Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1177

You wait first, I give you to prepare the class schedule, which times above will record in your which class.” The females answered. „, Thanks.” Xia Tian nodded. The females deliberately delay the time there, actually he made the Xia Tian name on the computer, the class schedule can the automatic printing, but she actually in intentional protracted time, because she complied with her good Little Sister, must constrain this Xia Tian for her. school beauty Little Sister, you are certainly quick.” Female innermost feelings anxious saying. This time Beijing versatile school beauty is walking to Registration Place of nursing department, she is reading in the library a moment ago, but sees that information time, she completely could not control her mood, stood to run toward outside. Person who for a long time, that has won her finally appeared. That person had been admitted to Jianghai University originally, she did not have any means that but she has thought that finds an opportunity to go to Jianghai University to find that person to dispute, she is versatile. Possibly how to lose to others. The result of college entrance examination she compared with the third high big truncation, but she actually compared with the Xia Tian short political integrity. Afterward she heard that college entrance examination foremost person in the field turned around, she has made her good elder sister help, because her good elder sister in nursing was reported that the place worked, so long as that person came nursing to be the report, she can know. Can that odd person who runs into the library?” Beijing versatile school beauty associated to Xia Tian, that odd person in library, she had very deep impression to Xia Tian, because had many female students to revolve around Xia Tian in the library, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly disregarded her. She just entered Beijing to be called versatile school beauty, this represents her is not only a vase, her various strengths are very good, but same also explained that she is attractive enough, but is she such pretty woman, Xia Tian has not gone to visit her. But was disregards her directly. From the library to the cafeteria, the matter of library, these sufficiently showed that next day Xia Tian is an odd person. However she did not determine that person is Xia Tian.

Therefore she must report that actually the place has a look at that person is. However no matter , this time cannot that to run, she must hold that person, competes with that person well, she does not believe herself to compare that person, she is versatile school beauty. Either does not do, must do does well. Looks quickly, that side that isn't Beijing versatile school beauty? Our quick past had a look, to want a signature to be also good.” At this time in the morning, must attend class, therefore has after here person. Many people all have encircled all of a sudden. Around Beijing versatile school beauty has encircled many people all of a sudden. This time nursing reports the place. Didn't have?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he has not thought that takes the class schedule to require such long time. Was quick, was quick.” That female said. That female is also worrying, the time that she delays has sufficed steadily, only takes one minute normally, but she has towed now for more than ten minutes, moreover should already arrive by this speed Beijing versatile school beauty was right. My good Little Sister, how you not to have come.” Female innermost feelings anxious saying. beauty, you look at screen to look at for quite a while, when my class schedule can hit, should soon attend class.” Xia Tian looked that said to that female. „!” That female was afraid, heard a Xia Tian such saying, her hand directly according to above printing. Shasha!

The printer started to print. Hears the printing the sound, that female knew to go bad, her unexpectedly was convenient, class schedule printing. The printing of class schedule only takes several seconds. She saw that class schedule comes out, knows one definitely could not detain Xia Tian, at heart she can only keep gave itself that Little Sister to apologize. Xia Tian takes up the class schedule in hand, is showing a faint smile to the female: Thanks.” Yeah!” The females want to call Xia Tian, but she does not know that should make Xia Tian wait a while with any reason, therefore she can only give up. Xia Tian just walked, sees Beijing versatile school beauty running over of hurriedly, when Beijing versatile school beauty runs over looked at Xia Tian one, afterward ran directly to two buildings. When Beijing versatile school beauty goes into two buildings has shoved open that room directly: Person?” Just exited, haven't you seen?” That female said hurriedly. Just exited? Really is he?” Beijing versatile school beauty said that runs directly to outside, pursues to Xia Tian, when she runs, Xia Tian also just arrived at outside the building. You halt to me.” Beijing versatile school beauty shouts. Xia Tian is looking at own class schedule at this time: Confucianism , Buddhism , Daoism, 504 room, which is this?” Xia Tian knows one must find this place. Beijing versatile school beauty sees Xia Tian to be aloof, ran directly, she wants to grasp the shoulder of Xia Tian, but Xia Tian seems like casual walks, unexpectedly shunted her to grasp directly.

However she has also practiced martial arts, her direct body dodged, blocks in Xia Tian front. Halts!” Beijing versatile school beauty launches the both arms. Em?” Xia Tian gaining ground slowly looks the woman to oneself: Who are you?” Hears the Xia Tian words, Beijing versatile school beauty has almost not collapsed, oneself in any case is also school beauty, but the opposite party sees 34 unexpectedly not to know who one are. Is own existence feeling so really low? The Beijing school beauty first time such is not self-confident. You do not remember that who I was? I told you, I was the college entrance examination have tested the second person, I think I can be first, but your unexpectedly dropped my many scores.” Beijing versatile school beauty extremely angry looks at Xia Tian. „, Because I am talent.” Xia Tian very natural saying. Although the Xia Tian speech is not concerned about face, but he can actually say is very calm, thinks that he truly is a talent, otherwise he is impossible to test a college entrance examination foremost person in the field. I know that you is a talent.” Beijing versatile school beauty also has to acknowledge that Xia Tian truly is a talent, minute that otherwise his impossible to test many. She has thought one are the talent in talent, is until the college entrance examination the day, she has to acknowledge one have lost to Xia Tian this college entrance examination foremost person in the field. Do not envy Elder Brother, Elder Brother is only a legend.” Xia Tian has exhibited very charming POSS. Sees Xia Tian this, the Beijing versatile school beauty feeling imagines that serious talent not to be completely different from oneself, but she must present the challenge to Xia Tian today: I must challenge you.”