can win. Young!” During five were old a person to open the mouth. Venerable, how?” That general manager responded hurriedly. You felt that this boy is what kind of?” Five old that person asked. Good, what a pity his life must lose.” The general manager said. No, you have made a mistake, Rowsey's gambling techniques and thousand techniques are I have seen fiercely, because he has two Master, these two Master are was known as betting Wang He thousand kings who 30 years of perfection, he also obtained the true line of that two person, but Xia Tian is different.” Five old that person said. „? Is venerable's your meaning?” The general manager has doubts looked to five old that person. Look, I know that your goal, one will compete to end, I will help you talk to him.” During five are old that person to say. Thanks the venerable.” The general manager shows a faint smile. Five old most command respect old Senior in this line, they in the past were also earthshaking figure, to bet has established the distinguished service person, therefore they such will be respected now. If some people dare to disrespect to them, that entire gambling person who all has the prestige will all stand. Because this is the rank issue. After they also hoped in the future old, can be command respect, but after was not old, must be chased down, this was bet the unspoken rule. At this time the Xia Tian situation is not good, Rowsey already little Xia Tian chip nibbling. Xia Tian now front chip only remaining 100 billion, but in front of Rowsey has 130 billion, the previous gambling king also had 30 billion, but greatly previous bets Wang Nali to have 50 billion US dollars chip.

New round started. Xia Tian, you from started not to speak a moment ago, are you plan have feigned death?” Rowsey disdains looks at Xia Tian. At this moment, Xia Tian coughed gently. „!” Hi, looks in my crotch the rare treasure.” Drank to pass from behind greatly, afterward a blood red big Band-Aid flew from behind. Xia Tian mean shot directly in big Band-Aid's above. dealer is dealing. That Band-Aid has flown from the Xia Tian left, the goal is Rowsey's position, Rowsey frightens to hide hurriedly to side, shunted. Band-Aid's speed is not fast. What person causes trouble here?” The brow of general manager immediately a wrinkle. Excuse me, embarrassed everybody, I looked a moment ago the atmosphere was too awkward, therefore makes my friend alleviate the atmosphere.” Xia Tian stands up to say hurriedly that saw that woman has the relations with Xia Tian, the general manager later nod of silently, in any case also nobody is injured. Manager, what do you mean, why doesn't punish her?” A Rowsey face angry looks to the general manager. Nobody is injured, moreover that thing cannot offend somebody, does not need to punish her.” After general manager , to continue saying: Your in any case is also a world bets the king, can lower oneself to the same level with a woman?” Snort!” Rowsey cold snort, has done directly same place, at this time the first two signs have sent. I all detain.” Xia Tian has pushed own chip directly. Rowsey sees the Xia Tian sign surface is A, he knows that Xia Tian goal, originally a moment ago that with the Xia Tian together woman was intentionally, like this was him unable to change the sign. But, how drops one to be able?

Abandons the sign! Their three abandoned. This was big Xia Tian sign surface, therefore they abandoned. New round dealing started. The Xia Tian sign surface turned into a spade three. The small sign, as before is small sign. Snort, do this time also some people help you?” Rowsey very impolite looks at Xia Tian to say. Although presents all people not yes what's the matter, but they know, in this is certainly fishy, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible consecutively dozens is the small sign. Corners of the mouth of Xia Tian slightly one slanting, then has raised own hand: I reported.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all looked to Xia Tian. Rowsey is also a brow wrinkle, he to his technique absolute self-confidence, he does not believe one will show any something that gives one away, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian definitely is resorting to any method. Sir, watches the monitoring.” Does not need to watch the monitoring, I think that everybody saw, from the present, I had not bumped own sign a moment ago, actually then the blood on my sign how comes?” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all looked to the Xia Tian left hand table, because there had the bloodstain a moment ago, but everybody has not paid attention. dealer dealing time will not bump into the table, therefore the bloodstain was certainly left thousand times stains.