Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1162

Comes.” Xia Tian shouts, but has not replied. Em? Wang Bing should have Minca to be right, who is that?” Xia Tian stands up walks toward the entrance directly, he does not know that is who looks for itself. One should not have too many acquaintances in Capital. ! When he opens the door, Xia Tian was shocked immediately. Noble! Elegant natural! These glossaries are not enough to express his surprised, at this time his surface advance party a queen, living queen. Wang Bing sees the Xia Tian surprised appearance innermost feelings one happy, she is also a normal woman, she also likes seeing others this surprised vision, especially to the person who oneself like. Reason that she a moment ago did not have to open the door, to give Xia Tian pleasantly surprised. Now she achieved. „Were you Bingbing?” Xia Tian looks at Wang Bing surprisedly. Impolite, called me the Bingbing elder sister.” Wang Bing has thought that she wants, when the Xia Tian adopted elder sister, she can like this and between Xia Tian has one to relate. Good, my honored Bingbing elder sister, waits a bit my meeting, I take a bath.” Bowing of Xia Tian very gentleman. At this time China conference Shangli. Really is the tiger father does not have my son.” Senior Official said. Whom does this time matter send to go?” China figure asked on the 2nd.

You walk one personally , helping me give him while convenient a gift.” China Senior Official said. China No. 2 figure goes into action personally. Thus it can be seen attaching great importance to of Senior Official this matter, after all this is not a small number, over a thousand hundred million dollars chips, this is a day volume number. The China entrepreneur has, person but who can contribute these much money truly never. Xia Tian is first. Previous time he has contributed 30 billion dollars, this time he contributed 100 billion dollars directly, in addition his previous time snatched that energy still to study, that thing will possibly change the China destiny in the future. It can be said that Xia Tian is the China hero, the China person has, is the person who China pays with the life also has silently, but can make Senior Official remembers the name not many truly, but makes Senior Official give a present, that has Xia Tian one person. Commendation. This came from the commendation of China Senior Official, is different from others' commendation nature. If makes others know that Xia Tian was commended by China Senior Official, others will envy dead simply. The entire Kyoto is blustery at this time, these honored and popular big figure have all acted, because they heard Xia Group, although Xia Group is famous. But here is Capital, the entrepreneurs in Capital has the superiority feeling, because Kyoto was known as that casual throws thermo to pound the place of section chief from the window. Capital itself looks down upon external entrepreneur, because wants to base in Capital is not solely richly, but also needs very strong background. Therefore their arrivals to have a look at Xia Group actually what at the same time, on the other hand also to give Xia Group demonstration of authority, told Xia Group don't visit Capital easily. Any profession, the market share is limited, a single powerful enemy appears, then regarding them is also very big attack, therefore these people were joining up secretly quietly.

But all these Xia Family of instigator Capital. Boss, this time we cannot make Xia Group step in Capital absolutely, otherwise regarding us is the attack of destruction, we know that Xia Group is the industry of Xia Tian, if his Capital steps, that can also have our means of livelihood?” Nine elders asked. Xia Family just started, only then seven elders, afterward added to ten, but old ten by Xia Tian killing. It can be said that Xia Tian and Xia Family enmity is not small. In the past the Xia Family ten elders brought over a hundred Profound Grade Expert to go to put down Xia Tian, but last was living did not have, this regarding Xia Family was very big loss. Reason that they now have not arrived do not die continuous Realm are because Xia Tian is surnamed Xia. He cannot be treats other enemy that people treats Xia Family likely, after all he is also surnamed Xia, if he has put down Xia Family, he also was really unfair to the generation. Also because of so, therefore Xia Tian had not begun to Xia Family. Em, you confirmed again other families, do not make any mistake, this all family aim at Xia Group, I did not believe him just to contribute 30 billion dollars, but can also make any noise to come.” Saying of big elder coldly. He only recognizes a view, that is the hadrosaurus does not press local tyrant, Xia Group is the hadrosaurus, but their Xia Family in Capital is local tyrant. If Xia Group plans to work as the lyeopodium complanatium, they do not care about Tu Dragon. The entire Capital is suddenly blustery. This is one does not have the gunsmoke war, a dark war. Regardless of where has the unspoken rule, even if the trade is also so, if all people all intentionally push aside you, regardless of you make any profession definitely unable to do. This is their goals.

This time Xia Tian has changed brand-new clothes, has saying that is really the person by the clothing, after Xia Tian changes the formal clothes , the whole person becomes very energetic. Although his complexion is not a little good, but can still appear air/Qi of King. Our these two formal clothes are not definitely cheap.” Wang Bing saw after Xia Tian wears the formal clothes , seems lordlier than the president, thus it can be seen these two clothes are not the Las Vegas gambling establishment general manager buy absolutely casually. Naturally, asking the designer to design also without enough time, therefore was already was definitely ready, prepared to Xia Tian this person uses. This time benevolent association attracted large quantities of reporters, originally these entrepreneurs for such a benevolent association that to propagandize specially does. Afterward the reporter heard the Xia Group person also to come, they were naturally crazy. The Xia Group news branch is the most valuable news. Suddenly all newspaper offices, news, Reporter, the dog young wait / etc. all gathered here, the host of benevolent association is luxurious, now here completely by reporter dying of suffocation. Large quantities of securities are responsible for cleaning up path. At this time also blustery big figure, Chen Zong, he is an entrepreneur, although he is an entrepreneur, however in the Capital not too big reputation. But just, Xia Family unexpectedly of Capital on own initiative has been contacting with him, this makes him feel that he has the face, he felt that he has even stepped into the circle of superior. Snort, that brat, best not to come, otherwise looked how I shame you.” Chen Zongleng snort said. Meanwhile. Xia Tian downstairs the hotel, a top saloon car stops there.