Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1166

Hears this name time, Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly. Some matters said!” Xia Tian said. Here altogether only then two groups of people sit, one wave is Xia Family, one wave is you, this does not need to guess that also knows who you were, said again your long and that person looked like.” The person of Xin shows a faint smile. I asked that what matter you do have?” Xia Tian is a little obviously impatient. We have the common enemy.” The person of Xin said in a low voice. „Does your meaning want me to seek an impossibility?” Xia Tian contemptuously looked at a person of Xin, he when first saw person of Xin knows that this group of people are the fox, because their appearances and looks constantly are not divulging the phrase of profiteer. Although they camouflage unusual is good, but Xia Tian has seen the unprincipled person were too many. Xia Tian, we have investigated, you and Xia Family have a grudge, therefore I think that we can cooperate.” The person of Xin said again. Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to the person of Xin: If I have not guessed that wrong, you are plan one mutually wounded.” You were too probably intelligent.” That person of complexion of Xin one cold. Does not have the means that the parents live, you are not good, nature and man-made disaster.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Snort!” That several person cold snort of Xin, sat in Xia Tian afterward directly their not far away, this benevolent association has not started, in the entire banquet hall is blustery, the undercurrent surged. The benevolent association of today is not doomed simply. This benevolent association is very big, many celebrities in Capital came, moreover came many stars, the male star, the female stars are many, some are several people came together, some people together come with some entrepreneur.

In brief the scene is very big. Bingbing, you also came.” Suddenly several stars walked, two female male. Being beautifully attired that these two female stars dress up, probably is competes to be the most unusual to be the same, the clothes that they wear are name brand internationally, is attractive, but stands, when side Wang Bing. Their clothes all were actually inferior, this makes them look envies, but among the women is this, even if were envies her unable only saying: Bingbing, which young master the is of your side?” Lily, you also becomes to look up the registered permanent address now?” Wang Bing light saying. Bingbing, such do not speak, we are not the sisters, my this cares about you.” Asked Lily's woman to say. „Are we sisters? I heard that the previous time Xu Dao role is my, but somebody used any unspoken rule to want the role probably, and slandered saying that I gave a present to the person, therefore some people will mention my name.” Wang Bing very impolite saying. Whoops, Bingbing, your this did not misunderstand me, I have not spoken such words.” Lily said hurriedly. Lily, she is that Wang Bing who you said.” Another female star walked, has sized up Wang Bing directly up and down: Clothes are good, here is only the benevolent association, did you regard here are being lucky blanket have regarded your performance? Puts on this, you think what extraordinary female star were really one? Who you do not open the eye to have a look at the surrounding these are.” Wenwen, ok, do not lower oneself to the same level with him.” Lily started hurriedly the good person. Lily, I told you, this type does not know that the profound person I saw.” The female star who is called Wenwen said that looks directly to Wang Bing: Wang Bing, I told you, so long as I think that I can make you do not have a thing in the world, do not think own present was a star, you also tender.” Right?” Wang Bing shows a faint smile, she has as if learned the calmness of Xia Tian, treats all matters is a serene appearance. Wang Bing, I do not fear to tell you, these years, become famous me also to make compared with you but actually much, now I give you an opportunity, apologized to Lily, I can let off your one time, otherwise I let you within three days on the thorough tumbling out entertainment world.” That female very extremely arrogant saying.

Although her words, only then periphery these people can hear, but she as if can feel the vision that others worship. The degree of this narcissism is Xia Tian must bow the head to profess allegiance. Did not compare. In the giant banquet hall, had 300-400 people at this time, these people are celebrities from all walks of life. I am waiting.” Wang Bing said directly. Boy, you looks that own woman was bullied, words do not dare saying that really instigates the goods.” Side Wenwen that man opens the mouth to say suddenly that he felt own this side now imposing manner Sheng, he also plans a crest of wave. Dog bites my one, do I also want to nip dog one?” Xia Tian gains ground. Brat, your live is impatient, you know that who I am?” That boy noticed that Xia Tian did not speak, thinks that Xia Tian is good to bully, therefore he also wants to come up to insult Xia Tian two, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly talked back. Spider variant? Batman? Fried cake variant?” Xia Tian asked. You court death!” That man angrily looks at Xia Tian, he already looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, he has thought one long is very graceful, is also very noble, when he who puts on sees Xia Tian he discovered that Xia Tian also leads compared with him, moreover puts on probably compared with him fortunately. This made him envy. He felt his ray winning by Xia Tian. Em, I court death, you are about to have killed me.” Xia Tian nodded.

Perhaps boy, you have not known that you are speaking to whom, he is Capital four few one, Ruan Qingtian, remembers this name, do not make trouble does not know one are killed by whom.” That Wenwen said directly. Capital four few! Four big figure that made one be panic at the news, it is said that they four backgrounds were in Capital are most terrorist, their had super figure to support, moreover in their families was very rich, the personal connection was also very broad. Quite fierce.” Xia Tian claps the hands and shouts praise. Snort, now knows that feared? I told your Ruan old and young casual personal connection of am not you can compared with, the Ruan old and young friend of was also honored and popular big figure, their casual took to scare to death you.” Wenwen very proud saying: However I am his doing Little Sister.” „, Does Little Sister, does Little Sister to be good, usually is Little Sister, useful time also competent. Little Sister.” The Xia Tian words as if were said Ruan old and young was at heart same, the complexion of Ruan old and young immediately changed. But at this moment, the entrance seethed with excitement suddenly. „The Xia Group person came, the Xia Group person came.” The consecutively two shouts, all people all looked to the entrance, the people of these respected families have stood, walked toward the entrance.