Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1185

When Jiang Tianshu turns to last page. His deeping frown. Because the material of this person was really too clever. Deicides! Ranks first, crevice prison person. Strength:??? Martial Arts:??? Hazard index: Ten stars. He is only one can live to run away from the crevice prison, broke record in history. The introduction is very simple, strength, Martial Arts anything does not have, is the question mark, but he can actually arrange first . Moreover the hazard index is ten stars, person list first, what is main is actually that crevice prison is anything. Probably is a very extraordinary place. No person can run away, but this person list first person, unexpectedly ran away from inside. Thunder Senior, is actually that crevice prison where?” Jiang Tianshu asked. He is very curious, where there is. Some matters are not you should know.” Lei Feng's facial color one cold: I can tell you, there has gone, do not want to come out, even if the Earth Grade greatly complete person is also lives to might as well die in.” Whiz! Lei Feng said that complete vanishes personally is in-situ. With coming time is the same, a trail does not have. Jiang Tianshu heard the Lei Feng words, felt that in heart one startled, he should guess correctly that the matters of some related crevice prisons, he has not thought in this world also had this place to exist. I do not want to go to that place for a lifetime.” Jiang Tianshu felt in own heart one cold.

Yu He has not spoken, but silently this geographic name in heart. We also walk.” Jiang Tianshu knew these names on person of list, he does not have to think one use energy thousand heart Wan Xue, finally unexpectedly only got up one tenth. He is not that blind arrogant person. Since hundred dawns live will list as tenth, that certainly has his truth, now the Jiang Tianshu plan the names of these ten people in the heart, then after entering Heavenly Connection the hole looks for an opportunity, will all kill these people. Naturally, he not blind looks for these person single Tiao. Since the ranks of these people in front of him, that these people absolutely are not good to cope, therefore he must use a scheme. Jiang Shao, I try to find solution.” Yu He as if saw through the idea of Yu He to be the same. I know that my thoughts cannot hide the truth from you.” Jiang Tianshu shows a faint smile. My existence significance is to let you steps this world most crest, this is I vainly hoped for a lifetime, so long as can complete this dream, I was die can also the having a smile dwelling place of the dead.” Yu He said. I will not make you die, anybody cannot injure you, moreover how long I can live, how long I must make you live.” Sentiment between Jiang Tianshu and Yu He is not that simple. Jiang Tianshu when bumps into Yu He, he is the boy who momentarily can starve to death, but he has actually apportioned Yu He half food in the hand. Yu He just started to repay a debt of gratitude, therefore helps Jiang Tianshu. Afterward he discovered that Jiang Tianshu is a good master, therefore he decided that assisted Jiang Tianshu becomes in this world existence of most extraordinary, his first goal was to seize the descending the mountain Yun sect sovereign position. Now this desire he succeeded. Next step was outside Heavenly Connection the tour of hole, he must be Jiang Tianshu clears away all barriers. But at this time Xia Tian on vehicle. When he sees following Martial Arts, has been shocked completely. Tathagata god palm.

unexpectedly is the Tathagata god palm. If he can learn this Kungfu, that simply was too fearful, this was Kungfu in legend, if he can learn, that also had any person is his match. But Xia Tian saw first line of times was unable to continue watching. The Tathagata god holds seems has fairyhood to be the same. Is the sensibility of ancient Buddhist Relic to Buddhist literature is insufficient?” Xia Tian innermost feelings depressed saying, he has not thought ancient Buddhist Relic helped itself unable to study the Tathagata god palm. Since study Tathagata god palm, that from front beginning school.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Time past bit by bit. Went to the place.” At this moment, the vehicle stopped. allow Xiao this has wanted to look for Xia Tian to chat all the way, but Xia Tian has been closing one's eyes the rest, she did not have any opportunity, therefore she can only wait till the place to say again. Moreover a moment ago all crest of wave all by Chen Yuan robbing, therefore she felt that is not feeling well. Xia Tian, we arrived.” allow Xiao pushes Xia Tian with own hand intentionally, she pushes unusual is special, pulls the arm of Xia Tian to push, Chen Yuan sees her action, stared her one eyes directly. Xia Tian, Xia Tian.” allow Xiao uses own body to rub the arm of Xia Tian intentionally. „It is not concerned about face, is too not concerned about face.” Chen Yuan mumbled. Em.” Xia Tian opening both eyes slowly: To.” All schoolmates get out, that side has your dormitories, everybody landing gathers.” The teacher of leading said. Therefore all person landings on vehicle gather completely. nursing department altogether eight classroom. Eight classroom altogether 24 people, 24 people stood two rows.

An officer of becoming a soldier walked from side. Schoolmates, starting today, he was your teachers, you must carry on seven days of trainings here, seven days later, I can meet your, here you must obey the words of teacher, this middle teacher will grade to you, score high added to the school grades directly, score low must buckle the school grades, the final two stars failed a grade directly.” The teacher said. Hears the words of teacher, all people have all held breath cold air. They have not thought that unexpectedly also has such matter. In here individual, I will not have been divided into the group you, three people of one group, I also will eliminate finally two groups, but is not two people, yes?” That teacher spoke. Is so strict, here altogether eight groups, unexpectedly must eliminate two groups, that is six people must be eliminated, we refuse to accept.” Immediately some people shout. Who refuses to accept, this year's school grades all are zero.” That teacher very severe saying. Hears the words of teacher, nobody dares to say anything again. My name was Shi Jin, starting today I was your teachers, you in my eyes were not the students, you were my soldier, therefore I will be strict to your requests, I will act according to your performance to give you group allocation.” History teacher facial color ice-cold saying. On his face as if will always not have the smiling face to be the same. Now starts to group.” Shi Jiaoguan said. Teacher, our just right classroom came three people, therefore we should not need to divide.” allow Xiao said hurriedly. Well! A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he felt suddenly has a cut-throat vision to visit him.