Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1173

When Xia Tian stands up, is only the flash. The vision of all people all looked to Xia Tian. But Xia Tian side that several kept taunting Xia Tian several people to open the mouth instantaneously. By that person who they did taunt is Xia Group Boss Xia Tian? Wang Bingwan the arm of Xia Tian was moving toward on the stage directly, is only the flash, the scene probably detonated the atomic bomb to be the same, has blasted out directly, all people have put out the cell phone and camera photograph. Racket. Some people know Wang Bing, these knew the person who Wang Bing is also much more surprised, they have not thought that Wang Bing unexpectedly ganged up with Xia Group Boss, this too legend, the surrounding these people already had also heard Xia Group Boss was youngster, when they saw with one's own eyes Xia Tian, with amazement could not speak. He. His unexpectedly is Xia Group Boss.” Chen Zong whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. No, this is impossible, how he possibly is Xia Group Boss, is not right, I am certainly having a dream.” Shaking the head that Ruan Dashao keeps, he is not willing to believe one see. They feelings, were unexpectedly this act high and mighty person unexpectedly have bumped into really good B person now, this probably was a platoon leader continuously in one ******** front act high and mighty officer Freshman type. This installed itself SB completely. Wang Bing unexpectedly ganged up with Xia Group Boss, no, how she possibly had such good luck.” Wenwen whole face inconceivable looks at Wang Bing, she felt that she gangs up with Ruan old and young, that is very good B matter, which she arrives must blow to which matter, but she has not thought that she has ganged up with Xia Group Boss in Wang Bing unexpectedly of that taunt directly, this was also too terrifying. „, Why, her luck so has been why good.” The hate of Lily whole face, she has belonged follows in Wang Bing behind person, even if were previous time she snatched Wang Bing role, she has also paid the body. But in the end?

Although she knew some big figure, but ices with Wang compares anything not to consider as finished. He was not that just started with the person who Xia Family quarrelled.” Immediately some people discovered. At this time Xia Tian has arrived on the stage, Wang Bing sat on a chair, but was Xia Tian has aimed at the microphone: I do not like rubbish, therefore I announced that the first matter, this Xia Group will donate money for the disaster area 100 billion dollars.” Xia Tian went on stage to say an explosive news of nuclear weapon rank. 100 billion dollars! That is 100 billion, hears this digit time, all people almost collapsed. They have been guessing actually before Xia Group must contribute how much money, they also specially put out their 600 million sum totals to compare, but the present is only the flash, their 600 million by thorough Insta-kill. Kills did not have including the tone. Six hundred million China coins, how compared with 100 billion dollars? Xia Family several elders almost directly fall down, the one breath has not come up directly almost in the past, but these people of scene some people could not bear, direct falls to the ground, they also think can join up to prevent the Xia Group footsteps, but they know that now they made a mistake. Wrong is very odd. The strength that they add links others Xia Group leg wool not to compare much. 100 billion dollars, have surpassed, therefore the person conceivable digit, but China No. 2 figure has also stood, walks toward the stage directly, saw that this everybody understood finally, originally China No. 2 figure comes here goal is for connects with Xia Tian these 100 billion dollars.

Perhaps China No. 2 figure already obtained the news, will therefore come. Otherwise trivial how 600 million possibly alarm China No. 2 figure. Thank generous of Xia Group, this time matter Senior Official heard, Senior Official also made me give Mr. Xia to bring a gift personally.” China No. 2 figure has put out a character, then opens directly. Chinese good soldier! Five large characters. The name of inscription person is China Senior Official. Sees these five characters time, all people have all been shocked, this unexpectedly is the character that Senior Official own handwriting proposes, before these entrepreneurs in Capital, thinks one have multi- extraordinary, oneself have the big backer. They think that Xia Group this hadrosaurus does not have the backer definitely unable to stand firmly here. But now the Xia Group backer came out, is China Senior Official, their backer cow can B again compared with China Senior Official also good B? Or compares? That does simply. This also ratio? Now Xia Group not only the donation technique presses outstanding heroes, but also China Senior Official also on own initiative stands to give is the wine pot supports, this let have to all seriously to treat. This time Xia Family nine elders directly had almost not been irritated. They also wanted to cope with Xia Tian, therefore found that many people to serve as contrast the donation of Xia Group, this contributed for following Xia Group little, they quite taunted, was the present is good.

A moment ago they held, unexpectedly turned really held. They belonged changed to are serving as contrast others Xia Group, was Xia Group this bright big flower has worked as a green leaf. Thanks Senior Official.” Xia Tian direct salute. Was good, was good, the connection had ended, I must walk, I want first to turn into the commodity money, then reconstructed the disaster area, had your money, the disaster area has been quickly able to reconstruct, I for all people of disaster area thank you.” China figure said on the 2nd. Senior Official said goodbye.” Xia Tian salutes once more. All people all stand the salute, sees off China No. 2 figure. Enormous and powerful donation ceremony , had ended now, however the Xia Tian words have not said. Their these attire cow B people, have bumped on the spot into really good B Xia Tian today, Xia Tian made them experience anything is genuine cow B, 100 billion dollars donation, broke world record in history. Moreover the donation of Xia Group accumulated to 130 billion dollars. Chen Zonghe Ruan Dashao wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into, they have only contributed 3.5 million, has blown one with Xia Tian in the evening, moreover said that Xia Tian definitely does not contribute, does not have money, poor anything. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly all of a sudden contributes 100 billion dollars, their Insta-kill does not have remaining including the sediment. Then, I announced that the second matter, our Xia Group must the company that establishes in Capital be a film and television industry investment company, everybody does not need to worry that our money are insufficient, Xia Group the fluxible fund also 200 billion dollars, I think that now these money enough we have completed any matter.” Xia Tian spoke of here time 50% people almost to faint.