Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1165

Treads! The disorderly sound of footsteps transmits from outside, the person in room all looked to the entrance. All people understand that there will present big figure. Wang Bing also looked, but Xia Tian has actually sat there concludes to maintain mental tranquility, he knows what was. The person sees in the presence of everyone when that nine people and they behind person, all people all ran to the entrance, these nine people were not simple, they little simultaneously attended the event, but unexpectedly all comes today. Not only came, the person but who also comes enormously and powerful are many. The surrounding all people all come up to greet with their nine, but their nine actually very indifferent, their nine come in the later eye to start to size up in periphery, when they see Xia Tian has not spoken, but moved toward the Xia Tian position directly. At this time room inside almost all people encircle in the sides of these nine people, only then Xia Tian and Wang Bing have not passed, at this time they noticed that these nine people walk toward the Xia Tian direction, they also think that these nine people were angry, therefore some people shouted to Xia Tian directly: Brat, you cannot understand the custom, this is Xia Family nine old, you had not noticed that all people came to greet nine old.” That person said that also intentionally looks to nine old, as if in taking undeserved credit to be the same, but nine old have not spoken, when they arrive at side Xia Tian light saying: You also came!” „Does anyone of you, I know you? Do not come up to greet, probably I result in your very ripe as.” Xia Tian opening eye slowly, very impatient saying. „Hasn't your father taught you to respect the elder?” Saying of nine elder coldly. Elder? Whose are you elder? In the dwarf station building top, you do not install big with both of us.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears Xia Tian unexpectedly to dare to nine elders such to speak, the surrounding person all looked with the discontented look immediately to him, Chen Zonggeng was the left hand fork waist, the right hand aims at Xia Tian to scold: Your boy live is impatient is?”

It seems like your Xia Family has raised one flock of good dogs, called the murderer.” Xia Tian said. Regarding Xia Family, Chen Zong such person truly is the Xia Family dog, even if Chen Zong also wants, when Xia Family dog, but something are done, cannot say. It looks like this matter, although he is the dog, but he cannot make others say that now Xia Tian says him, he naturally was not feeling well: Brat, do you believe me to kill you.” You ask that your behind master does dare such to speak to me.” Xia Tian disdains looked that said to Chen Zong. You think really our Xia Family had feared you are inadequate?” Nine elder eyes of Xia Family stare. Your several old fogies can live are not you have good luck ever after now, is not you are fierce, because my name is Xia, otherwise your several were impossible to live the present.” Xia Tian contemptuous smiles. His these words are the heavy case bomb seem to be same, has blasted out in the surroundings, his unexpectedly is surnamed Xia, and has the relations with Xia Family. Moreover his unexpectedly dares saying that has killed Xia Family old nine. This simply does not know profoundly. Xia Family nine old, but the Xia Family actual ruler, Xia Family in Capital is a quite big family, has to have the right to have the potential in Capital that has big background figure. But Xia Tian? Peon, even if he in the Jiang Hai City a little reputation, who will care about him here.

Was good, anger so should not be big, Xia Tian, how you.” The Xia Family second child shows a faint smile, he is the person who a model hides a dagger in a smile, at this time his in the smiling face harbors evil intentions. Although outwardly what he on asked was Xia Tian, in fact wants to ask was actually Xia Group. You are blind.” Xia Tian said suddenly. Heard the Xia Tian words, the Xia Family second child a little cannot hang the face, he spoke is also very moderate, but Xia Tian unexpectedly that a moment ago came up to scold him. You had not noticed that my side also sits individual, the eye do not come out blindly, if which day of heaven has enlarged ones vision, ka-beng one kills you how entire, I must buy the firecrackers to celebrate.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. You.” Two long old mannish reddening all over the face of Xia Family. Walks!” At this moment, the Xia Family big elder said that afterward, their people walked toward side with the big elder directly, they also sat in a piece of region that saw that the Xia Family people sat here, they naturally also directly sat in the nearby. Wang Bing anything had not asked that he knows something can ask, something cannot ask. Here atmosphere quite awkward time several people walked, these people come , the person in room walked a big piece immediately, they were Xin in imperial capital, was a super respected family, this Xin was one of the imperial capital maximum electronics industry people, must speak the words of industry, Xin also compared with Xia Family in many. Really lively.” The person of Xin came to look at the surrounding time showed a faint smile. The person of Xin is opens the door to do business, on their faces is the smiling faces, they and Xia Family indifferent different, each person who they notified, they were also 11 responses. After seeing the achievement of Xin, person, surroundings these before did not have gradually, now also in abundance walked, just started them are the worry are the same with Xia Family, the enthusiastic look has pasted the cold buttocks.

However now they look to understand, Xin this is the genuine businessman. Snort, Xin really will buy the hearts of the people.” Saying that the Xia Family nine elders disdain. Does not need to pay attention to them, Xin is the wild ambition, these people are willing to be swindled go, the empire of Xin builds with others' flesh and blood.” Saying that the Xia Family two elders disdain. Hears their dialogs, surrounding these people all quietly is listening, in this big situation, they must listen, many more to be favorable for them who listens. Words that naturally, Xia Family spoke cannot all believe that but must believe that since the Xia Family elder said that naturally has the goal of Xia Family elder. Well, this brothers, seem look familiar very much.” The person of Xin set eyes in the body of Xia Tian, they seemed more than 40, but called Xia Tian for the brothers. Their several have arrived at the Xia Tian front. I am not ripe with you.” Xia Tian light saying. The surroundings look at the Xia Tian look very strangely, before Xia Tian treated the Xia Family manner is very indifferent, now his unexpectedly treats Xin with this manner, this simply was too lawless. Comes here person majority to become friends, but he actually keeps them out all people. „Before you look like me, brothers who very much knows, called Xia Tianlong.”