Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1163

Sister Bingbing, us.” Xia Tian very gentleman extended own right hand. Wang Bingjiang left hand builds in the hand of Xia Tian, they walk toward below directly. „, Puts on is so magnificent, does not know also thinks that wants being lucky blanket.” Saying that a female disdains, in her eye all envies. This person was the fashion week saw, tall Fang who then bought.” Side female that man said. Xu Dashao, how the car(riage) of your family does not start, others do not want to ride the rental car.” Saying that female whined. Relax, my buddy has called me, said that asked the friend to drive to meet us, said that has a look at that any benevolent association.” That man said. As soon as the females listen to the car(riage) to meet, on the face had the smiling face, simultaneously intentionally loud saying: What car(riage) does that meet our is?” As if in her eyes, has the car(riage) to meet is a very good B matter. I do not know, but my friend affirmed that arranged, when the time comes we exited some people to call us.” That Xu Dashao said hand very dishonest has traced several on the female: Floret, in the evening we well comes several times, I asked the friend to buy a good thing, when the time comes tried.” Em, what do you attend that benevolent association to buy for me?” In that female is arrogant fragile saying. That is the benevolent association, is not the auction, simply has not sold the thing.” Xu Dashao helpless saying. No, no, others want.” The females started to act like a spoiled brat. Well good! Buys when the time comes certainly for you.” Xu Dashao can only deal with first. The females are the feeling are possibly bored, therefore she looked at Xia Tian and Wang Bing eyes once more, she discovered these two people, male handsome charming, female is also very noble attractive. This made her envy.

Here is the hotel, the guesthouse, what coming here person also to do? Naturally was, she does not believe that some people came to such expensive hotel only to rest. Yeah, exits to have car(riage) to meet really well.” Intentionally the females said is very loud. But he discovered that own unexpectedly has disregarded by Xia Tian and Wang Bing directly, this made her be angry, she angrily looks at Xia Tian and Wang Bing all the way. She has thought that waits a while she to board, then taunted Wang Bing and Xia Tian, in her opinion, had the car(riage) on cow B, was worth showing off. Leave alone is her, so long as does not ride the rental car, her status is high. After Xia Tian and Wang Bing elevator, went out of the hotel, sees downstairs vehicle hour, Wang Bing stares slightly, she admired Xia Tian, which regardless of arrived has the car(riage) to meet a train to deliver. Moreover these car(riage)s are appear probably, basic on the useless Xia Tian instruction. Saw that Xia Tian and Wang Bing come out, the driver ran hurriedly. unexpectedly is such good car(riage).” That female noticed that the driver runs she to think is meets their, at present immediately, she looks at such good vehicle hour, whole person excited was serious. She directly ran all of a sudden to the vehicle, she has not ridden such good car(riage), now is very excited. Hey!” That Xu Dashao shouted hurriedly, but that female could not hear completely, her present whole person in stimulated, her goal is that luxury car, she must rush to that car(riage) at the maximum speed, then photographed fast, patted the entire car(riage), then sent the friend circle fast. In envies her friend to encircle these women. But at this moment her was blocked. Blocks her gets out the driving gate driver.

Hey, you blocked wrong person, I was Xu Dashao girlfriend, you were not meet our, made way quickly, making me board.” The females want a bit faster to board now, then the racket distributes as before the friend circle. Makes way!” Saying of driver coldly. At this time Xu Dashao ran up to the side of that female to say hurriedly in a low voice: This is not, behind that is.” Xu Dashao with pointing at has referred to behind saloon car that miniature QQ saying. Volume!” The females saw that car(riage) time was shocked thoroughly, these two contrasts were also too scary, one was most top saloon car, moreover outside one was miniature QQ. She a moment ago interest to unexpectedly is not their car(riage)s, unexpectedly that they must sit is behind miniature QQ, this made her heart fall into the valley instantaneously, the whole person dropped from heavenly all of a sudden probably directly on the ground. She stands in side of car(riage), helplessly looks that Xia Tian and Wang Bing boarded. After she also wants to board, insult Xia Tian and Wang Bing well, now good, not only has not insulted, instead was own honor loses completely. Her sits QQ person unexpectedly to taunt others to sit the person of saloon car. At this time her the mood was very awkward. She such silly standing by car(riage), quite a while does not know one should make anything, is walks, continuation stands here, but that Xu Dashao has actually drawn her: Quickly walks, others are still waiting in that.” This is the manner. Gets out to give the driving gate on own initiative, another is impatient. She still in that said a moment ago Xia Tian with Wang Bingchuan is the counterfeit goods, but others currently have a higher car(riage) to meet, but they can only sit this QQ, now she felt the words that one said a moment ago probably are the palm of the hand are the same, hitting stiffly on own face.

But this all the way, Xia Tian and Wang Bing have not gone to pay attention to them from the start. The disparity between people who this competent person and these do not have the strength, this saloon car has to say unusual attracting attention, when the vehicle arrived at the site of auction! These reporters have encircled instantaneously, because they can look, this time comes certainly is big figure, they looked that the person looks at the vehicle and wear, the wear must get out to see. Therefore their must first look at the vehicle. Saw that the vehicle has enclosed, saw that the vehicle first rests not much a meeting, then waits for the arrival of good vehicle, if the good vehicle, they seize the place that is easy to photograph. Actually then pats is. At this time sees the saloon car time, these people forward run like the lunatic, they must pat this time to come here person, saw the vehicle to stop in the entrance of benevolent association, surroundings all people have all encircled. Afterward the vehicle door opened slowly, in this moment, these people starts to press the shutter that keeps, they are afraid miss any opportunity. The drivers got out hurriedly, opened vehicle door. Leather shoes appear in the eyes of all people, afterward they saw a heroic spirit threatening man appears in the front of people. Who is this?” All people simultaneously presented a question.