Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1168

Hears this sound time, all people all looked to the person of that speech. This person is surnamed Wang, is in Capital the famous merchant, slightly has the reputation in Capital, at this time he is standing in Xia Family that group of people. Xia Family there this time has stood dozens individuals, these people all are the entrepreneurs, they gather definitely have the goal here, these people also calculate that now has the person who Xia Family supports in disguised form, not only their here. The people of surrounding these respected families also put on a serious face. Obviously they are in cahoots. Is, your Xia Group is famous, but that is the Jiang Hai City matter, here is an imperial capital, why you must be able to conduct in your Jiang Hai City, what matter goes into our imperial capital to come to be?” Some people said again. The surrounding person low voice was also discussing. Suddenly, all spear points have all aimed at Xia Group. It seems like the person in Capital, is not friendly.” Xu on the face has piled up with the smiling face, making the person seem very amiable, moreover this smiles, as if serene passed this matter was the same. Who said that the people in our Capital are unfriendly.” At this moment outside has broadcast a sound, hears this sound time, presents all people are the feeling is a little all familiar, but they could not have thought that whose sound is. But at this moment the entrance person all has opened the mouth. On faces has written all over inconceivable, afterward starts all people to start to salute from the entrance person. Senior Official is good!” Very respectful shouting.

The person who China No. 2 figure, comes is not others, is China No. 2 figure. Sees China No. 2 figure that moment, all people have all stood, afterward they simultaneously salute to China No. 2 figure. Hello, everybody does not use cautious, I hear today the activity of here promising disaster area donation, therefore I hurried back from the disaster area specially, is in order to makes everybody's donation first arrive in the disaster area.” China No. 2 figure said loudly. Although his words are simple, but everybody understands that China the meaning in figure words is on the 2nd avoid some people take bribes and pervert justice, before this matter were many, looks like some satisfactory event of red ten meeting. But this matter generally, the country can also the faction people supervise, after all this is must send to the disaster area money, the country impossible not to manage, but these donations possibly please China No. 2 figure? Must know that China No. 2 figure takes constant care of many affairs of sate, the time that he eats meal every day has the time stipulation and arranges. Senior Official was laborious.” Everybody goes forward figure to greet with China on the 2nd. Senior Official came, the donation and benevolent association all of a sudden became lively, the plan contributed 500,000, all telephoned to prepare 1 million on the person, this was a very good beaming with joy opportunity. China Senior Official here, they contribute are more, later may obtain the support of country more, looked like Xia Group was the same at that time. Reason that Xia Group such good is not because tax-free . Moreover the corporation tax that other work with them also reduced the Freshman part, this all of a sudden made Xia Group turn into a super big company. The business of world want to cooperate with Xia Group. Originally is the Xia Group person, hello.” China No. 2 figure with other person is the slight bow or the slight handshake, but notified actually very actively the Xia Group person, they not only also numerous handshakes. Thus it can be seen, China attaching great importance to of No. 2 figure Xia Group.

Senior Official is good.” Xu and the others respectful saying. Your name were Xu, you called the fire to be old.” No. 2 figure 11 saying of China. Senior Official, your this was folds the ghost we.” Xu said hurriedly. Surrounding these people also all very surprised, China No. 2 figure unexpectedly such spoke to the Xia Group person, this was the huge face. No, you are the China hero, China must the entrepreneur like you, that China also worries anything.” A China No. 2 figure such saying, the surrounding these entrepreneurs all were the feeling specially awkward. They understand that China No. 2 figure this was saying them. Was right, Senior Official, you know that who this time director is?” Xu asked. Director? I thought that which director did not have more suitable than Miss Yang, did you say?” China figure said on the 2nd. Hears the China No. 2 figure words, the person of organizer runs hurriedly to behind, China 2nd figure has opened the mouth, they naturally must manage, otherwise this did not give the China No. 2 figure face. At this time that director is preparing, she is big figure, the super star, the background is also very big, therefore this time can become the director, today's matter she has prepared for a half month. Qiao Qiao, you do not prepare, comes out to attend the benevolent association with everybody together.” A person enters the restroom to say. What? Didn't use me?” Qiao Qiao's complexion changes. Em, the accident sentiment, person has arranged.” That person said.

Why? You know how long I have prepared?” Qiao Qiao Fennu shouting. Is China No. 2 figure decides.” That person of helpless saying, he understands Qiao Qiao's present mood. What? China No. 2 figure?” Qiao Qiao Zuiba opens big. Em, exits.” That person nodded. Sighing of Qiao Qiao Zhongzhong, she also thinks a moment ago some people have gone against her, she also planned that finds the person to solve this matter, but has not thought that unexpectedly is the China No. 2 figure words. That did not have the means that regardless of her background big, backer hard, can hard China No. 2 figure? This matter's benevolent association situation is also not very good, although everybody has not stated clearly, but these people cannot have a liking for Xia Group this lyeopodium complanatium, what business Xia Group regardless in Capital development, regarding them can be the impact. Xu Laoshi, heard that your Xia Group must come to Beijing to develop, does not know that is what business?” Some people go forward to ask, hear this person of question, all people have all raised up the ear, this is a topic that they most want to listen. If Xia Group allied an industry, that industry will be attacked, all people all became anxious, today arrived here person each is the leaders of various industries, if the Xia Group person said their profession name, they must make the preparation immediately. At this moment, the vision of all people all centralized in Xu the body, they were waiting for Xu reply. About this matter.” Xu shows a faint smile.