Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1159

The genuine bloody battle has launched. These may is the life and death bureau. This Xia Tian sign surface is spade K, the Xia Tian below family is hearts A, but Rowsey's sign surface actually only then nine, this just seemed the sign Xia Tian did not get the advantage, but this was only starts. After a moment ago the reminder of Xia Tian. That dealer dealing time after intentionally lifts the sign, sends to their hands again. Third round dealing. Xia Tian attained spade Q, the Xia Tian below family has attained block A, in Rowsey's hand has attained one nine, this sign may become very interesting. Enemy sign. This enemy sign unexpectedly appeared, moreover appear here crucial time, finals between life and death. Rowsey, you thinks that you can live this?” Xia Tian looked that said to Rowsey. Naturally can.” Rowsey's self-confident saying. Rowsey and Xia Tian below family has looked at each other one, afterward Rowsey nodded, Xia Tian understood his meaning, the Xia Tian below family card in a hand is one nine, Rowsey wanted to change such Rowsey to occupy the initiative. Fourth round dealing, Xia Tian attained spade J, Xia Tian below family unexpectedly has attained A, but Rowsey has attained last A, spade A, this time sign enemy, now Xia Tian is spade J , Q , K, was suitable with the flower. The Xia Tian below family is three A, Rowsey's sign is one pair nine. Your same flower along in my this.” Rowsey saw spade A time was more self-confident, spade that because below family hand of Xia Tian takes nine, after meet him the spade nine bring, he is four, when the time comes Xia Tian could not attain absolutely with the flower has been suitable, because the spade nine and spade A in his hand, when the time comes Xia Tian was with the flower, greatly his four. Had not finished.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Fifth round dealing. Xia Tian has attained the spade ten, his sign surface is suitable with the flower now, he only needed to come a spade again nine has been suitable with the flower, but his below family has not worried to go to the fifth sign. ! The flash, that person and Rowsey completed has changed the sign. Afterward they operate the sign, that person is three A, Rowsey's sign surface is three nine. Finished? Xia Tian, you did not think that all did finish?” Rowsey disdains looks to Xia Tian, although this has won him, is not big regarding the loss of Xia Tian, but he has proven his great strength with his gambling technique to Xia Tian. Spade nine. They lack a spade nine. Whose the spade nine there, are who wins. Xia Tian wiped off head sweat, he as if experienced a war to be the same a moment ago, but nobody knows that actually to have anything. Rowsey does not know. Rowsey also immerses in the joy. Because he greatly previous world will have bet the card in a hand of king trading a moment ago, in other words the spade nine in his hands, present he completely has technically surmounted Xia Tian. Finished.” Xia Tian long expiration.

Snort, before me, your technology is really the weak pity, your spade nine in my hands.” Rowsey has lifted his card in a hand directly, is at this moment, scene thorough has seethed with excitement, is not the spade nine, is the spade eight. What?” Rowsey whole face inconceivable looks at own sign, is the spade nine is obviously right, but why will turn into the spade eight? Actually all these occurred during a half second, Rowsey traded the speed of sign to be too quick, Xia Tian had not thought the good countermeasure, until a moment ago, him has thought a good thing, that was the air/Qi mercury. Thinks air/Qi mercury time, Xia Tian had means. Rowsey and that person change the sign time, that person will definitely loosen own sign, before that person in against Xia Tian, is not willing to loosen own sign, however is trading the flash of sign, he will definitely loosen. But the opportunity that Xia Tian gets rid is they trades that flash of sign. Rowsey trades the sign speed is quick, but Xia Tian actually secretly changed the air current, therefore their signs came a big transformation, that person of sign ran up to Xia Tian, the Xia Tian sign ran up to Rowsey hand, but Rowsey's sign ran up to that manpower. Spade nine in my this.” Xia Tian has lifted own card in a hand. Right, that flash, he nine has traded the spade, if actually this competition nobody changes the sign, he is also with the flower, same wins three. No, this is absolutely impossible, my technique will not lose absolutely.” Rowsey whole face inconceivable looks at that sign. That person also hurriedly lifts own sign, when he noticed that his card in a hand also hoodwinked, because this card in a hand was Rowsey's card in a hand, in other words the flash had the huge transformation. Rowsey, you were proud, right, your thousand techniques are I see in all people fiercest, you can replace anybody's sign silently, in the sign including dealer, this technique does not have the second person to achieve besides you in this world, but from you and I for that moment of enemy, has been doomed your time of death, when you want to change his card in a hand, I have also thrown exiting my card in a hand, therefore we three cards in a hand were thorough in a big way to change, my spade eight your there., Your card in a hand went to his there, but his spade nine arrived here.” Xia Tian said directly. At this time competed had finished. These that he said did not have slight evading. Hears his words, people very surprised, Rowsey's thousand technique unexpectedly fierce to this degree, not only can silent trading the signs of all people, but also unexpectedly can also change the sign in dealer, this was also too fearful.

No, is impossible, you are impossible to change my card in a hand.” Rowsey collapsed at this moment thoroughly. He lost, his unexpectedly lost. Manager, he leaves thousand, this he acknowledged a moment ago.” At this moment, that greatly previous world bets Wang Jimang to say. You think that whose now I will listen, you ask now whose everybody they will listen?” Saying of general manager coldly. to become Wang defeats the invader.” Rowsey has closed his both eyes. I do not like that bloody matter, moreover person who I respect you am have the loyalty, you choose one to have the cause of death of dignity.” Xia Tian sits there light saying. Truly so. to become Wangbai invader. Xia Tian has won, that Xia Tian now said one leave thousand, nobody can be what kind of him, because of not having evidence, but person who loses, he impossible to say one leave thousand, because this is the shame, this is his final little dignity. Xia Tian, you have won, but among us grievances will never calculate.” Rowsey has broken by biting directly the toxicant of oneself mouth, his body but actually. Finished! All finished. Also should go back.” Xia Tian light saying.