Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1158

Rowsey's scabs reveal, all people are all startled. Ruthless! Western Pacific has suppressed, moreover under the stingy to oneself, his unexpectedly has left behind 300 scar on oneself, to the such ruthless person, then to others? Although Rowsey to oneself ruthless, but he is actually loyal, otherwise the previous world bets king Huining not to be chopped the both legs and middle finger does not name Rowsey. Actually Rowsey this not wrong. Xia Tian not wrong. However they actually became do not die the continuous enemy, because Xia Tian has killed Rowsey's Senior Brother. A person dares these many blades under oneself body, thus it can be seen, actually Rowsey to have very ruthless how. The average people see Rowsey these many wounds time, will be daunted directly. Good terrifying, actually he is what person, his unexpectedly starts to be so ruthless to oneself, then the scabs, no wonder he can become the world bets the king.” He comes out this scabs dew now, no matter what who looked to feel that the fear, his imposing manner all of a sudden stiffens now.” Such person has not stepped bets, he can also be a successful public figure, starts such ruthless person to oneself, regardless in any profession that can be topest figure.” When the surrounding these people see Rowsey's scabs very surprised, suddenly Rowsey's imposing manner thoroughly has covered Xia Tian, present Rowsey seemed an ancient Great General is the same. On him divulges the air/Qi of King. You light body to sell the meat?” Xia Tian looked that said to Rowsey: Was a pity, your this body bone, perhaps when handsome boy nobody wants.”

Rowsey's eyes stare: Xia Tian, you is a handsome boy, you understood that what is called the scabs? That is an autonomy of man, is right, you is a China person, the China person are always a spineless person.” Puts your mother's dog smelly Pi.” Xia Tian direct cooker. If Rowsey aims at Xia Tian, that Xia Tian can not haggle over, but if Rowsey aims at China, that Xia Tian has to get angry, he most hates is others others insults his country. Personal grievances forever is deceased person grievances, does not need to involve on the country. What's wrong, was angry?” Rowsey contemptuously stared Xia Tian one. Rowsey, you thought that on you have wound very extraordinary?” The Xia Tian right hand has placed own body directly, afterward his right hand makes an effort to rip on own body, Xia Tian has also torn into shreds own clothes: You did not think on one has scabs very extraordinary?” These bullet holes are when Hong Kong fight stays behind, these two scabs to expel Island Country Ninja stay behind, here is to protect the dignity of country stays behind, here, here, on me each wound to protect our homes and defend our country, protects my family member to stay behind, my mortal wound several, have almost abandoned six of my arm, what father TM is a man, the father on is a China man, your takes the knife from the oppressive boy, what has with the father compared with?” Xia Tian wound each is alarmed. All people looked fearfully. If Rowsey's wound is to oneself ruthless, that Xia Tian wound can only show that he is a hero, the dauntless man. In which man heart does not have a life of protecting our homes and defending our country, how many people but also had to achieve? Xia Tian is but different, on Xia Tian these wounds were telling present everyone, he was the good son of that protecting our homes and defending our country. Although here person came from the different countries. However they have raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. Compared with the Xia Tian wound, Rowsey's wound truly was the child crosses each family . Moreover the person who before these admired Rowsey also really felt that now Rowsey was one from the oppressive boy. His unexpectedly has experienced these many, no wonder.” Wang Bing looks that Xia Tian wound lowered the head.

She can only say that Xia Tian is one is worth respecting and letting the man who the person admires. Good, great.” A five old person said. Afterward five old simultaneously start to applaud. In the room other people also applaud, all watches the person of competition also to applaud, at this moment Xia Tian obtained the respect of all people, if when enters the final, everybody thought that Xia Tian is a rascal, that now, they all started to reexamine to the view of Xia Tian. Watches in the competition to have some are the China person, their applause have not broken, the hand patted red, they could not feel the pain completely, because of this moment, they were too excited. This.” Rowsey also stares. He wants to shake Xia Tian with his wound, obtains the superiority in the imposing manner, incisiveness that like his thousand techniques can display, but Xia Tian will also be crushed by his imposing manner. But now situation unexpectedly in turn, his wound with Xia Tian compared is really not anything, moreover now the Xia Tian imposing manner thorough turning has welled up, but his imposing manner was the instantaneous decline. Xia Tian that the imposing manner increases unceasingly felt own whole person became neat, moreover he has thought suddenly explained the Rowsey thousand techniques the means. Was good, the competition continues.” Five old looked, now Xia Tian imposing manner maximum time, now carries on the competition to have the superiority to Xia Tian, therefore five old people reminded the general manager directly. When dāng! The competition continues. dealer started to deal. From this starting, I all have not detained, regardless of I am any sign, Rowsey, loses to deposit I also to lose you.” Xia Tian sat above own chair.

Rowsey's deeping frown, now the Xia Tian imposing manner was too strong, this imposing manner somewhat has not gasped for breath, he who he presses knows that he must a bit faster adjust, the probability that otherwise he loses will be big. Abandons the sign! Abandoned sign that Rowsey and that person of keeping. Xia Tian does not give them any respite the opportunity, all has not detained. Finally to fifth. This must follow Rowsey and that person, their chips do not have Xia Tian to be many, therefore their these must all detain. Whistling! Rowsey has adjusted his aura. Xia Tian forces was too tight, therefore this them must with, moreover must win, otherwise they must eliminate, this game is to also concern his life one game, if he lost, that loses is his life. If he has won, he has the opportunity of make a comeback, he is self-confident to his gambling technique. You followed finally, this I must let Senior Brother that you accompanied you dead.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, the matter should also have to understand, was will be doomed Rowsey birth and death one game.