Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1174

200 billion dollars floating capital. Hears this digit time, all people have all held breath cold air. That is 200 billion dollars. Moreover floating capital. This was too terrifying, although many companies said that is how much money market value, however their floating capital how many? Other company has billions floating capital, they dare to blow itself to make any investment, but Xia Group had just contributed 100 billion dollars, the unexpectedly also 200 billion dollars floating capital, this makes people feel that was terrorist. Xia Family these old fogies hear his words directly almost not to be irritated. Was good, was the last matter.” Xia Tian continues saying that heard Xia Tian to add sometimes, other surroundings people have also turned very quiet: I decided that gives Wang Binglai to handle the film and television profession of Capital.” Humph! Hears these words time, Wang Bing is also startled. All people all deep frown. Wang Bing, although is a star, but before , is not that type is famous . Moreover the reputation is not resounding, but unexpectedly all of a sudden turned into representative of Xia Group now in Capital. This Wang Bing changed the phoenix on the thorough flying branch. Wang Binggang started to know when Xia Tian was Xia Group Boss was surprised, she has not thought that now Xia Tian unexpectedly makes him work as the represent person in Capital, this status was very terrifying. Her status and status also started all of a sudden become different. If the beforehand these people must join up to cope with Xia Group, then now was different, because their here little has to do the person of Film and television, therefore Xia Group business they did not have any conflict. Moreover Xia Group had also indicated to them their strength, they understand, wants with the Xia Group bucket, is impossible.

Xia Group can contribute to the country is 100 billion dollars, this has gone beyond the areas of competence of all people, say nothing of that 200 billion floating capital, moreover they could not compare compared with the background. Your background big? Can have China Senior Official to be big? Has not been narrowing the eyes. Therefore suddenly all people all want to start to show good will with Xia Group. My words said that the following matter you can ask that these Xia Group high levels, I also had the matter, first walked.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly. Flash news. Meanwhile a flash news appeared. Xia Group Boss comes to the Capital benevolent association. Contributed 100 billion dollars. Wang Bing turns into represent person of Xia Group in Capital. Each news is the heavy pound news, Xia Tian walks, all people want to go forward to greet, but had actually been rejected by Xia Tian, when Xia Tian gets to the entrance, he has been giving a hand signal of pistol to Chen Zonghe Ruan Dashao. piu! Afterward he walked directly. These reporter also parts followed, but after Xia Tian exits, boarded, left the benevolent association. Those who made all people curious was, they shot to the Xia Tian picture are all fuzzy.

Cannot see clearly the face. After Xia Tian leaves, he thinks that he can relax finally, some following matter people will process, recently this very intensive matter made him really very tired, after he plans to go back, rest well. After family, Xia Tian turned on a new cell phone. When he turns on the cell phone has almost not scared to death him. Cell phone SMS soon exploded the screen simply, but made Xia Tian most surprised was Kyoto University gives him to issue the diplomatic note, if did not attend class, must cancel his school register. This point has troubled, here is not Jiang Hai City, here teacher and some director principals he had not known, therefore means do not have, moreover Kyoto University is also not the ordinary university. The several leaders in country also graduate from here, therefore here is the fairest school. Although some people do not attend class, but will register and area-wide student examination definitely will come, but Xia Tian has not gone to the school from the start, this made the school give him to issue the diplomatic note. Xia Tian does not want to be dismissed, although finds the person also to come back, but comes back also uselessly, he cannot, for this matter asked China No. 2 figure, China No. 2 figure was a busy man, if he such minor matter looked for China No. 2 figure, that China No. 2 figure must be busy. Yeah! It seems like also really must go to a Kyoto University, is really troublesome, the words that does not go to must be dismissed, why cannot master the black market Boss also to give to move my school register.” Xia Tian sighed helpless saying. His original manuscript thinks one can relax, but has not thought that now unexpectedly presents this matter. This time Xia Tian has lain on bed, he did not know, entire world centered on Kyoto shocks, 100 billion dollars donation, this has surpassed the cognition of all people. China Xia Group unexpectedly presented such donation of high quota. Moreover Xia Group Boss also came. According to at that time the reporter on the scene, Xia Group Boss is a young charming youth, simply is the genuine national husband, this made many women start to violate all of a sudden sex-madly. Young, charming, [gold/metal]!

During this is each woman vainly hopes for simply the perfect man. Put on airs! But Xia Group also goes ahead, company all early have prepared, tomorrow can formally start, this made those present more surprised, Xia Group started too to be also quick. In the situation that unexpectedly in all people do not know the circumstances of the matter all have operated. Xia Group either does not do. Must do does to complete, they invited in the world the topest technology team, all processing are best . Moreover the Xia Group slogan is to reject all unspoken rules, only looks at the coordination of performing skill and role. Then, the name of first movie Xia Group must shoot is called «Potential surface Super Cheating», all supporting roles all are in China the topest supporting role, their images are of striking root in the hearts of the people. The leads are also selective, but many actors are still choosing. Hears Xia Group to choose the lead. Suddenly the actor star in nation all found the person to hold to relate, but they discovered finally that Xia Group did not eat this set, so long as others most can integrate with the role in the same place person play. Therefore everyone is fair, they must try to play personally. Moreover Xia Group possible in the actor of body, because is afraid them to be unbearably busy like this. Bites dīng! Xia Tian by the cell phone ring tone awakening by noise, him has just now rested less than one hour. Boss, Dragon Group had an accident.”