Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1186

Is she?” Time that Xia Tian has turned the head, discovered that [say / way] ominous light vanished, but Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu is visiting him, what made Xia Tian have doubts, Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu looked at his look, although had the provocation, but probably not that ominous light. The ominous light that Xia Tian felt a moment ago probably is a wild animal. Actually is who?” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around side Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu, he can determine that now the vision definitely was not Ning Xiaoyu sends out. The vision probably was a wild animal is the same. Also good, like this you can have the cohesive force.” Shi Jiaoguan nodded: Now gives you 20 minutes, quickly changes the clothes, after 20 minutes, here gathers.” Shi Jiaoguan said. In Xia Tian their hands has the key and own bunk number of room. After dismissing, Xia Tian had found own bunk, afterward fast changed the clothes, what he lived was that dormitory, many people, these people were complaining at this time. Time, be only 20 minutes, said that probably quick, actually distance back and forth had 20 minutes, if not pick up the speed, that definitely cannot arrive within the given time, how this small trick possibly hides the truth from me.” Who Xia Tian is, he is the Dragon Group teacher, this time error is impossible to hide the truth from him. This time fears few individuals to score points. Xia Tian exits, really in entire training ground only then he. He comes to be so early and is not only because wants to score points, a reason, that to investigate the origin of ominous light, he believes firmly the master who that ominous light also definitely knows this time the idea. Waited for a meeting, he is very disappointed, that person should come intentionally late. At this time the entire training ground is the teachers of various departments, but the student had a Xia Tian person to arrive. Time arrived, do you name?” Shi Jiaoguan asked. Xia Tian.” Xia Tian light saying. Is very good, you add five points, other people all buckle two points.” Saying of history teacher coldly. After five minutes, finally presented the bustling form. After ten minutes, person who coming out were getting more and more.

20 minutes, all people all returned to the training ground to gather. „After I said for 20 minutes gathers, now is 40 minutes, what are you actually thinking?” Shi Jiaoguan gives a loud shout to say. Nobody spoke. You come late, the direct everyone deducts two points.” Shi Jiaoguan looked that said to the people: Below stands.” All people all want to stand same place, now the heavenly Sun is very poisonous, but they can only stand here, after having stood probably for ten minutes, females of nursing department fell down. Her teammate, holds her to go to the cool place to rest a meeting.” History teacher is not unreasonable that especially to the girl, he requests naturally unable to be so strict, but side these were the team of boy were all different, they, if dares but actually, that to be the important matter. Hears the words of teacher, allow Xiao at present one bright. Whoops! allow Xiao body also but actually. Her teammate, holds her to go to the cool place to rest a meeting.” Shi Jiaoguan said. Xia Tian looked at allow Xiao a it, can only hug her to move toward the cool place. Sees allow Xiao procedure, Chen Yuan mumbled panting in indignation: This was also too false, can develop.” Before long, allow Xiao and walked. After station three minutes. Whoops! allow Xiao body once more but actually. This was also how dizzy, her teammate, held her to get down the rest.” Shi Jiaoguan helpless saying.

This, this was also too shameless, too can install.” Chen Yuan indignant saying, she can look at allow Xiao obviously is an attire, she is deceiving to hug. Chen Yuan has not thought that company of such method allow Xiao can also think, moreover her unexpectedly can such not be concerned about face deceived continuously has hugged twice. Before long, allow Xiao came back once more. After this time she has stood for one minute, dropped down. Oh I go!” Chen Yuan does not know thoroughly should say anything, allow Xiao this enticed the ability of man is really too strong, unexpectedly can develop this situation, poured one time not to be good, but must but actually two three times. Hugs!” But teachers. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed, has held allow Xiao once more, he also suffices speechless. When wish of allow Xiao walks once more, Chen Yuan could not bear finally: Report teacher, her is not healthy, do not let her coming out stand, if one will have an accident is not good.” Shi Jiaoguan hears allow Xiao words, thought that also somewhat the truth, therefore nodded: You did not use, returning to that to rest.” „?” The words of hearing of teacher allow Xiao stared Chen Yuan one eyes, but she fell down directly once more. Has not gone out many but actually. This performing skill, how you do not go to Hollywood.” Chen Yuan already thorough was speechless. Hugs, hugs.” Teacher helpless saying. Xia Tian has once more Chen Yuanbao. But when Xia Tian just came back, entire nursing was other female students all falls down, uniform, neat pouring on the ground. This.” Xia Tian also hoodwinked.

The teachers also hoodwinked. This also too empty boasting. After first stands trains, the people go back to rest, because now is the evening, they must carry on to wash, then eats meal, here can only have the mess, has nothing to elect. After Xia Tian arrives at the cafeteria, sits there directly opens eats, less than the female students of two minutes of nursing department his encirclement with huge crowds of people in the middle. Since the ancient times, beauty of nursing department are many, the majority of this time coming is also beauty. Xia Tian seems in ten thousand flowers that little green. „Do you do, he is our class.” allow Xiao very impolite saying. Your class? He doesnot can marry your class.” Other female student a little does not agree. Xia Tian here situation may make nearby these male students envy to go bad, their there majorities are several male students sit together, absolutely does not have the girl to be willing to come, moreover some are girl radically few. Has the female students of nursing department to be most. Therefore they very envied, but saw Xia Tian there serene is eating the thing, they were not feeling well. Bang! Iron plate that some people will eat meal knocked on the table, several people all have stood afterward, they moved toward Xia Tian together, threatening: We must challenge to you.”