Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1170

That two people have all raised up the ear, has not spoken, is waiting for the reply of Xia Tian. Money that I must contribute is. First did not say that a little mystery.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, saw that Xia Tian has told only half and swallowed back, that several people felt immediately white was anxious. Snort, definitely was embarrassed says, can your such poor devil, how many contribute? Also blows in that with me.” Saying that Chen Zong disdains. I have impression to you probably, you call Chen Zong.” Ruan Dashao asked suddenly. Has not thought that Ruan Dashao still remembers my such small figure.” Chen Zong smalltalk said that although he is also an entrepreneur, however the business of Ruan may compared with his mostly, moreover he is useful Ruan, before he wants to become friends with. However the big tree of Ruan was too big, he cannot flatter, does not have the method, now hears Ruan old and young to notify him on own initiative, he naturally must treat well. Chen Zong was polite, I had seen Chen Zong name in the bill of company, has seen Chen Zong in my father's company, but Chen Zong has not possibly seen me.” Ruan Dashao the person who likes is helps itself handle matters, this Chen Zong can certainly ask itself in the future, therefore he plans to become friends with this Chen Zong. Where words Ruan old and young your this is, Ruan old and young can remember that my name that is my being honored.” Chen Zong said. Feeds, are you bothersome, sits left me, sits right me, is away from me also to chat such happy, your this is the love between toad and frog, separates the water also to face one another.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Snort, acts recklessly.” Ruan old and young light snort. At this time on the stage started to donate money, person one after another moves toward on the stage, then writes down own name, and converges in own money the account.

Director Yang Ziqi was reading the names of these donors in front, these people least had 100,000, most 700,000-800,000, the common stars were contribute about 500,000, the small entrepreneur 200,000-300,000, the undertaking was stabler is 400,000-500,000 , the starts of some a little achievements contributed 700,000-800,000 slightly, but 1 million did not have. I contribute 3.5 million.” At this moment, Chen Zongzhan, heard 3.5 million times, all people all looked to him, because others were only several hundred thousand, but Chen Zong directly has actually put out 3.5 million. This raised the price all of a sudden, this made these got rid of late the person not have the famous opportunity all of a sudden. They got rid a moment ago 1 million times can also a little impact, but all of a sudden left 3.5 million now, few people who then has compared with him did not have on an impact. In the hand of Yang Ziqi presented a card, above writes Chen Zong name and company also has the donation number, she read Chen Zong company and name directly, moreover Chen Zong number already over 3 million, therefore he had the qualifications to come to power. Below we welcome Chen Zong to come to power to say two.” Yang Ziqi said. Chen Zong contemptuously looked at Xia Tian one, afterward gained ground has gotten in the stage that threw out the chest, he can feel the vision that nearby these people envied, he walked was not quick, as if to enjoy met these vision to be the same. „!” When Chen Zong arrives on the stage, coughed lightly two, he now was a little self-satisfied, he enjoys this feeling, he even thinks one are the imperial capital best B entrepreneur, at this moment he as if saw pair of seeds of Chinese sweetgum, this pair of seeds of Chinese sweetgum make his body cannot help but trembles, afterward he has remembered his mission: I am not considered as that any entrepreneur, I am only a young pioneer, I think that China has difficult, everybody has a responsibility, moreover our these pioneers must give the maximum strength, because we be bigger than others' energy, today I planned to contribute 3 million, but afterward I heard that the Xia Group person came, therefore I plan to contribute 3.5 million, a I such small company contributes 3.5 million, I think that Xia Group this in the company that in the world becomes famous, definitely will not disappoint us.” Good, many thanks Chen Zong spoke.” Yang Ziqi not any tense meaning , to continue to manage this benevolent association. Xia Tian saw that such scene shows a faint smile, has not spoken.

Following matter, with the Xia Tian expectation is the same, more and more rich men started to come to power, after they came to power the common ground to aim at Xia Group the spear point, each of them came to power to inquire that Xia Group will contribute how much money. „Hasn't boy, contributed? The number that they donate money will be getting bigger and bigger, when the time comes you contributed many to be the fine rain.” Saying that Chen Zong disdains, he thinks that Xia Tian does not donate money now is embarrassed has certainly contributed, then uses to delay the big law, will give to forget him to others finally. I thought that he does not dare to contribute, does he contribute with what?” Saying that Ruan Dashao disdains. These donations surpass 3 million people to come to power, after they come to power , the words that spoke are all kinds, but the core idea is one, that is they are urging the Xia Group donation, this inside donation has some reporter exclusive coverages. These reporters here matter fast record, they do not dare to miss any detail. Ruan old and young and Chen Zong sang a duet there, delight. That Wenwen and Lily are also attacks Wang Bing with the language that keeps, in their eyes, Wang Bing is one does not have the female star of backer, although such female star can be red, but quick will fall from the sky. Because the entertainment world is complex. When all operate as usual, the Xia Family person moved, those who move is the Xia Family two elders, this moves, the scene was peaceful immediately, Xia Family was the respected family in Capital, he got rid also to represent the Capital genuine respected families also to start to donate money. At this time here has solicited donations close 200 million funds.

These money will be delivered to the disaster area. However these are common entrepreneur contribute, now Xia Family stands, that indicates that Xia Family is going to start to donate money, the donation of Xia Family is not that simple, they will not get rid to have several hundred thousand. Then insulted regarding Xia Family simply. They are Xia Family, one of the imperial capital respected family representatives, their getting rid naturally is more natural, before did not get rid, now has gotten rid, that must to know their Xia Family power and influence. Treads! The scene is peaceful, everybody even can hear the walking sounds of Xia Family two elders, even side the person swallows the saliva the sound they also to hear continually.