Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1178

Challenges me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to front female. Em!” Beijing versatile school beauty very serious saying. I do not accept.” Xia Tian said that has gone round female directly, then walks toward front, his classroom is nursing is one class, although there is own classroom, however the general curriculum is not completed in own classroom, but is the enlarged class, is several classroom together on that especially takes as an elective, that is the people of any department has. Yeah, is really troublesome, must result in a bit faster tries to find a solution.” Xia Tian sighed, helpless saying. Saw Xia Tian to walk, will dry in the sun in the wind, that Beijing versatile school beauty presented one type never had the frustration, first time had the man such simply to reject her, she said a moment ago must challenge Xia Tian, traded to be others, that happy also without enough time, can have the relations with Beijing versatile school beauty, that future definitely has greatly the opportunity contacted school beauty, this was others asks unable to strive. But Xia Tian unexpectedly directly has rejected, moreover he as if in that class schedule ratio to his hand to Beijing versatile school beauty is interested. Hateful, I will certainly not let off your.” Beijing versatile school beauty looks at Xia Tian that goes far away thoroughly to shout. This time Xia Tian all thoughts are all seeking for the place that attended class. Which asked several him to find the Confucianism , Buddhism , Daoism , after having found the Confucianism , Buddhism , Daoism, he entered the 504 room directly, at this time here came many people, Xia Tian looked for a middle position to sit down directly, he discovered that a rule, sat in the front person, although has not attended class, but has hugged to write books there had a liking, but sat all sleeps there in the following person. Lies on the table all, probably is one has not rested to be the same. But sits is playing the cell phone in middle here person majority, Xia Tian to coordinate their atmosphere directly has also put out own cell phone, his cell phone was yesterday evening takes newly, inside anything software did not have, therefore he has remembered the present people most commonly used thing. Micro letter. Opened has downloaded the page, Xia Tian has downloaded a micro letter from above directly. Xia Tian not from Dashanli, although before him, useless good cell phone, but these ordinary functions he can, he use his mobile number to register a micro letter account number directly. He just landed has not studied yes what's the matter the time, his cell phone has heard a series of sounds, surrounding person strange visits him, afterward Xia Tian hurried own cell phone furnishing vibration.

Xia Tian looked that the discovery is in the address book these people adds his, many people, but the flash has several hundred people, majority is the Jianghai person, Xia Family armed forces whole staff unexpectedly has the micro letter, moreover Little Fei and Fan Jin have Zhao Long to have the micro letter, the people of Xu their these older generations added Xia Tian. Are their common words your unexpectedly have the micro letter?” Xia Tian felt instantaneously one turned into alien, the person who looks at these good friends, Xia Tian felt really one have exploded weakly, the function of micro letter is the opposite party, so long as has your mobile number, you when register the micro letter, the opposite party cell phone will demonstrate. The people of Xia Family armed forces are brushing the friend encircles the time at this time, they discovered that the Xia Tian unexpectedly registration believed that how their this possibly put Xia Tian, direct started the good friend. Xia Tian very helpless passing, after Xia Tian passed their good friends, information instantaneous full house. Finally Xia Tian came new mission, one by one gives them the note. Bing Xin wife, Sister Rou wife, Bingbing wife. Xia Tian has not returned, there notes. Finally started to attend class. The first matter of attending class mentioned by name, teacher in the there 11 roll-calls. Xia Tian!” The teacher selected the Xia Tian name. „!” Xia Tian puts out a hand. Afterward the teacher goes to the names of other people, Xia Tian has completed mission finally, then he started to start to inquire after the well being to his several female friends, after the first enlarged class has finished attending, the second class was to return to a they class of classroom. After returning to classroom, Xia Tian direct casual sitting in a position.

Newly arrived?” A female greeted with Xia Tian on own initiative. Em.” Xia Tian has not gained ground, but continues to play the start slight letter there, he had not played the micro letter before, the feeling very novelly. Hey, I spoke to you.” That female very discontented saying. I only want to lead a meeting peacefully.” Xia Tian looks up said to that female. Hears the Xia Tian words, that female hoodwinked thoroughly, she first time saw such man. A moment ago Xia Tian played possibly was too fascinated, when he looked up to surroundings he discovered that surroundings unexpectedly has been filled with the person, what was main, this classroom unexpectedly only then his man. Liking a crane among chickens. Xia Tian can say one at this time self-confidently, he absolutely is in this classroom the most graceful person, because this classroom absolutely does not have the second male student, in classroom these female students all is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Because before this classroom, does not have male student, although couple of days ago they heard that has transferred a male student, but this male student has not come to attend class. Today they have experienced this person finally. Treads! Leading walked from the entrance, leading is a woman. Leading comes in first saw Xia Tian: „Are you that transfer schools to skip classes directly several days of Xia Tian?” Volume, you said should be I.” Xia Tian has not thought that this leading is so direct, he knows that the matter perhaps did not have is so good to be solved.

I heard that you are college entrance examination foremost person in the field.” The face of leading has been very cold. Yes.” Xia Tian nodded. Surroundings these female students heard that Xia Tian is the college entrance examination foremost person in the field, is stranger looked to Xia Tian. Remembers a few words, the real man did not raise was brave in the past, no matter before you, was what result, now you were the Beijing student, can't casual skipping classes, yes?” Leading reproved. Em.” Xia Tian this, acknowledged that the wrong manner is good. Was good, comes to power to introduce oneself with everybody.” Leading said. Xia Tian stands up directly, walks toward the stage, when he stands on the stage, the vision took a fast look around on the surrounding these schoolmates' bodies: Hello, I called Xia Tian, I thought that I was a lucky fellow, my unexpectedly fell in a beautiful woman nest, I hoped and beauty treat every day in the same place attend class, was my body is not good.” ! Xia Tian said here time coughed intentionally suo two, installed unusual looked like: My three years old have contracted the infantile paralysis, four years old have resulted in the cerebral apoplexy, five years old are paralyzed, six years old of congenital cerebellum withers, seven years old have had the heart disease, eight years old. Yeah, said that is the stories, what actually I want to say that I do not skip classes intentionally, but is because my body was too bad, therefore I had not come to attend class couple days ago.” Xia Tian more said is more pitiful, more said is more sensational, he even directly compelled several drops of tears. Thump! At this moment the entrance presented a familiar form, Xia Tian saw time secretly thought of this person: Went bad.”