Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1192

The deicides have put out his true strength. That might was powerful a moment ago. At this time his imposing manner had the tremendous changes, murderous aura, this is the genuine deicide, his pair of scarlet eyeball indicates that the status of his deicide, but murderous aura that around his body presents is fearful. If the wild animal appears side him at this time, perhaps will directly also run away in fear. This is a deicide! But Xia Tian immediately has also put out the day cold sword, an invisible sword, he understood at this time, hundred dawns live are are not cracking a joke, in front of Xia Tian the fellow absolutely is a terrifying match. His ten stars are not Bai to come. Rub! The body of deicide vanished in instantaneously same place, fought with the fists to the Xia Tian speed is quick . Moreover the strength was also very big, these, if in hitting Xia Tian, the bone of that Xia Tian at least must break several. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, afterward day cold sword directly tangential deicide in right hand. The body of deicide in the airborne tuck dive, has evaded Xia Tian the strikes the sneak attack. He has discovered the invisible sword. Around his body has heavy murderous aura, my God the cold sword approaches murderous aura he to induce immediately.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, deicide murderous aura of did not kill many people to form. But is an inborn instinct. The deicides inborn is a person of fight nationality. His fight stems from the instinct of body completely. In the blood is also flowing the blood of fight. ! The day cold sword ejects once more. The Xia Tian day strikes the technique early practice reached a high degree of proficiency, under then that mysterious Realm, the Xia Tian day struck the technique seems practices for over a thousand years to be the same, therefore his day struck the technique to use handily. Bang!

Inner Strength manifestation! The deicides used his Inner Strength manifestation finally, was a fist, giant fist. Xia Tian sword sharp direct above the fist, Inner Strength manifestation of deicide vanished afterward directly. Is the Eight Trigrams mirror. The Eight Trigrams mirror is Intermediate Spirit Tool, it can absorb Inner Strength manifestation, but Xia Tian not careless, he broke the part of Inner Strength manifestation might with the sword of day cold sword first sharp, afterward uses the Eight Trigrams mirror to carry on the absorption. At this moment. The body of Xia Tian squats. ! Sneak attack. This move is the sneak attack of Xia Tian frequently use, he has not thought that deicide unexpectedly also used this to draw on to cope with him, was good responds quickly because of him, otherwise by deicide the struck direct KO. His fight experiences good terrifying.” Although Xia Tian has not fought with the deicide several times, but he discovered that the fight experience of deicide wants the foot compared with him by far, because he how regardless of each time to sneak attack or attack, the deicides can neutralize easily. The day strikes unparalleled! The right hand of Xia Tian flings. More than ten cold light shot at the deicide directly. Meanwhile, he has broken by biting the restoration compounded drug of mouth. Now although he has not broken through, however his Inner Strength are not less than Earth Grade late stage Expert, therefore before he eats to restore the compounded drug not to use now likely, wasted. Bang! The both hands of deicide make an effort to pound in the ground, the crushed stone in ground flies instantaneously, struck the day directly unparalleled explaining. This is Xia Tian first time saw the day strikes unparalleled so relaxed was explained. This is person list first Expert. Has not used any Spirit Tool from start to the present, has not used any super Unique Skill, is he can actually the relaxed neutralize Xia Tian style, this formidable and fearful match is Xia Tian first time meets. Xia Tian can look, the deicide will not surpass him to be too many this year absolutely, because the deicide is also the Beijing student, moreover he can enter the person list, first is young is impossible over 25 years old.

Once surpassed 25 years old unable to enter a person of list. The world is so big, Expert naturally has, the talent formidable person also has, regardless of your talent is much strong, so long as over 25 years old, had not entered the person list the qualifications. Although Xia Tian has also learned Martial Arts on non- character book from heaven, but these Martial Arts he just started to study, copes with some ordinary Earth Grade Expert to be good, is used to cope with the deicide, that was bringing about own destruction simply. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanishes instantaneously is in-situ. ! Day cold sword sweeps away, wants to cut off the deicide around the middle. Rub! The tip of the toe point of deicide, unexpectedly stood above the sword blade of day cold sword directly, afterward he has fired into Xia Tian following the day cold sword directly. Meanwhile, a Xia Tian body revolution, the sword blade of day cold sword vanishes, comes out from the end, swept once more to the deicide, the deicide stepped on a moment ago on the sword blade, now the sword blade vanishes, his body sank directly. The body of person in airborne is unable to move. This has given a Xia Tian excellent opportunity. This attack he is unable to fend. Bang! At this moment, Inner Strength manifestation of deicide appears again, this time Inner Strength manifestation goal is not Xia Tian, but is the ground. Repulsive force. His unexpectedly use repulsive force shunted Xia Tian the move to kill. Bang! He not only has shunted Xia Tian the move, but also an attractive maneuver kicked kicks directly to Xia Tian, if were not Xia Tian resists with the left arm, this foot directly kicked on the face of Xia Tian, he may disfigure. Hateful, you do not know that father eats meal by the face? unexpectedly dares face-smacking.” Xia Tian was a little angry, opposite party unexpectedly almost kicked his to be all the rage the facial casts of myriad young girl. The head may break, the blood may flow, the leather shoes cannot do without the oil. The PK hairstyle cannot be chaotic, imposing manner cannot lose.

Rub! The deicides fell the flash in ground in the body have fired into Xia Tian directly once more, a fist bang has approached the face of Xia Tian. I force a grass, but also TM wants face-smacking.” The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to selecting instantaneously, at the same time, his left hand has burnt 10,000 compounded drugs, he knows that now has not cracked a joke, if he disfigured, that may be miserable. Does he also want to go to a South Korea? If went mistakenly, went to Thailand to trouble. Is unforgivable, your unexpectedly wants to destroy my charming appearance.” Xia Tian treated as right check to fight with the fists the wrist|skill directly on the chin of deicide. Bang! Hit. This move is the style of deicide, Xia Tian also presently studies presently sells, has not thought that has the unexpected effect. Actually reason that Xia Tian these can hit , because his left hand that strikes. Bang! Has not waited for Xia Tian to be happy that deicide in the body retreat flash, the tip of the toe kicked on the chin of Xia Tian. moda foka, is quite sore, this is you forces my.” His right hand wields a day of cold sword to vanish in his hands. Meanwhile, above his both hands presented the [gold/metal] silkworm glove. His both hands have simultaneously shown a very strange posture. Five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Both hands seize dragon. Burns 100,000 compounded drugs. Quick! The Xia Tian speed is fast, was only the flash, Xia Tian rushed to the front of deicide, his both hands grasped instantaneously to the upper body of deicide: Well, how soft?”