Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1175

What's the matter?” Was poisoned, exits to carry out mission time is poisoned.” „Is situation how is it?” I cannot inspect am any toxin, but the toxicity is violent, now these people already all stupor.” My this in the past.” After Xia Tian has packed all of a sudden the thing, called to ask the driver to drive directly to send him to Dragon Group, he does not know that was any mission, according to truth, even if assigns mission, stole the day also to have the discretion was right. How some people will be poisoned. In this had certainly any mistake. He must quickly pass, first saved others said again that these fellows have not trained now, if such hung to be a pity. The driver is the black market person, sees Xia Tian to worry, he opens unusual is quick. And trick-cycling first-class. Quick, Xia Tian arrived at Dragon Group. Since later, Xia Tian discovered person unexpectedly that is poisoned has 12, saw that here time Xia Tian deeps frown, but his anything had not said that takes up the silver needle to start to save others hurriedly: Em? This type of toxin is.” Xia Tian life-saving time discovered that this type of toxin his a little impression, where has probably seen, but concrete he could not have thought that Xia Tian will have guided directly poisonously, afterward will collect poisonously: Will have the chemical examination poisonously.” Afterward Xia Tian gives them 12 person to feed compounded drug. 12 people woke. Teacher!” Was good, said that is any situation.” Xia Tian asked directly.

Is this, the teacher, we discovered that Capital resembles some people the manufacture large quantities of toxicants of secret, the toxicity is very big.” A person said. „Did you bump into this situation?” Xia Tian asked again. Em, several of us are bump into this situation, the opposite party feared probably was discovered that the place that therefore they make is covert, moreover a place not big small processing factory, they are wants in turn make, this nobody can discover them, after we had discovered at that time, was sneak attacked, will be poisoned.” A Dragon Group member said. Bites dīng! Xia Tian cell phone sound. Xia Tian, were you discover some Capital people in the manufacture toxicant?” Em.” This matter do not go to manage, this is the Yu He big move, I had the means to deal, making them continue to make, happen to this batch of things I am used to help you stamp out the source of trouble.” Good, thanked.” The opposite party has hung up the telephone, listening to sound Xia Tian to know that the opposite party was Zhuge Wanglang, he thought this toxicant has been familiar, now after a Zhuge Wanglang saying, he thinks finally, this was somewhat similar to poisonous person Hu Fangye toxin. He has not thought that Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly also holds back one trick. If no Zhuge Wanglang, perhaps he also really must have a headache, he knows that the opposite party definitely has a thorough plan, perhaps Capital, many cities should have various types incessantly in view of his plot. However Xia Tian cannot all count on Zhuge Wanglang, he went to a telephone to Jiang Hai City directly, making them prepare completely safe, do not confuse own situations, moreover Xia Tian personally has also conducted the research to this type of toxin. Then matches the understanding toxicant, he also shipped back Jiang Hai City the antidote directly. Was good, this time matter do not look up, there situation I will process.” Xia Tian said. Boss!” Stole wish of day apology to say anything, after all was he sends for making mission. Was good, recently were their trainings how is it?” Xia Tian asked.

Some people must unable to endure, but also some people had the resistance.” Steals the day to say. Cannot reduce the effort, they can insist insisted, even if the remaining people, I must that to turn into the elite finally, if could not insist that all dismisses.” Xia Tian said directly, although he must found beyond one group, no matter in the group outside group, has not insisted on and belief is impossible becomes the sharp sharp knife blade. Therefore Xia Tian must make them insist. Set!” Xia Tian came, how possibly not to gather. All people gathered completely. I, bring the gift to come today, wants the gift, adds on 50 jin (0.5 kg) carrying a heavy load of then to start to run to me, the turn that who runs are most, whose my gift is, altogether three, what on you are 100 jin (0.5 kg), that side has to prepare the good carrying a heavy load coat, put on directly is OK.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people. He does not like rubbish. Therefore said the subject directly. Was right, you are run not to reward, this time jogs is voluntary.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to allow Songhe Chen Lin. Teacher, our anything does not need, moreover we will certainly take first and second.” allow Song very self-confident saying, Xia Tian has given their enough advantage, they naturally also clearly bite off more than one can chew, now therefore they must do is makes Xia Tian see their growth. They will not say absolutely after Xia Tian led them to exit , any skill not to have the society, is inferior to other people on the contrary. Therefore they must make every effort to succeed for the teacher who they most respect. Good, starts, counting!” Xia Tian said that lay down above the deck chair directly started to sleep, but counting also had the special counters and personnel exactly counts, this can achieve absolutely safe. Actually everybody is very tired, they should be the time of rest at this time, now heard Xia Tian saying that was voluntary, naturally some people directly went back to sleep. However has few people to have two thoughts. One type for the treasure, another type to display looks to Xia Tian.

Everyone has performance desire, especially in the face of own leadership. Xia Tian sleeps there, but these people jog there. Was tired one day, such runs now, everybody a little could not have endured, gradually started some people to fall behind, however the majority of people were still insisting. Next morning. Xia Tian awoke time, several people are insisting. Stops!” Xia Tian shouted one. Shows the turn that you run me.” Xia Tian said. Thought so that allow Song and Chen Lin really first and second have taken, but he, since said that has prepared three gifts, that must have. Looks in front of the own three people, Xia Tian asked: What weapon your three do usually use?” Sword, nunchakus, fork.” Three people said. Good, these three weapons turn over to you.” Xia Tian put out eight levels of weapons to give them three, when they saw Xia Tian to their weapon, immediately at present one bright, before they saw allow Song and Chen Lin's weapon, that very envied, now saw that they also had such good weapon, that naturally was very happy. What Xia Tian is lofty to Chen Lin and allow is nine levels of weapons, those who give them three is eight levels of weapons. Then first also has a prize.” Xia Tian mysterious saying.