Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1169

At this moment, including China No. 2 figure, various respected families, the Xia Family person all stubbornly is staring at Xia Group. This is also they come here goal. Xia Group must step in the industry of Capital, they must know that is any industry, is ready, runs on a bank Xia Group, this is their goals, at this time here 80% person was in cahoots with Xia Family. Suppresses Xia Group for today. If a moment ago were not China No. 2 figure sudden, they already started their motion. Xu is still a smiling face of face: This matter I do not know that our Boss only told me to in Capital develop a project, concrete was any project I have not known, but should quick everybody know.” Mr. Xu said the matter with your Boss, who does not know that Xia Group is managed by your four major stockholders, perhaps as for your Boss is also only one enrolls.” That person continues to ask. No, you have made a mistake, our entire Xia Group, all people respect our Boss, without him, does not have Xia Group, moreover his a few words, our Xia Group all people will manage, even if will be he makes us close Xia Group tomorrow, will dismiss Xia Group, we also without hesitation will do.” Xu light saying. Whish! Hears Xu words, all people were more curious to that Xia Group Boss, actually they cannot master Xia Group Boss are, unexpectedly has such big charm. „, How much money does your Xia Group this plan contribute? Previous time has contributed 30 billion dollars, this time cannot contribute 18 billion.” Saying that person ridiculed. Everybody thinks that Xia Group this time comes to here to donate money is just walks the form, their true goals are cross the river for the fierce dragon, extends the hand to Capital comes.

Therefore Xia Group definitely has not planned to contribute many, he such asked now that obviously wants to make Xia Group unable to get out. Should not compare few that you contribute.” Xu said. The fire always stands in one side had not spoken, because he and Xu was too tacit, they are always a white face, a black face, by fire old disposition, when this black face should better. The present is to need the white face time, therefore needs Xu to start talking. Xu you chatted, I am anything, I just am a small role, I contribute that money to be how possible and compared with you, but I heard that several respected families in Capital may plan makes contribution for the people, after all this time disaster dies is the children in our China, therefore we must make a contribution for the disaster area, must the person to under hit a type.” That person of a few words adjust fire, his meaning are the small role, the funds that contributes are not definitely many, but there are many, moreover should go with many these by the Xia Tian status compares. Snort , compared with whom, did our Xia Group also energy balance result in? So long as makes the contribution for China the matter, our Xia Group people are willing to do.” The fire old opened the mouth finally. As soon as he opens the mouth is a smell of gunpowder. His opened the mouth to frighten that person suddenly to jump, the fire old was not an average person, when he social brothers has worked as for dozens years, when he stood did not speak there looks like an ordinary old person, but he, as soon as spoke, had an imposing manner of superior. Make that people feel one look like a little brother is the same. He he, this thinks that is the fire is old.” That person awkward smiles. Is I.” Fire old speech, the sound makes people feel that loudly and clearly does not get angry from the prestige.

Fire old can divulge how much money one next you can contribute tonight?” That person asked again. „Are you come to be the reporter who donates money? How rubbish these many, the person who the benevolent association comes was also similar, should start to start, this was for the disaster area donation, more early finished is better, you drank one glass of liquor in this, the commodity on the late several minutes to the disaster area.” Although fire old words said is a little coarse, but is reasonable. I thought that everybody do not waste the time, almost, we start to donate money, Miss Yang, was laborious you.” No. 2 figure very amiable saying of China. Thanks Senior Official.” Yang Ziqi said that moved toward on stage directly. Welcome everybody to attend this time benevolent association, my words are not many, is the disaster area donates is the fine tradition of each China person, regardless of we contribute many, I must thank everybody for the disaster area person, because your every little bit payouts may to have the food to eat, now I announced that the donation formally starts.” The Yang Ziqi speech is graceful, does not have too many pleasantries. Let the person listen really to have discretion. Snort!” That Ruan old and young has wrapped up, he led another two stars to walk. He comes back looked at Xia Tian one, afterward sat in Xia Tian directly their side, but another person also walked, was Chen Zong, now finally is the time of donation, he will taunt how possibly Xia Tian. Such good opportunity, he will not miss. Yo, Bingbing, the donation started, your side gentleman must contribute many.” Chen Zong ridiculed smiled: I remember before , somebody had said probably compared with many that I contribute, I just had decided that today I plan to contribute 3.5 million.” Chen Zong very proud saying, although he is also an entrepreneur, but this donation will be the entrepreneur will not contribute many, after all this donation was compelled in some of their person eyes, but will not be voluntary.

If they do not contribute, the public opinion will drum up support, will then harm to their business. This gentleman plans to contribute 3.5 million, I also contribute 3.5 million, boy, you?” Ruan old and young light saying, he can see Chen Zong hostility to the Xia Tian, therefore he also came up to add. Is great, so long as donates money for the disaster area, no matter many, is great.” Xia Tian by saying of heart, although these people clearly suspended are look for a job, but they have donated money for the disaster area after all, no matter they out of any goal, they have made the contribution for the disaster area. Snort, the boy, you says this saying goal to not to contribute few.” Saying that Chen Zong disdains, he thinks that Xia Tian said does not care about many to back down to oneself. However he nodded with Ruan Dashao. He naturally knows Ruan old and young, but is not ripe, moreover he is an entrepreneur, Ruan Dashao is a second generation of rich, now the enemy of enemy was a friend, they naturally also became the friends. I am plan certainly to contribute.” Xia Tian spoke of here time visited them.