Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1164

Nobody knows Xia Tian. But immediately they saw a familiar person. Wang Bing! But this time Wang Bing with the beforehand difference, today's Wang Bing is noble, probably is a queen of keeping aloof, the clothes that she wears today probably are these stars of being lucky rug are the same. Although before Wang Bing, is star, but she clearly has the focal point today, but everybody starts the curious Xia Tian status, actually he was, sits luxury car to come, moreover unexpectedly came with Wang Bing together, was Wang Bing boyfriend? They have not listened to Wang Bing to have the boyfriend, then the sudden the person should be Wang Bing scandal boyfriend now. Everybody starts to photograph hurriedly, but Wang Binggeng is pulling the arm of Xia Tian, they walk toward inside. The surrounding these reporters keep is patting. This time benevolent association host is a super large-scale banquet hall, here facility may be more luxurious than these five-star hotels, just entered here, can see that probably is the palace is in all directions same. Place that in the ancient times only then the emperor can treat. This time benevolent association came many people, here is a hall, has the seat, there are various fruits and red wines, these people mutually were talking, some people knew that some people did not know, but they understand that came here person is not the obscure individual, therefore they must certainly become friends with. Now this society, the personal connection is most valuable. Therefore they were chitchatting mutually, their split visions also look at the entrance, which big figure if there is to come, they were also good the earliest possible time to discover that at this time they saw Xia Tian and Wang Bing slightly gawked. Because Xia Tian was too young, likely is not any entrepreneur, is more like a second generation of rich.

However looked the wear that Xia Tian and Wang ice is noble. In the eyes of these entrepreneurs, the stars are some average people, therefore the majority does not know Wang Bing, they only know some big stars, for example to turn into a dragon, Sammo Hung and so on person. What if comes is others, perhaps that these people did not know that also will go forward to greet, but Xia Tian was too young, they majority are some old Senior, making them persist in the haughty manner to greet with Xia Tian on own initiative? This was a little difficult. However at this time in the room actually the person moved toward here. Chen does Zong, why you go?” Several people that chatted said. Snort, sees several friends.” Chen Zongqing snort. Since is your friend, that was also our friends, we had a look together.” That person proposed, these people were the small entrepreneurs, although their enterprises were very small, some only started, but also was an entrepreneur, in their eyes Chen Zong was keeping aloof figure, therefore they flattered Chen Zong there a moment ago. Now heard that is Chen Zong friend, they naturally must experience. Xia Tian and Wang Bing moved toward directly one side, just about to sits down saw Chen Zong. Snort, your unexpectedly also dares to come.” Chen Zong contemptuous saying. „Were you speaking to me?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Chen Zong. What installs? You think that pretends not to know I was OK?” Chen Zong eyes stare.

„A your saying, I also really thought so that you a little looked familiar, in the intersection, is the plaza? However I usually gave money that these begged for food to be too many, which I also recorded am unclear you am, in brief did not need to thank me, who let me is that benevolent.” Xia Tian has given a Chen Zong keep it up expression. Hears the Xia Tian words, Chen Zong has almost not irritated, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he is begs for food, this simply is to his insult. Chen Zong behind that several people were also shocked, they can look, Chen Zonghe this person from the start is not a friend, moreover comes up is a smell of gunpowder, the opposite that boy unexpectedly added a moment ago Chen always begs for food. You court death.” Chen Zong felt one lost face. Now he behind is standing these people may be his adorer, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was in front of these many people saying that he begged for food. Yeah, morgue that many corpses, several are you kills?” Xia Tian sighed helpless shaking the head. „Do you believe me to make one to kill you directly.” Chen Zong has squeezed out these characters from the gap between teeth. Letter, believed certainly, you were good, you were south walking past, has rushed to north, the person who restroom behind has drunk water, you such a saying, almost scared to death me a moment ago, I was quite afraid.” Xia Tian ships out the appearance that has been afraid very much. However he installs was really too false. Nobody believes that he was afraid. Snort, I am disinclined to assume the rapidness of argument with you, since you also came, that thinks that must donate money, I must have a look at you to be able but actually to contribute the several cents to come.” Chen Zong had discovered he bickered definitely cannot fight Xia Tian, but he thought himself to be rich, although compared his money with the genuine rich man is not anything, but he thinks that he compared with Xia Tian absolutely is a rich man. Therefore he planned that spends money to insult Xia Tian. Your rich men are in a moment different, opens mouth is several jiao, I who several jiao bulk bargain, listens to am afraid, that is I several months of living expenses.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration.

Chen Zong those words said that has the imposing manner, but Xia Tian such light a few words his words solving. Boy, I told you, do not play the fool with me, this donation I planned to contribute 3 million, you? On that day you were not blow very resounding? How many do I but actually want to take a look at you to be able now to contribute?” Chief Chen said that sits in Xia Tian directly their side. Several other people also sat in Chen Zong front. Come, I introduced with you, this gentleman boasted with me in the past one must contribute the money, today we well wait / etc. looked that having a look at this gentleman to contribute how much money.” Saying that Chen Zong ridiculed. Chen does Zong, why lower oneself to the same level with such boy?” Several other people persuaded. At this time here came many people, these people are in Capital honored and popular big figure, they come here goal are for the benevolent association, each big figure presents time keeps aloof. Other entrepreneurs have encircled then, regarding them this is an opportunity, in the benevolent association came many people. At this moment outside transmitted one piece to clamor. Hears this clamoring time, all people all looked to the entrance, because they know that this piece clamored is not absolutely simple, here must come big figure, true big figure. Actually is who came? unexpectedly has such big sound.” All people all looked to entrance. Only then Xia Tian sits there, is shutting both eyes, his corners of the mouth actually slightly raise.