Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1181
allow Xiao and of Chen Yuan who quarrelled have all opened the mouth. Because Xia Tian has lowered the head to walk a moment ago, therefore their two have not thought much, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly hit on the Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu body, moreover hit in that position. This was makes people too inconceivable simply. Em, soft, is very comfortable.” Xia Tian unexpectedly has hit with the face. This Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu could not bear again, the direct palm of the hand has pulled out, she wants to block Xia Tian a moment ago, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has disregarded her once more, hit directly on her body, moreover that position. How this lets her to endure, she disliked Xia Tian. Now Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to sexually harass her. A moment ago Xia Tian in thinking the matter, has not looked up the person, he has not thought that some people will stand in his front, therefore he directly hit on the body of Beijing versatile school beauty, after running upon, he thought that this feeling was very familiar, was very comfortable, at that time the head short-circuited he to attempt again, just hit second time him to respond. He understands finally this familiar feeling was anything. He knew to go bad, simultaneously he felt that an opposite party palm of the hand hit to him, his left hand stretched out directly, held the Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu wrist|skill, afterward frowns carefully to look at the Beijing versatile school beauty control. This action lets the several female doubts. Yeah, your being destined 20-year-old time will like one being called the Xia Tian man.” Xia Tian looks carefully, then sighed to say. Shameless! Xia Tian simply was as shameless as family.

You let loose me.” Going own hand that Ning Xiaoyu makes an effort, wants to extract from the hand of Xia Tian, at the same time Xia Tian loosened her hand directly, her body goes to behind directly but actually, although she has also practiced some, the strength that but she used a moment ago was too big, causing her unable to control own body. At this moment, the right hand of Xia Tian stretches out instantaneously, has held on Ning Xiaoyu the arm directly, then his right hand made an effort to draw has hauled in own bosom Ning Xiaoyu the body directly: „The pretty woman, lies down on the ground will also catch cold.” Ning Xiaoyu thorough hoodwinking. The envy of another two female faces. Xia Tian let loose Ning Xiaoyu directly, Ning Xiaoyu has also stood the body, afterward Xia Tian continued stand forth, his goal was the training room, there can lead the equipment, moreover they did not carry on the training in the campus probably. Therefore Xia Tian must pass earlier. This also facilitates the familiar situation. Three females there disorderly time, Ning Xiaoyu looks to two females: „Do you do?” Wants you to manage.” allow Xiao said that walked directly, Chen Yuan also directly bypassed her to walk. However Ning Xiaoyu followed directly, when she sees three people of destinations: unexpectedly is attended the training.” Afterward she put out the cell phone to dial a telephone number: I must attend the training.” In Dragon Group. Five official Dragon Group member remote mountains carried a heavy load turned into 150 jin (0.5 kg) from 100 jin (0.5 kg), what made their curious was, their trainings are not many, but became simple, every day on such several types of trainings.

Even compares outside person to train few. However their intensities of training actually increased, one set acts compared with outside many three, moreover their carrying a heavy load were also heavier. After receiving the equipment, Xia Tian sat on the vehicle waits to embark, was idling bored, he studied the day to strike the technique, but he discovered that the day struck the technique not to be probably easy, before he in crucial moment, therefore the comprehension ability also instantaneously enhanced did not know many times. But now he wants to continue the ginseng research day to strike the technique, needed next Kungfu, he knows that at own talent degree, should be able to comprehend the day to strike the technique with ten years completely, if traded to do is others least also takes 50 years. After he comprehends the day has struck technique, he can definitely with a Wei Guang frontage war. But ten years was too long, he now only then less than one month, therefore he must think that better means that currently his in the hand really have to be the same he not to do the clear thing. That is the non- character book from heaven. That book corrupt wolf regards, if treasure, but Xia Tian to the present does not know that this book true use is anything. After he opens this book, in the book does not have any character, he has tried various methods, the blood, the water used, with the fire, all means is not easy-to-use, he does not understand that actually the corrupt wolf how understands this book. However he knows that definitely has the means that therefore he put out the non- character book from heaven to start to turn. This was he enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole final opportunity, actually therefore he must study in this book to write anything, was good to obtain a more formidable strength: Actually how to see the character on this book?” Hey, how you run is so quick?” Above after allow Xiao passenger train, moved toward Xia Tian directly: I must sit inside.” „!” Xia Tian resigned the position.

What you are looking, doesn't have the character?” allow Xiao opened topic on own initiative. I am finding the way to make it present the character.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he knows this matter absolutely anxiously, even if he has stared at the non- character book from heaven to look, may unable to see anything. Perhaps the chance coincidence came, that all naturally can appear. „Isn't this these Martial Arts rare books on television? Opens the shameless universe to transfer greatly? That need blood.” allow Xiao also came interest. Has tried, useless.” Xia Tian said. Then roasts with the fire? With blister?” allow Xiao said again. Useless!” Xia Tian shook the head. Idiot, looks at that several broken advice that you offer, this type of book does not do with the paper, but is the Dharma silk.” Chen Yuan disdains stared allow Xiao a it, she must show that her anything compared with many that allow Xiao knows. But her words actually have brought in the attention of Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly does not know this is not the paper, he also continuously in curious, this paper so will be why solid: What thing is the Dharma silk?” „The Dharma silk is the Ancient time reaches China , Turkey by the western region, is the Dharma founder comes China to pass on the expertise stays behind, at that time did not have the paper, therefore the Dharma silk is precious, afterward the paper appeared, Dharma silk gradually also vanished, but afterward the person in western region also studied the Dharma silk the manufacture principle, to put it bluntly is the silk, when the silk knitting will have a password, this password afterward was also used to make the secret to subpoena at Sino-Japanese War, if the writing is not the password, that to appear on needs the Helan liquid medicines.” Chen Yuan very proud saying. Both hands of Xia Tian held Chen Yuan arm, very looks earnestly Chen Yuan said: Thank you.”