Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1171

Xia Tian two elder corners of the mouth are slanting, this possibly with him often with the contemptuous manner looked inertia that all people cause, therefore is the normal time, his corners of the mouth also to going up. The scene was peaceful immediately. Because Yang Ziqi has not gone to read the Xia Family two elders to contribute how much money. This represents the Xia Family two elders to come to power to announce that personally their Xia Family must contribute how much money, Xia Family this is planned that an artillery sound, looked from the Xia Family manner, everybody understood. Xia Family this time was to perhaps play. They will definitely not contribute few, the biggest digit that now donates money is 6 million, can Xia Family contribute 10 million? Perhaps also only then 10 million can match Xia Family like this respected family. Thinks that more than ten million donations, these people have turned very quiet, the reporter is also the big mouth swallowing saliva, thus it can be seen they will be in the tense, charitable banquet hall all people all will focus actually on the bodies of Xia Family two elders. Tread! The Xia Family two elders came to power. In he stands on stage that moment, the vision swept has presented all people. This old fogy, but also really likes keeping up appearances.” Person light saying of other families. Xu, you said how many Xia Family will contribute?” The fire old looked asked suddenly to Xu, he felt that here was really too stuffy, therefore planned that chatted with Xu. Does not know that looks at Xia Family these old fogy self-confident expressions, perhaps are many.” Xu said. You said that we are lyeopodium complanatiums?” The fire old asked again.

Does not calculate, because after finishing up, we will walk, when the time comes here business I will ask the person to come the help.” Xu said. Yeah, you have a look at Xia Tian to sit in that steady.” The fire old said in a low voice. He always so, look, that old fogy visits us.” Xu said. They gain ground, discovered that the Xia Family two elders are visiting them. After the Xia Family two elders contemptuously looked at their one eyes, made one to wipe the hand signal of neck: Our Xia Family must donate money, definitely will not compare beforehand low, but I, now some people must work as the lyeopodium complanatium very much curiously, wanting our Capital to step on a foot, everybody should very be clear, Capital such big point place, the business already was saturated, if some people get rid in Capital at this time, I want to ask everybody who sits again, can you agree?” Did not agree!” The Xia Family person shouted hurriedly. These people were Xia Family already contacted with the good person, at this time shouted that the imposing manner was extraordinary. I heard that your Xia Group works continuously the high-sounding talk, today's benevolent association your unexpectedly also wants the ginseng uniting foot, I think that you heard a moment ago the calls of these people, I do not believe your Xia Group to resist here all people, now the donation has achieved 200 million, I announced that Xia Family donates money 100 million, in addition was 300 million.” The Xia Family two elders said directly, when he said 100 million, scene thorough seething with excitement. Everybody also thinks Xia Family will only contribute about 10 million, but they have not thought that Xia Family unexpectedly has contributed all of a sudden 100 million. This is 100 million, could catch up with 50% amounts that the beforehand all people donate money. The Xia Family two elders are enjoying periphery these person of surprised vision, the scene discussion sound is unceasing, these reporters are also hurried record this news. Xia Family, worthily is the respected family in Capital. They have done a model for all entrepreneurs. Has contributed all of a sudden one hundred million.

However here many person understands, reason that they contribute this hundred million to suppress Xia Group . Moreover the Xia Family two elders said a moment ago, if Xia Group dares to put the imperial capital the industry, that is presents all people to oppose together, now all people have donated money on the spot 300 million, moreover some respected families have not contributed, if Xia Group wants to show the strength, the amount of that donation must surpass the digit that these people add. Piu!” The Xia Family two elders have always given a hand signal of pistol to Xu and fire, afterward he left office. Yang Ziqi walked directly: First we thank generous of Xia Family, I thanked Xia Family 100 million for the disaster area person.” Hundred million! The Xia Family great writer thoroughly has made the scene burst with joy now. „Under he he, Xia Family also really gives up the initial capital.” The fire always said. They are this, they have feared on exceed representative, Xia Family feared that is natural, they very much have feared our Xia Group.” Xu light saying. At this time Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. These old things, took the money to buy coffin.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. „Are you and they familiar?” Wang Bing asked that he knows that the Xia Tian real name, she guessed at that time when Xia Tian the Xia Family person, the Xia Family elder also had admitted a moment ago defeat in Xia Tian this, thus it can be seen, among them definitely had the relations, Ripe, how can not be ripe, you have forgotten, I am also surnamed Xia.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „Are you surnamed Xia?” A Ruan Dashao brow wrinkle. Ruan old and young, although he is surnamed Xia, but he is not the Xia Family person, you had not come a moment ago time, he had the contradiction with Xia Family, reason that Xia Family also keeps his living witness is because he is surnamed Xia.” Saying that Chen Zong despises, in his eyes Xia Family, but the colossus, he has the relations with Xia Family now, that naturally very proud. Originally is this, how long it seems like did not need me to begin you unable to live.” Ruan Dashao knows what Xia Family is the person, management very ruthless that Xia Family became famous, as if the wild wolf is the same, will not have finally the good end by the game that they stare.

Xia Family as if lit the fire to be the same. Remaining these respected family each are over 20 million donations, several respected families have achieved 80 million donations. Suddenly, entire benevolent association thorough was exaggerated. In a while, almost all people have all completed donation, only remaining Xia Group. But the total fund that at this time donates has also achieved six hundred million, this is very terrifying digit, must know that this is not the auction, but is the donation, the money of contributing may not be own. Money unexpectedly that however these people donate has achieved six hundred million, such terrifying digit makes all people feel that unusual shock, China No. 2 figure is also the nod that keeps. But is Xia Group. At this time was also one's turn the Xia Group donation time, everybody understands that the Xia Family two elders said a moment ago, if Xia Group did not put out a real skill, that do not want to step in the voice of Capital. With them for the enemy, is this 600 million donations is the enemy. Also this we came up.” Xu very serious saying.