Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1184

Jiang Tianshu and Yu He have looked at each other one. Afterward Jiang Tianshu turned to the ninth page. Xia Tian, ranks second, China person. Strength: Profound Grade late stage. Martial Arts: Finger of Consonance, the day strikes the technique, seizes dragon( homemade). Hazard index: Eight stars. Xia Tian several months ago starts to crop up suddenly, his growth is in history fastest, his breakthrough speed is also nobody can, every time is to jump the ranks the challenge, the success that sets the record is frightening. His fearfulness only then his matches know. In the short several months, he turned into present extra-superior Expert from a peon, current China Dragon Group teacher, military rank lieutenant general. Is the Xia Tianlong son, the sword Saint Yin Nie apprentice, learns Eastern Man and Northern Army Unique Skill, he is a super talent, is in the person list most makes the person for a person who it exclaims in surprise, so long as gives his enough time, he certainly will become Heaven Grade Expert. His talent has surpassed his father Xia Tianlong, past Xia Tianlong also rank person list second. When sees the synopsis of Xia Tian, Jiang Tianshu and Yu He have looked at each other one once more. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly became such fierce, although Xia Tian has made Shan Yunzong greatly, but obviously, the Xia Tian strength has been increased, beforehand corrupt wolf also hazard index five stars. However Xia Tian actually has reached as high as eight stars. Reason that the corrupt wolf the rank takes a higher position is because his luck and escaping, is Xia Tian is different, the Xia Tian fame is hits completely, really kills, the person are been too many by he has killed, moreover top Expert, because of so, therefore his hazard index reaches as high as eight stars. The Xia Tian terrifying lets all see the people who person list are shocked.

What's wrong? Did you fear?” Lei Feng looked that asked to Jiang Tianshu. He is truly dangerous.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. He really has the step Heaven Grade talent, but the talent forever is only the talent, so long as does not give the time that he grows, his anything is not, like past Xia Tianlong, he was also called most has the opportunity becomes the Heaven Grade Expert person, but he does not die under has fought continuously, although Xia Tianlong grew in the past a point, but after he successively fights several hundred Expert, was cut to kill by Wei Guang in the severely wounded situation, therefore he not true becomes Heaven Grade Expert.” Lei Feng calm saying. He has not paid attention to Xia Tian, if Xia Tianlong is also living, perhaps he will have the little interest to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian, he only needed a finger to be run over and die. What thunder Senior said is.” Jiang Tianshu said hurriedly. He knows that Lei Feng is not extremely arrogant, but has that skill, do not say is Xia Tian, even if his master Yin Nie here, perhaps Lei Feng will not pay attention. This is self-confident. Although Xia Tian is the person list second. But the person list also merely is the representative of talent, but is not the representative of King, enters the person list to prove after you, had has been able to become the qualifications of peerless Expert, but this premise can live. In talent one generation, Xia Tian can to shock absolutely, however in the front of genuine King, Xia Tian anything does not consider as finished. However the Xia Tian eight stars are not Bai to come. Xia Tian also can only arrange second, who does that arrange the first outcome is?” The hand of Jiang Tianshu has placed in the last page of that small book, he and Yu He has all turned very quiet. Meanwhile in Kyoto University. Xia Tian their vehicles already, but Xia Tian at this time also very excited, he finally found the non- character book from heaven the secret. Initially coveted the wolf not to care Spirit Tool to want this book, thus it can be seen the importance of this non- character book from heaven.

Afterward coveted the wolf also to want from Xia Tian to snatch the book. Reason that corrupt wolf can grasp that many Inner Strength manifestation perhaps because of this book.” Xia Tian careful is stroking the book in hand, it knows this book, if he grasped well, might change his destiny. Non- character book from heaven. Xia Tian has closed the eye directly, his Spiritual Force seeps directly to the book. Succeeded! The flash succeeded. Xia Tian had suspected a moment ago, the thing that the Dharma founder keeps, how possibly with other any method, certainly is Spiritual Force, at the same time Xia Tian felt own within the body is warm. His body already has all absorbed ancient Buddhist Relic and these small Buddhist Relic, in other words his present body also has the strength of Buddhism, therefore the non- character book from heaven has not repelled him. Kungfu of Buddhism is always senses is deeper, can learn deeper Kungfu, therefore wants to study Kungfu of Buddhism to carry on the sensibility from the Confucian classics first, front of this non- character book from heaven is the Buddhist literature. If others, that wants society following Buddhism Unique Skill, must first from the front Buddha study, but Xia Tian does not need, his body fused more than ten Buddhist Relic, ancient Buddhist Relic. Can condense Buddhist Relic definitely is High Monk of Buddhism, their comprehension to the Buddhist literature at least is also over a hundred years, more than ten Buddhist Relic are over a thousand years of sensibility, but ancient Buddhist Relic is only the legend, resembles us to hear frequently mounts the universe to be the same, is only the legend. We are unable personally to experience. But Xia Tian actually completely has absorbed ancient Buddhist Relic, that comprehended the Buddhism of innumerable Buddhist literature to be outstandingly skilled. Therefore although Xia Tian a Buddhist literature has not looked, is he can actually immediate study following Unique Skill. Is higher regarding the comprehension of Buddhist literature, Xia Tian can study more profound Buddhism Unique Skill.

The Dharma founder was known as that founds Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill people. On this non- character book from heaven records 70 two Unique Skill of Shaolin, moreover is most authentic 72 Unique Skill. This Xia Tian may picks the treasure. This time was really the luck as good as the family, has not thought that ancient Buddhist Relic unexpectedly has helped my busy, others also need to carry on the sensibility Buddhist literature first, but I jumped over directly this step, can practice directly following Unique Skill.” Xia Tian felt one were in luck, at this moment he felt that he was coveted the wolf to take possession probably was the same, he flips through to behind the book directly, he knows rear certainly is best. unexpectedly also has going against heaven's will Martial Arts in this legend.” Xia Tian turns to the rear time his whole person has been shocked, if he can learn this Unique Skill, that also who is his match? In Hidden Sect! Attract! Jiang Tianshu deeply inspired, he now was a little really anxious, the person who Xia Tian such goes against heaven's will also arranges second, who does that arrange the first outcome is? What person can also go against heaven's will compared with Xia Tian? sha! Jiang Tianshu has opened the last page of small book directly.