Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1182

Xia Tian has remembered this important information at this time. If not Chen Yuan, after he is very long, thinks that there unexpectedly is the gauze, reason that this gauze was called the Dharma silk is because he is the Dharma founder discovered that moreover this gauze is different from the normal gauze, it is soft, touches is more like the paper. Therefore Xia Tian is unable to discover that this is not the paper. At this time he laid bare by Chen Yuan simply. He thought finally, at that time the one who coveted the wolf to use was Shaolin Unique Skill, moreover was that many Unique Skill, originally this non- character book from heaven was the thing of Shaolin, Unique Skill of Dharma founder. Was developed, this was developed, but Dharma founder that time apparently does not have the Helan ink, therefore wants to see that this book the true content needs another means.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. The method that although Chen Yuan said is not good, but Chen Yuan giving made him know actually this thing was anything, such Xia Tian knows how then should do. Chen Yuan was shocked to the thorough lane by the Xia Tian action, she wanted many that displays to know a moment ago, the thing that she knows are truly many, but her mother also is believes in Buddhism, therefore she will know these. Has not thought that this unexpectedly helped Xia Tian. Saw the Xia Tian action, allow Xiao special envy, she most repugnant appearance that was Chen Yuan that thinking oneself infallible, was Chen Yuan actually this, that thanked her including Xia Tian a moment ago. Meanwhile in Hidden Sect. Yu He, accompanies me to see a person.” Jiang Tianshu looked that the convening signal said hurriedly. Jiang Shao, I go not to be perhaps inappropriate!” Yu He naturally knows the person who must see who was, therefore he will not think appropriately. All right, you are I best brothers, naturally has the qualifications to see that person.” Jiang Tianshu said. Meanwhile, in the world in various countries' super Expert obtained a small book, on the small book writes person list two characters.

The person list was born. After 20 years, the person the list was born once more. The person list is in the world the most mystical thing, everybody thinks this thing will not appear again, but person list unexpectedly again appeared now, person list on most mysterious person hundred dawns by Jianghu fresh composed. The previous time person list altogether ten people, these ten people became present age strongest a group of people, previous time person list China takes three, Xia Tianlong, Yin Nie, Wei Guang. In these three people the rank of Xia Tianlong is highest, is second. Wei Guang fifth, Yin Nie sixth. Now Wei Guang and Yin Nie became present age strongest a group of people, but if Xia Tianlong does not die, now perhaps soon arrived at Realm in that legend. Thus it can be seen, person the terrifying of list. It will not record present age Expert, but will record now in the world a group of people of most talent. So long as this person got up a person of list, that represents him in the future certainly is becoming present age strongest one group of people. The person list vanished for 20 years. Everybody thinks the person list will not appear again, but they have not thought that after 20 years, the person list unexpectedly appeared again, in this person list presents the name of that ten person to obtain the gazes of all people. At this time Jiang Tianshu arrived in Hidden Sect the most mysterious place, here is Hidden Sect Forbidden Land, besides Hidden Sect various large amount all trades main, any other people cannot visit the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km). Because this is the taboo.

Steps into will receive the Hidden Sect all people's sanctions, therefore here year to year has various Hidden Sect large amount gate all Expert guards. When Jiang Tianshu comes, he has revealed his sovereign token directly. „Can he also go in?” Guarded has blocked Yu He directly. That is natural, he is my brother.” Jiang Tianshu coldly looks to that guard, that guard was thought so by Jiang Tianshu has emitted the cold sweat from top to bottom, he felt that he as if falls into the abyss to be the same. Ok, Ok.” Nearby guard said hurriedly. Snort!” Jiang Tianshu cold snort, walked afterward directly, Yu He has not spoken, but swung the feather fan in oneself hand gently, their this one after the other walks toward inside. Jiang Shao, really?” Yu He also asked that he worried that annoys troublesome to Jiang Tianshu. All right, I am Sir Thunder in the Hidden Sect special envoy.” Jiang Tianshu said. This Yu He obviously has time courtyard to be free all the way, but the regulations, his innermost feelings somewhat are also intense, after all that Sir is not an average person, he exists in this world is a taboo. Before although he has guessed the strength of this Sir, but does not dare to confirm, after all that Sir from there, there, but the state of god, he thinks that China four big Expert should nobody be his match. Jiang Tianshu walks is not quick, this, he walked more than two double-hour, but Yu He on this continuously following slowly in his behind. Quick, they have arrived in a small dumpling. Here fine spring day, probably is a paradise is in all directions same, the average person saw here time will associate to the extra mundane person of high skill, because this farms Fangzheng is the place that these extra mundane people of high skill most like. Lives in seclusion this word to use more suitable.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Jiang Tianshu, you come quite slow.” Sounds of a series of laughing convey, this feeling makes the person not have the feeling of extra mundane person of high skill, because the general extra mundane person of high skill is very old, words very few that. Jiang Tianshu pays a visit thunder Senior.” Jiang Tianshu respectful saying. Had said many returned, do not call me any Senior, called my Lei Feng on the line, if you did not think freely spoken, calling me the silly thunder to be also good, others such called my.” The person's shadow suddenly appears in Jiang Tianshu and Yu He front together. He probably is emerging out of thin air is the same. Frightened Yu He to jump, Jiang Tianshu first time saw his time, was this appearance. After all this gentleman sudden the shook the person. Jiang Tianshu does not dare to call the name of opposite party directly, does not dare to call silly thunder these two characters, although on his mouth said that others such called their, but Jiang Tianshu did not dare. Others who Lei Feng said certainly are the person in that place. The person in that place regarding them is god same existence, called Lei Feng naturally not to have the issue for the silly thunder, but Jiang Tianshu, if such called, that absolutely was disrespectful. Mr. Thunder chatted, does not know that what matter you did call me to come are?” Jiang Tianshu respectful asking. Who is he?” A Lei Feng face smiling face looks at Yu He. Thunder Senior, I called Yu He, was the Jiang Shao subordinate.” Yu He respectful saying. Is only the subordinate?” Lei Feng's facial color suddenly one cold, Yu He as if fell into 18 hells to be the same with Jiang Tianshu all of a sudden.