Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1172

Everybody understands that the people in Capital joined up opposite party Xia Group. Now Xia Group wanted to say in Capital by this opportunity their business are very difficult. The digit that Capital these people donate money has achieved 600 million, this 600 million have been able to add on busy, can buy a large quantities of commodity, Xia Group , to base in Capital, that must donate large quantities of funds. But the previous time 30 billion dollars everybody has thought that is the limit, perhaps is the Xia Group complete family belongings, they contribute that many to gain attaching great importance to of country for Xia Group. Finally they obtained. This distance last time time is not long, only then 1-2 months, therefore they do not think that Xia Group can also take many funds. When Xu and fire always stand, surroundings all the vision of recognizing all looked to them, the following two bodyguards have also stood, four people walked toward the stage directly. Boy, I knows the idea that you have, has come to power including Xia Group now, they contributed to finish, you have not really donated money, has not thought, Wang Bing, your man blew that big cow, unexpectedly could not contribute money.” Despising of Chen Zong whole face. Yeah, Chen Zong, you must forgive others, others clothes rent, the rent does not know that has collected many months, he also thinks comes to here to contribute ten eight on the line, but looked after others donate money, he was embarrassed Qian Na comes out.” Ruan old and young also seized this opportunity, starts wantonly launches the attack in spoken language to Xia Tian. Snort, Wang Bing, your clothes are also rents, you are really match certainly, the donation one cent does not contribute, then the clothes are also rent, for beamed with joy?” The ridicule that Wenwen keeps said. Bingbing, this was not I says you, this was the philanthropy, should have many uses vigorously many vigorously, your this one cent did not contribute is not good, I think that the tomorrow's headline is star Wang Bing benevolent association one point has not certainly contributed.” Lily was also starts to cope with Wang Bing visibly.

They have organized their small language, attacks Wang Binghe Xia Tian. They think that Xia Tian and Wang Bing definitely do not donate money, because the final lead Xia Group person started today to the stage, when Xia Group two arrive on the stage, was on the spot peaceful, Chen Zong they did not speak, but looked to the stage, then some people have moved in several chairs on the stage, their several person unexpectedly sat above the chair directly. This made all people all have doubts, did they to change a place sit? Coming to power should be the donation. Hello, I am this time director Yang Ziqi, is the Xia Group spokesman, before everybody has been having doubts, how many does Xia Group this plan contribute? Xia Group must carry on the industry of Capital, what Xia Group enters Capital is any industry, actually Xia Group Boss is, waits for such issue, actually these issues we can reply that gives everybody.” Yang Ziqi spoke of here time has stopped. The person under stage instantaneous collapsed the spirit. Flash news. The super flash news must appear, these reporters already excited is not good, they know that this time will fear everybody to know actually Xia Group Boss was, moreover listened to the Xia Group words, this time perhaps was not the minor matter. Prepares to me, a character do not leave out, has the news to pass on to me on the earliest possible time.” The leaders of these reporters said hurriedly. Yes!” All people have all been ready.

Other people have also completed the deep breath. Actually is the Xia Group person up to mischief? They must do, is speaks? Really one group will only depend on mouth living fellows.” These young entrepreneurs are very puzzled to the Xia Group action. Moreover they started to keep carried on to attack in the spoken language to Xia Group. Looked that several people are so steady, is not definitely right, do they want to do?” Some big entrepreneurs observed the detail. But Xia Family that respected family is also tightly frowns, they could not look any medicine that actually in the Xia Group bottle gourd to sell, this time everybody was discussing low voice. Stood Yang Ziqi on stage has drawn back, but Xu has stood, saw that Xu stood, everybody knows that he had certainly the words to say, therefore everybody was peaceful. Hello, today we represent Xia Group to come, actually the goal is very simple, we must answer a moment ago these questions, regarding the donation of disaster area, our Xia Group will not be always mean-spirited, because the criterion of our company is to let the country gets rich, making the people get rich, has this disaster time, manifests our China unity time, I think everybody, so long as contributes, disaster area situation on good.” Xu spoke of here time vision one to sweep to below: First I first replied that an everybody's issue, our Xia Group will truly come to Beijing to develop, this is also a plan that our Boss presently sets, but the specific project I do not facilitate to divulge temporarily.” Xu said that sat in own position. The fire always has stood afterward. I know that everybody wants to ask anything, I also heard your discussions a moment ago, some people said that our Xia Group will only speak with the mouth, I want to ask everybody, you by the words that anything spoke, moreover what our previous time donated the country was 30 billion dollars, anyone of you could take, do not think that you spent these superficial money to suffice for the disaster area, our Xia Group has decided that company all departments worked in shifts the disaster area to work as the volunteer, will also arrive at the disaster area including our these shareholders.” The fire always spoke of here time made the person have to admire the Xia Group procedure.

These you who naturally, I said are not possibly interested, actually I am not willing to say these, therefore under I announced that your following issues will be answered by our Xia Group Boss personally.” The fire always said that turned back own position directly. Xia Group Boss? Hears these words time, the scene seethed with excitement instantaneously. Xia Group Boss did unexpectedly also come? Where? Is who? They have heard only existence of this person, but nobody has actually seen Xia Group Boss, now hears the fire old words, the scene seemed the cooker is the same. But Xia Family person stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian. Bingbing, this we came to power.” Xia Tian light saying, stands up afterward directly.