Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1190

That shadow is the daytime twice has the hostility to Xia Tian. Xia Tian understands, he to draw out oneself. Therefore Xia Tian in instantaneously will open the X-Ray Vision eye. This can the earliest possible time discover his trace. At this time he is running to outside, the speed is quick, qing gong unusual, that three meters high fence exists in name only regarding him, in the situation of not taking the trouble fled. Xia Tian also directly followed. Pretty movement.” Xia Tian has to commend the movement of opposite party. They run away pursue, quick left the training place. Em? Anchored.” Xia Tian has stopped own body, because the opposite party stopped there, at this time an opposite party black clothed vision ice-cold, seemed came from the god of death of hell to be the same. Good cold look.” Xia Tian has completed the combat readiness. Rub! That person of body directly clashes to Xia Tian. Quite quick!” In the Xia Tian heart is startled. Bang! The entire body of Xia Tian was kicked directly. Good pain.” Xia Tian felt own bone soon these was kicked by the opposite party, on him had the wound, at this time is in the wound adds the wound, the body is painful, he does not have to think one do a training of school also to bump into such strong match. Person list second Xia Tian, is mediocre.” Saying of opposite party coldly.

Person list, what you said is what?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he had not heard really any person of list, does not know when anything got up this person list, and has stood in line the second position. Is this.” That person threw to a Xia Tian small book. Xia Tian opens the small book time carefully looked, he is not worried about the opposite party to sneak attack, because disdains by the opposite party strength in the sneak attack radically, when he looked this small book is the heart is startled simply. Really actually he is unable to imagine this thing is who writes, on is so detailed facing his record unexpectedly. Cannot think that unexpectedly has this type of thing.” After Xia Tian read the thing that records, these people in the heart, he has not thought has been on the list silently including Jiang Tianshu, he had not discovered that before the Jiang Tianshu strength is so strong, it seems like it is he these days has certainly used any extraordinary technique breakthrough to present Realm. Moreover that person list is situated the first person also same to make Xia Tian feel frightened. Person who that writes the person list is so familiar with Xia Tian, gives the Xia Tian second position, thus it can be seen, actually that first person is how terrifying, moreover is actually the crevice prison where? Are the deicides, actually who? Originally is this person list?” Xia Tian very impolite received the person list directly, probably was the opposite party gives to him to be the same. You disappoint me really very much, after the plan solved you, solves the several people of ghost list again, now looks like hundred dawn fresh person list is also mediocre..” Saying that person disdains. My unexpectedly was despised, is really not feeling well, but I in the ghost list to your mouth am interested.” Xia Tian currently has the wound, cannot put out the complete strength, but the opposite party truly is a very thorny fellow. Person also three of ghost list in China, separately is the demon respect building that is listed ninth, ranks Wen Ya of fifth hate, ghost king Ma Yongzhen that with being listed first.” That person this time has not put out the book, but accounted orally. What?” The Xia Tian complexion changes. Because he heard a name. Ghost king Ma Yongzhen. Brother Xiaoma.

Since previous Brother Xiaoma said that must leave, again has not come back, but currently his unexpectedly had a title of ghost king, Xia Tian understands that certainly what happened. This ghost list should also be ten people, China occupies three, the demon respect building absorbs the demon air/Qi on crystal jade bone to be fascinated \; He was invaded a deeper strength to be stronger by the demon air/Qi \; But Wen Ya is also because the hatred therefore promotes this strength definitely, her hatred is stronger, the strength will be also stronger, that Brother Xiaoma? With these people in a ranking, that certainly had an accident on behalf of Brother Xiaoma. Hateful, Brother Xiaoma definitely is knows that outside Heavenly Connection the hole will make me beset with a crisis, therefore Brother Xiaoma will become this any ghost king.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist. To be honest, you , since a person of list, that had shown that you will have into the super Expert potential in the future, but the ghost list is different, these people are overdrawing their life, therefore I had not paid attention to them.” That person of vision continuously very cold, probably is the devil is the same: But you disappoint me really very much.” Overdraws the life?” Deeping frown of Xia Tian: Brother Xiaoma, actually have you made what?” At this time Xia Tian all thoughts on the body of Brother Xiaoma, he even directly have all neglected the opposite powerful enemy, he is worried about Brother Xiaoma really very much, he does not know that actually Brother Xiaoma has made anything. What also turned into! He worries about the Brother Xiaoma safety. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian had been kicked by that person again. Bang! Body pounding of Xia Tian maliciously on a tree. Hateful.” Xia Tian has scratched the bloodstain of mouth. Really very much actually I cannot think through hundred dawns to live why to you that high appraisal, you obviously such collapsing at the first blow.” In that person of words has been full of the ridicule. If normally.

Xia Tian is absolutely impossible so easily was kicked by the opposite party twice. But currently on him has the wound, moreover thoughts on Brother Xiaoma, therefore he will be kicked by the opposite party. It seems like, I was really also despised by you.” Xia Tian has stood up slowly the body, he knows that he must put in order his mood, Brother Xiaoma, since for he has made the sacrifice. He does not need to think, now he wants many not to have any use again. All also can only wait for him to see Brother Xiaoma to say again. He must deal with front fellow now fully, he is Xia Tian, he not so is good to bully, front fellow has kicked his two feet, now is also he starts to counter-attack the time. What's wrong? You think that you can be my match?” That person of expression light saying. How doesn't give a try to know?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. I start to be very heavy, although I do not want to write off your this talent, but I could not control my strength, therefore you might die very much.” What that person of words said is that tranquil. He seemed is saying a very ordinary matter. Right? Since you know that I am person list second, that should know that my hazard index is eight stars, don't you fear death in my hands?” The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretching out. Right, under hundred dawn fresh quality synthetic evaluations you are eight stars, but I am ten stars.” That person of expression ice-cold saying.