Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1193
Xia Tian seizing dragon just about to makes an effort, he discovered that the situation is not right, front deicide unexpectedly is a woman. Pinches! Xia Tian to determine own suspicion has pinched once more. At this moment, a deicide foot trampled above his chest, the strength of this foot was very big, trampled to fly directly more than 20 meters Xia Tian. Puff! A Xia Tian blood spouts. He felt that his chest as if seemed like broken was the same, was painful: Ended, this time was dying.” He thinks that the deicide will certainly kill him. But waited for several seconds, he discovered that own anything matter does not have, when he gains ground looks to the surroundings, he discovered that deicide unexpectedly walked: Whistling, has saved a life finally.” That flash's accident made Xia Tian feel a moment ago surprisedly. He has a dream has not thought that person list first deicide unexpectedly is a female. He has thought a moment ago the deicide is a man, but seized the attack of dragon to hit until him a moment ago when the upper body of opposite party, he discovered that if not he receives the hand promptly, perhaps that must pinch to explode the upper body of deicide a moment ago. Now Xia Tian thinks to think the terrifying. A woman, talent unexpectedly is so strong.

The body of Xia Tian has the wound, if has not injured, he can spell actually with the deicide, but present he absolutely is not the match of deicide, moreover before Xia Tian also a moment ago just before leaving that foot kicking to injure by the deicide, present Xia Tian is in the wound in addition injures. Outside Heavenly Connection hole opening nears, his unexpectedly is injured once more. Hateful, now has troubled, restores to get down the words that according to the beforehand speed, the wound can also be good, but fears outside Heavenly Connection the hole to open my wound now also.” Xia Tian depressed lying down on the ground, he had taken to restore the compounded drug a moment ago. However deicide that foot was really too ruthless, making his body to the present also very uncomfortable. However is good because of the deicide has not killed him. Otherwise by the situation, Xia Tian was the combustion compounded drug cannot be inescapable. Xia Tian has lain down here for enough one hour, he round trip walks, his chest now is painful, so long as he breathes fiercely, the chest probably must explode was the same, this time he may really be the severe wound. Meanwhile, Kyoto. Sir, looked up falling of Xia Tian.” Where is at?” Asking of that person of coldly. He attended a training with the Jianghai University person.” Snort, these China Expert also mediocre, that person list is situated the third corrupt wolf to collapse at the first blow radically, if were not he runs away finally, I already homicide.” That person of cold snort continues to say afterward: Now this person list second Xia Tian unexpectedly attended any training, was really funny.” Sir, cannot be negligent not by any means that reason that the corrupt wolf loses is so miserable , because he just had defeated by Xia Tian shortly, it is said his body received very heavy wound, moreover his treasure all had also been robbed by Xia Tian, that Xia Tian that you then must cope with is not the ordinary role, his strength very formidable, moreover his background is very complex, in brief, you are certainly careful.”

Wordy, when was my matter one's turn you to manage?” Reason that person of very impatient saying, naturally he was so impatient because this subordinate said a moment ago the corrupt wolf lost to him is because had the wound. This made him not be feeling well. He thinks that he defeats the corrupt wolf is his skill, but is not because on the corrupt wolf has the wound. Sir, just before leaving before , old master told, must make me remind you, the person in front of list that several people definitely have the serious skill, hundred dawns will live will not scribble.” Any nonsense hundred dawns live, the father should be the world first talent is right, was his unexpectedly father pai in fourth.” Vasily who this person list is listed fourth, hazard index three stars. Is warlike elements. Sir, you are certainly careful, that place must open immediately, if you are injured now, will affect there motion.” Was good, told me the address, you were really older are wordier.” Vasily very impatient saying. After Vasily has attained the address, has not stayed, but is direct, he is the anxious temperament, since he saw a person of list time, has been angry, he has not thought that arranges fourth by own strength unexpectedly. How this makes him be able to endure. Now the people in the world know that he was inferior to the front that three people, therefore he was not convinced, now he must use the strength certificate he is the true true talent, therefore he will come China. He just came China to ask around the whereabouts of corrupt wolf, finally after he has spent large quantities of wealth had found the corrupt wolf, the corrupt wolf fights less than 30 rounds thoroughly to be defeated by him with him, if were not the corrupt wolf enables the blood to escape to escape finally, he can cut to kill the corrupt wolf directly. He does not believe that some China people are higher than his talent.

After defeating corrupt wolf, his self-confidence instantaneous full house, he thinks that hundred dawn fresh person list is also mediocre. Arranges third also merely only caught his 30 moves, that arranged second Xia Tian definitely is not anything. If must say depressed, most depressed if corrupt wolf, corrupt wolf really as depressed as family, before the tour of Anonyme Island he wanted snow the shame, strikes to kill Xia Tian directly, then recaptures the non- character books from heaven and these Spirit Tool. But he does not have to think own unexpectedly had been defeated by Xia Tian again, moreover he almost died in the hand of Xia Tian, if did not enable the blood to escape to escape, perhaps he already died in the hand of Xia Tian. Xia Tian, I will not let off absolutely your.” The corrupt wolf thinks of Xia Tian on vitality. He planned looks for a place to recuperate wound, but has not thought that person list fourth Vasily unexpectedly has walked, his body has the wound, moreover Spirit Tool had all been robbed by Xia Tian, therefore he cannot hit Vasily, looks at Vasily's taunting, this made him more depressed. That Vasily, I must let you and Xia Tian sooner or later die together.” Saying of corrupt wolf whole face hate, he ran away at this time in a piece of jungle, he does not believe that Vasily can also pursue to here comes, this time he must rest well, he found a cave to want the rest. But when he enters the cave, his unexpectedly felt the wind: Em? How to have the wind?” The corrupt wolf lit a self-made flare, then walks toward the cave, in the cave is getting more and more narrow, but in a person enters does not have the issue, walked for probably one hour, the corrupt wolf saw a stele, on the stele has written: Berwin treasure house.”