Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1180

„!” Xia Tian has stood hurriedly. In classroom on a male student, you did not think that you should offer?” Leading looks to Xia Tian. Teacher, I am not that casual person.” Xia Tian heard leading saying that lets he offered, he hurriedly has covered his upper body. A leading face heavy line. You think that which? I want you to attend training.” Leading said. Training? Teacher, you make me teach anyone, you said that I guarantee to complete mission, but I rest that 1234 months of matter.” Xia Tian started regarding the chip. This leading understood finally, Xia Tian had not listened to her to speak a moment ago from the start, whom teaches: I am make you get a bawling out.” Do not make, you looked person who I also do not have the issue like the brain, I am silly, I make others teach.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. I have not made with you, I must allow you to attend the training.” Leading said. Does not go!” The Xia Tian direct rejection, he is the Dragon Group teacher, the China lieutenant general, making others teach him, only if his brain is sick. Doesn't go really?” Leading asked. Man real man is indomitable spirit, kills me not to go.” The Xia Tian response said. You do not go to me to buckle your school grades.” Leading said. Is so ruthless?” Xia Tian asked. Right, is such ruthless!” Leading said. Good, I go.” Xia Tian took.

„Don't you kill do not go?” Leading looked that shows a faint smile to Xia Tian. Yes, kills does not go, so long as cannot kill me to go.” Xia Tian said. Good, one will report.” Leading said that looks to the following student: You, if also nobody raises hand, I mentioned by name.” I go, I go!” Suddenly the female student in classroom as if blasted out the pot to be the same. Did not have any person to agree that a moment ago, but unexpectedly all agreed now, saw such huge change, leading also hoodwinks, fled from the crowd in this time two forms. One is allow Xiao it, another has is Chen Yuan of name of flower. Teacher, we come.” Saying of their face smiling face. Afterward they stared opposite party one mutually, obviously is the dark war between women. Good, you.” Leading satisfied saying. !! A fierce cough sound transmits. Xia Tian you how?” Leading doubts looks to Xia Tian. Teacher, I am all right.” Xia Tian is covering own mouth with the hand, when he moves away his hand, in his hand all matter blood. Added is all right, how was your this?” Leading looked that Xia Tian coughed to bleed came hurriedly the salute. Teacher, actually be honest with you, my three years old have contracted the infantile paralysis, four years old have resulted in the cerebral apoplexy, five years old are paralyzed, six years old of congenital cerebellum withers, seven years old have had the heart disease, eight years old..” Xia Tian said deeping frown of here time leading.

That is makes you temporarily leave school.” Leading said. No, Teacher, I can be good, before my father, final desire is I can finish the university at the point of death, if I temporarily leave school, I will have what honor to see the generation in the future.” Saying of Xia Tian very patho. The surroundings some tenderhearted schoolmate started to cry. This, I help you apply to above, when the time comes gives you to apply for special approval, but you take a test to come, yes? All these premises are you well display to me at the training.” Leading somewhat was also tenderhearted. Good! Said it and meant it.” The Xia Tian whole person was energetic. You.” Saw that Xia Tian was all of a sudden good, leading stares slightly. „!” Xia Tian pretends the appearance that is the sickness plants hurriedly once more. Has saying that the Xia Tian performing skill absolutely is the Oscar rank, this patho, this scene, coughed suo he to break own gum intentionally, for he this asked for leave to go all out. A face nearby allow Xiao badly smiles looks at Xia Tian, she had already seen through the Xia Tian performing skill. Actually leading also somewhat suspected, the blood that but Xia Tian coughs likely is not false, this made her not have the means that she was always insufficient is really that unreasonable: Was right, Xia Tian, I need your case, if after this, presents anything to trouble, I also well had to say.” Relax, Teacher, case I make the person deliver to your office to you in the afternoon.” Xia Tian put out the cell phone to send SMS to the black market person directly, the SMS content was: Makes a case to me, must, be my name, then the symptom the more better, miserably is better, delivers to my leading office.” The opposite party returned to one: One hour.” After Xia Tian has completed all, made the preparation of training, actually the training to give others looked, because of quickly to National Day, therefore Kyoto University must set an example to look to others. Each classroom will select three people, then the process is in training, finally possibly has is the competition between department. We are predestined friends.” allow Xiao comes up to communicate with Xia Tian on own initiative, she has her principle, she who so long as she has a liking for on own initiative will strive, but does not wait there, waits for the male student to be initiative.

She does not hope to miss such good opportunity. Another person is Chen Yuan of nursing department, Chen Yuanke with difference of allow Xiao, she has thought one are the department is colored, keeps aloof, therefore other male students should actively pursue her. However when Xia Tian comes, she a little looked to Xia Tian, therefore she will propose that must attend the training. What is main is she and allow Xiao is the roommate. Relations between two people are not good. Their two shapes come are struggle, if she has a liking, she possibly will not say to attend the training, but she noticed that allow Xiao had a liking for Xia Tian, she naturally cannot let up this opportunity. She must to allow Xiao it prove own anything compared with allow Xiao. Which has not seen is predestined friends, obviously is intentionally.” Chen Yuan mumbled, the sound that although she mumbled was not loud, but Xia Tian they heard clearly. allow Xiao contemptuous smiles, has not paid attention to her, but said with Xia Tian again: Our two is a class, when the time comes you may probably take care of me, my body is not good, when the time comes definitely cannot bear.” Could not bear goes to say with the teacher that making the teacher change players.” Chen Yuan mumbled again. This time Xia Tian has not gone to the words that listened to their two to speak, how he in thinking can very pass these days, then can be free and unrestrained, is away from the time that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened to be getting more and more short, although his strength progressed was very big, but he wanted to promote his strength once more, this had the opportunity frontage and Wei Guang such match fight. Xia Tian!” At this moment Xia Tian felt suddenly own face hit probably on the thing of fat.