Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1160

Won! What this Xia Tian wins is soul-stirring. He understands, reason that oneself this time can win is not his gambling technique Rowsey is strong. But because of his is clear, Rowsey extremely in being proud, he to own gambling techniques and thousand techniques excessively self-confident, this caused him to get up Xia Tian several times to work as continuously, finally Xia Tian was the direct use air/Qi mercury wins. Air/Qi the mercury, but ultra step Spirit Tool. unexpectedly was brought gambling by Xia Tian, if this made other Expert know, must irritate. Ultra step Spirit Tool. In the hand of Xia Tian also merely this, he really more and more admired the corrupt wolf, actually the corrupt wolf from where obtained this treasure, after having the air/Qi mercury, war of Xia Tian outside hole to Heavenly Connection was more self-confident. He had tried the panting mercury a moment ago the might. Is the god does not know seriously, ghost unconsciously. Use air/Qi mercury time, surroundings will not have any change, only if Earth Grade late stage above Expert can feel the subtle change, otherwise nobody can discover that great change that the air current has. Xia Tian also relied on the air/Qi mercury to defeat Rowsey's thousand techniques a moment ago. Otherwise Xia Tian absolutely does not have the least bit opportunity. Although a moment ago final fight, only then a half second, but that a half second of fight makes Xia Tian feel one Expert fight with several Earth Grade late stage are probably same. Now he won.

320 billion dollars chip is placed in his front. 300 billion dollars project on my new account, 20 billion stay behind works as the expense.” Xia Tian this was also changed to many to the gambling establishment money, was hits to enjoy. Many thanks, the general manager shows a faint smile.” The Las Vegas gambling establishment takes the 20 billion, but Bai Na, regardless of who won finally, their money will not be few, likely is not Xia Tian their this, will assign momentarily places the waist. Congratulates you.” Five always walked. In the Wang Bing excited eyes is the tears, reason that he is excited, not because of these money, because of the safety of Xia Tian. Thanks!” Xia Tian nodded. Finds a place to chat, happen to I had the matter to you tell.” A five old person said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. The manager arranges the place to them hurriedly, here matter naturally some people will process. The greatly previous world bet the king to sit there as if silly was the same. Did not have, all did not have, their money did not have, moreover three people die one remnantly, now remaining his, regarding this person, without money had only been equal to that is making him die, although he bets the technique to be excellent, but wants to stage a comeback is also very troublesome matter. After all he now was too famous, wants to deceive these not to experience the person who not to be impossible, but bets, coax. Deceives! What is main, he anything did not have now, his these personal enemies will not let off him absolutely, he did not have money and influence copes with these personal enemies.

Xia Tian waved to Wang Bing, Wang Bing ran over directly. When she runs over wants to hold Xia Tian, but she has actually anchored, because she knows that she cannot display her sentiment, because she cannot be joined to Xia Tian. At this moment she had hauled during the powerful bosom by Xia Tian. Was good, has been all right, should not be afraid, nobody can kill me.” The Xia Tian comfort said that he sees the tears of Wang Bing whole face, knows that Wang Bing was certainly afraid. Wang Bing does not want to leave this bosom. Walks, in goes.” Xia Tian with five is directly old they to walk toward inside. They went to a large-scale living room. Boy, previous time you won 30 billion to contribute, this time you have won 300 billion, moreover was the dollars, did you also plan to contribute? You may , to be clear, this opportunity will perhaps not have the second time, your present reputation was very resounding, later ordinary gambling house nobody dares to play with you radically, large-scale gambling house you, if the seat of honor, some people will not play with you.” During five are old that person to say. Xia Tian also understands that this opportunity will again definitely not have, otherwise his day wins 300 billion, that soon, in the world all money will run up to the China pocket. Em, contributes, but can only contribute 100 billion dollars, if I contribute 300 billion all of a sudden, that definitely will have many terrible business, another 200 billion I plan to set up an impoverished aid center, I must enable China each backward village to walk.” Xia Tian said. Good! Good!” Five old also clap the hands: Young fellow, although we are not a person in country, however your breadth of spirit makes us admire.” Many thanks the venerable commended.” Xia Tian said. Asked you to come, wants to discuss a matter with you.” Five old that person said. Venerable has any matter to tell freely and that's the end, said that anything discussed.” Xia Tian said.

Free from arrogance and rashness, great, I have not really misread the person.” That person nodded, he satisfied to Xia Tian. Venerable, had any words to say.” Xia Tian said. Is this, by your present reputation, if not use, that has been a pity, therefore I want to ask you to be the adviser in Las Vegas gambling city, actually also hangs an unwarranted reputation, later had the time to have a look, not to have the time, then the gambling establishment in Las Vegas gave you money, although were not many, but also was a regard, this was also mutually wins, the gambling establishment in Las Vegas needed your reputation to frighten, but your reputation did not use also on Bai Xia.” Five old that person said. I also think that is any matter, since the venerables have opened the mouth, that naturally does not have the issue, has any matter me to call, if I have not met, can telephone to leave a message to this number, I knew, will catch up.” Xia Tian has left behind own number and Xu directly number. Mr. Xia, too thanked.” The general manager steps onto to say hurriedly. Had not had other matter, if no subscribes two to return to the China airplane ticket to me.” Xia Tian said directly, now the time passes by was also up, he should also go back. Before Xia Tian embarks, gave Xu to make a phone call, has arranged something. Wang Bing has followed in the Xia Tian side, she understands finally why some people will deliver the Xia Tian vehicle and house, because such matter Xia Tian definitely little has not done, but definitely also many photograph Las Vegas general managers like this from the heart thanked to him. Who are the managers in Las Vegas? Person of keeping aloof, even if were these rich and powerful people in world came, he was also that appearance. Looks the bankcard in own hand, Xia Tian shows a faint smile: It seems like this Xia Group must become famous.”