Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1161

Just before leaving before, Xia Tian wanted two formal clothes with general manager. The managers in Las Vegas sent for buying two most expensive formal clothes hurriedly at the maximum speed, when Xia Tian they arrived in the airport, the evening dress also delivered. Was good, did not need to deliver, went back, had the time I to come to look your.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, when you come, tell me, I entertain you well.” General manager young straightforward saying, he usually to person very callous, but to Xia Tian time truly specially straightforward. This possibly is also because Xia Tian affected him straightforwardly. Em.” After Xia Tian nodded, stepped the airplane with Wang Bing directly. The tour of this time Las Vegas, Wang Bing felt one have as if experienced a super travel, she felt that they experienced a legend, who can think that Xia Tian only used 100,000 dollars chip to win 300 billion dollars. Moreover obtained the adviser title of Las Vegas gambling city, the world bets the king. She feels all these now that inconceivable. You thought that the present show business is what kind of?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask suddenly. Chaotic, is very chaotic, is chaotic.” This is words that Wang Bing is from the heart. Very is truly chaotic, various unspoken rules, latent transaction really specially many, if I said that wants to make you build a green show business, you do dare to do?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Wang Bing. Hears the Xia Tian words, Wang Bing understands that the meaning of Xia Tian, she did not have the slight hesitation: Dares!” She knows that this is her only one can be pulled the means of relations by oneself with Xia Tian. Although she has unrequited loved Xia Tian, but she has decided that oneself will not say for a lifetime, what she only wants silently is the Xia Tian working sentiment, now Xia Tian makes her such do, she certainly will do.

Em, after having alit from the airplane, I look for a hotel to you, you dress up attractive, this formal clothes are your.” Xia Tian has given Wang Bing one set the formal clothes. Em.” Wang Bingdian nod. Afterward Xia Tian started to close the eye to sleep, here was the first-class cabin, the environment is much better compared with outside. Wang Bing has not gone to disturb Xia Tian, she understands that Xia Tian is very certainly tired, therefore he must let Xia Tian rest well. On Xia Tian had the wound, after this competition, his body was wearier. Outside Heavenly Connection hole opening nears, if he certainly wants means rapidly to be restored by his body, now his complexion was getting more and more pale . Moreover the lip also turns white, he knows that own present perhaps was in the wound in addition injures. The airplane is very steady. In the first-class cabin is also very comfortable, Xia Tian sleep rested under the airplane. Next airplane time, the airport had the car(riage) to meet. Wang Bing does not know the person who meets who is, but he had not asked that the vehicle has delivered to a hotel her and Xia Tian: Five hours of setup times, you tidy up well, after four least bits, you awaken me.” Xia Tian threw Minca to Wang Bing one, then lay on the bed falls asleep. Wang Bing dresses up unusual is careful. Because this is Xia Tian makes her dress up well, she must let Xia Tian at present one bright, moreover she looked, that formal clothes simply were too noble, seemed queen same existence. She must be joined to that formal clothes by her imposing manner. Tonight she wants the shocking audience, must make Xia Tian think that has the face.

Usually she puts on make-up many are two hours, moreover generally has the special make-up artist to draw to her, but she wants to draw today, moreover she has prepared to draw four hours of attire. Just she directly had taken a bath, now she started to put on make-up. This time Capital has spread a big news. This time donation Xia Group will also come the person. Hears Xia Group time, the entire Capital has seethed with excitement, can Xia Group meddle the business of Capital? This is the important matter, but Xia Group in China most famous large-scale group. Very mysterious. Moreover the back fund is huge, in the past contributed 30 billion dollars all of a sudden, this shocks the donation of world, in the world can the standing in line position. The previous donation, the Xia Group three major stockholders have made an appearance, moreover Yang Ziqi that the management donates is also one night explodes the fire. Yang Ziqi turned into the Xia Group spokesman all of a sudden, turns into the big star who in the world has become famous from two stars. This time they heard that Xia Group these people came . Moreover the people of military also came, everybody understands that perhaps Xia Group this time also had in a big way acts, person who will otherwise definitely not have the military. Suddenly this donation became makes the person anticipate. All people heard, Xia Group Boss is youngster, this is previous time bumps into Xia Tian that group of people to pass on at the airport, moreover is the young charming young fellow. Xu, this time matter we cannot have the mistake, the number was too big, has any mistake we to be possible unable to take on.” Fire old light saying. Em, will not have mistake, but I do not understand why Zeng Ruo does not come, doesn't she want to see Xia Tian?” Xu puzzled saying.

Their matters do not inquire about.” The fire always said. Em, said is also, child Qi, you prepares how?” Xu asked. Prepared, but spoke the truth is a little truly anxious.” Although Yang Ziqi has also seen the person of magnificent scene, when she heard the digit that Xu said that he also a little felt inconceivable. All right, how you said that others will think, what because they pay attention is money.” Xu Laodiao said with a smile. This time China No. 2 figure has given Senior Official a document. shit, this boy was insane.” Senior Official looked document time said. He altogether won 300 billion, 100 billion took to make this time donation, other 200 billion have developed over a thousand bases in the nation, the policy that he proposed was the farmer many, when the time comes the grain he will be responsible for receiving, moreover whose grain were many he to give who built the new house, he also advocated that must become rich builds roads first, he must all overhaul the road in rural area, the worker all was the Xia Group person, will not appear cheats on labor and materials.” China figure said on the 2nd. This boy, great.” Senior Official said. Perhaps this country direct will get rich, Qian Daolai with oneself country goes but actually, what actually most injures is the country itself, but he is different, he Qian Ying other country comes back, is used to develop own country, like this not only will not present the economic crisis, but can also thorough makes China get rich.” China figure said on the 2nd that he a little admires Xia Tian now, thinks really attended to every detail. Thump! At this moment the Xia Tian door was sounded.