Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1176
Hears the mysterious prize time, all people stare. The weapon that Xia Tian delivers looks is the good thing, now Xia Tian unexpectedly said that also has the prize. Xia Tian put out one to increase the compounded drug of Inner Strength recreation body directly, although this type of compounded drug the rank was not high, but Xia Tian little took generally, he gave the Xia Family armed forces also merely is person, because only then the first time affected in a big way. Compounded drug can make Profound Grade Expert break through instantaneously, but the second effect only then the first 1/10 might, therefore Xia Tian do not dare to eat, because ate has wasted. Now has eaten it.” The Xia Tian direct order said. Em!” That person raises head directly, swallowed down the compounded drug. Flash of swallowing down, he felt own whole body has been full of the strength, afterward on his face one happy: I broke through, I broke through to Profound Grade am greatly complete.” Excited after: Thanks the teacher.” All right, this is you earns, today your five officially will become the Dragon Group first group of members, well diligently.” Xia Tian looked at first three to say with some allow Song also Chen Lin. Surroundings these people all are look at their five that envies. Their five obtain the gift that Xia Tian has given, moreover that person under their eyes hide break through, this made them more excited, Xia Tian casual to a weapon was the most precious object, put out compounded drug unexpectedly to let the compounded drug that the person broke through casually. This simply was too terrifying, this made them also feel specially excitedly. These compounded drugs blend to sail upstream then to make them drink, stamina almost will restore . Moreover the strength also meets some promotion, this is also the welfare of evening's coming out person.” Xia Tian light saying. Tonight comes out, only then less than one-third, other two-thirds are sleeping. Xia Tian naturally cannot dismiss them, because they had also paid their labor for serveral days, therefore they do not come out tonight also right, however comes out has the advantage, first three gained the biggest advantage, after other people drink up the water , the spirit is also very abundant, weary as if recovered, Inner Strength also had a promotion of faint trace. It can be said that these people who they come out in the evening compare good that sleeps to restore in inside.

Was good, everybody , to continue you to train normally, I will pass for two days also to come to see your, I will anticipate your next performance.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly, at this time here person everyone probably was hit the chicken blood to be the same. They hope Xia Tian will come next time time, oneself can insist a meeting again. Everybody heard, their five are the Dragon Group full members, I think that you also saw their changes, what I want to say that their five started, did not mean that they officially joined Dragon Group to relax, I will arrange the training for their five, but you taked their five as an example, I hope next entered Dragon Group can be you.” Steals the huge sound to shout to clear the way. All people at this time all are maintaining the best emotional state. Your five leave ranks!” Steals the day to say. Yes!” Starting today, your five were the Dragon Group full members, I will make brand-new and stricter training to you, did you fear?” Xia Tian looked that asked to their five. Frequently is preparing.” Five people also shout. Good, dismisses, prepares to eat meal.” Steals the day to say directly. After Xia Tian left Dragon Group, boards to go home directly, after going home , the breakfast rises directly from the channel, then he has washed simply. Then, he must go to a very important place. That is Kyoto University. This time does not go to library. But is attended class, but also after must try to find a solution, can facilitate the means of skipping classes. Kyoto University is different from other university, other university spends once for a while then reported that was good, but Kyoto University is actually very strict, takes as an elective needs to study the full many study periods.

Xia Tian asked the black market driver to deliver to Kyoto University him directly, afterward he started to seek for the report place of nursing department. Blind looking definitely is incorrect. Sister beauty, you knows that which nursing is the registration at?” Xia Tian saw several females walk together, walks up to ask hurriedly. Was called beauty suddenly, that several females also turned the head, have given a Xia Tian your boy insightful look, when they saw Xia Tian, gawked, although the Xia Tian physical state was a little not good, but he now that sickness graceful appearance. Moreover the person is absolute by the clothing right. The clothes in Xia Tian closet all are in the world the well-known big sign, various different styles, Xia Tian originally charming, moreover he wears any clothes is special suiting, therefore at this time these females directly by Xia Tian charming lightened blindly both eyes to the difference. Handsome fellow!” Sister fairy maiden, is nursing the registration is at?” Xia Tian asked again. nursing department?” Registration Place?” I know that in front turn left, collective Registration Place, you went to there to find Registration Place of nursing department.” A female said hurriedly. Has thanked, Sister beauty.” The mouth of Xia Tian is very sweet. This is the man biggest weapon, where the sweet-talking arrives at not to suffer a loss, moreover Xia Tian also really has the harvest, he knew Registration Place, since knew Registration Place, Xia Tian must pass to ask which has attended class, class schedule and so on thing. Good commander-in-chief Ah! that several females to have walked away after Xia Tian also not from responded. Xia Tian toward front walks according to the way that female showed a moment ago directly, was quick he to find Registration Place, Registration Place was very big, front had the notice board, nursing was in two buildings, therefore he moved toward two buildings directly.

Thump! Xia Tian very politeness has sounded gate. Come in!” Inside person said. Hello, I am register.” Xia Tian very polite saying. Registration, began school for several months, how did you register?” That seems about 30 -year-old females looks puzzled to Xia Tian, she has to acknowledge that Xia Tian is truly charming, but she is not the young female student who these just entered the university school gate, saw that the handsome fellow cannot bear. I just just transferred schools.” Xia Tian answered. „, Names?” That female turned on the computer. Xia Tian!” Xia Tian said directly. „, Xia Tian, what? Xia Tian? Did you call Xia Tian? Are you that college entrance examination foremost person in the field Xia Tian?” That female stares immediately, whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Females quietly has sent SMS below, the SMS content is: I caught him, you a bit faster came, but the name of opposite party was, versatile school beauty.”