Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1183

Thunder.. Before. Generation!” Jiang Tianshu clenches teeth to say. Lei Feng's imposing manner vanishes instantaneously. Whistling! Jiang Tianshu and Yu He feel to feel relieved immediately. „If only the ordinary subordinate, Jiang Tianshu will be will not lead you to come absolutely.” Saying of Lei Feng face smiling face, he likely is not that recluse Expert. Because he and normal recluse Expert has very big difference. Other recluse Expert is facial color ice-cold, little speech, this has the Expert style, but in front of Jiang Tianshu the Lei Feng actually very much likes speaking, moreover on the face has thrown completely the smiling face. Thunder Senior, I have taken Yu He to regard am my blood brother.” Jiang Tianshu answered. „, Is this.” Lei Feng nodded. Thunder Senior, what you called me to come to probably tell?” Jiang Tianshu vertical section subject. „, Was hundred dawn fresh person list appears, for 20 years had not appeared, on this time also had your name, although set the base, but this already very extraordinary.” Saying that Lei Feng appreciates. Person list! What you said is that 20 years ago has recorded legendary figure that person list?” Yu He surprised looks to that small book in Lei Feng hand, that small book seems a very serious thing. Your unexpectedly also hears excellent list.” Lei Feng dai some surprised looks at Yu He. Thunder Senior, I truly have listened to some, the previous person list presents time is 20 years ago, in that person list has recorded ten extraordinary super talents, beside Xia Tianlong that now that ten talents except for died, other people turned into the world completely strongest a group of people, China at that time altogether had occupied three now, Xia Tianlong is one, remaining two are Wei Guang and Yin Nie, the rank of Xia Tianlong is highest, second, Wei Guang is fifth, Yin Nie is sixth.” Yu He will know all said. Said good, in the past was known as that person of world first talent , since Xia Tianlong died, went into hiding, where did not know, but outside this time Heavenly Connection the hole will open him to appear.” Lei Feng's light saying. Xia Tianlong was called the first talent in China, was called to call into the Heaven Grade Expert person hopefully, but he also merely arranges second on the day list. Thus it can be seen, actually arranges the first that person is the person of any monstruous talent rank. Mr. Thunder, why 20 years later today will it appear?” Asking of Jiang Tianshu doubts. Who knew, hundred dawns are born with is a lunatic.” Lei Feng disdains smiles. Jiang Tianshu opened under that directly the book, the first page of small book is he. Jiang Tianshu, ranks tenth, China person, Hidden Sect Shan Yunzong sovereign \; Strength: Earth Grade late stage \; Martial Arts: Long ape (spear|gun).

Hazard index: A star. Following has recorded the growth of Jiang Tianshu, is detailed, detailed makes Jiang Tianshu feel the fear, he has not thought that in this world some people such understand him unexpectedly, he is not the former generation sovereign one's own matter has the record. So will be why detailed?” Lei Feng of Jiang Tianshu doubts asked. In the world does not have hundred dawns to live not to look up, he is a lunatic.” Lei Feng answered. Jiang Tianshu turned the second page. Neil, ranks ninth, Indian. Strength: Earth Grade intermediate stage. Martial Arts: The elbow strikes. Hazard index, a star. Neil's background is simpler, he is Indian first Expert son, from childhood looks at assiduous cultivation, his strength with saves bit by bit. The third page. Michael. Tyssen, ranks eighth, native of America. Strength: Earth Grade intermediate stage. Martial Arts: Cheetah fist. Hazard index: Two stars. His synopsis is very simple, he is the gene person, can be called the transformation person, is the American top war criminal. The fourth page, Facca! Ranks seventh, English. Strength: Earth Grade intermediate stage. Martial Arts: The sword strikes. Hazard index: Two stars. Facca is an aristocrat, the prince of British Imperial family, his sword technology is fierce.

The fifth page, Sasaki Ichirou! Ranks sixth, Islander. Strength: Earth Grade Initial Stage. Martial Arts: Two blade classes. Hazard index: Three stars. Sasaki Ichirou, is a Island Country super talent, he practiced unusual refined Realm a blade class, the strength has been as deep as a well, was fearful, he was also first founds two blade class people. His blade skill quickly to letting the person is inconceivable. It is said nobody can shunt his two blade classes. He is duplicating a matter from infancy to maturity every day, leaves the blade, the chopper. Made him practice for enough more than 20 years on this matter. Is very fearful figure. Jiang Tianshu the name of this person silently in the heart, he knows that this person can be a trouble absolutely. Afterward he has opened the sixth page, Nourse, ranks fifth, German. Strength: Earth Grade intermediate stage. Martial Arts: Dashes barbarically. Hazard index: Three stars. Is known as the German combat tank, it is said his impulse can lead the air, even if the tank he can also collision easily fly, the height two meters 15, have filled from top to bottom the explosive muscle, is the major general in Germany. The seventh page. Vasily! Ranks fourth, Russian. Strength: Earth Grade late stage. Martial Arts: Air gun.

Hazard index: Three stars. Reason that his rank such high is the person who because the homicide passes were too many, he is the war party, he supports the war, once erupts into the war, he immediately own suicide toward the battlefield, single-handedly enters the hostile camp. Also remains three people, is the person list ranks first three figure, Jiang Tianshu has not worried to open the next page. Shout! His long expiration, looked at Yu He, afterward starts to look at the eighth page. Corrupt wolf! Ranks third, China person. Strength: Earth Grade earlier period. Martial Arts: Blood wolf claw. Hazard index: Five stars. The corrupt wolf is the person who in the world most goes against heaven's will, he has the big destiny to add the person of body, he is a legend, is known as the non- deceased person, he is monstruous talent, regardless of encounters any danger, he will not die, moreover is walks can bump into Spirit Tool. His luck is in the world does not have any person to compare. He drinks the cold water to be able shouting to clear the way treasure. Eats meal to eat the merit law. Entered the buried treasure to find the track wait / etc.. Going against heaven's will. The corrupt wolf is the China person, moreover he, only then the strength of Earth Grade earlier period, is his hazard index actually five stars, has the best B destiny, he is a small invincible symbol. Sees here time, Jiang Tianshu cannot help but has held breath cold air, the introduction of corrupt wolf simply was bright blind his eye, he was also simultaneously more curious, who the first two outcomes were. He knows that Xia Tian entered certainly person list, actually then Xia Tian was second, was first? Then besides Xia Tian, who another person is? His unexpectedly can also have such high rank.