Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1194

Treasure house! These two characters are corrupt wolf most like. Berwin treasure house. This made the corrupt wolf think of unusual extraordinary figure. „Was the Berwin treasure house, uncanny prediction child Liu Ji of Ming Dynasty?” On the face of corrupt wolf had the happy expression immediately, he does not have to think own unexpectedly has bumped into the buried treasure, moreover Liu Ji who is known as the strategist who rivals master strategist zhuge liang. This makes him more excited much. Beforehand sweeps away depressed. Ha Ha Ha Ha, it seems like ascends the sky or is attached to me to covet the wolf, has not thought that my unexpectedly bumps into the buried treasure that Liu Ji has left behind.” Corrupt wolf very excited laughing said that he has swept off the dust and sediment on wall with the hand directly. I, although was called uncanny prediction, but I eventually am a person of failure, in the past I sought Tomb of Zhuge time, in Mr. Kong Ming has written two words, Berwin I knew you, you may know the descendant otherwise, before I have thought Zhuge Liang also just lived a good time, however in that moment I knows that one has made a mistake, I forever could not compare Mr. Kong Ming, I for heavy eight fought for state power my entire life, and refined the compounded drug for him, but to my life time completely I spied on a silk secret, heavy eight must kill the brothers who we risked one's life together., Until that moment I knows one have made a mistake, therefore I and compounded drugs of 3000 disciple late stage refinements have my cloud penetration sword, all hid here, hopes that it can bump into being predestined friends person.’ Sees the character on stone wall, the corrupt wolf simply is excited was serious. Liu Ji is not only uncanny prediction, he is the present age famous sword Saint, his unexpectedly kept here own swordsmanship. I covet the wolf am a God's favored one, even if will be the heaven will also help my, Xia Tian, Vasily, I must make you die not entire corpse.” The hand of corrupt wolf patted directly above stone gate, afterward stone gate opened slowly. After entering stone gate, the corrupt wolf saw stone platform, stone platform above has suspended a small porcelain insulator, below has the character.

Inferior treasure house teaches other people for me, here has greatly also pill one, after the clothing next, can increase the sixty year cycle the skill, and elimination all abnormal states.’ Sees these characters time, the corrupt wolf slight hesitation, has not taken that to return pill directly greatly, after taking greatly also pill, he felt that his body is warm, any ill feeling, he has not continued afterward toward inside walks. On second stone platform has a sheepskin volume. This is my lifetime studies the cloud penetration swordsmanship, hopes that being predestined friends person can carry forward it.’ Good thing, to turn over to me.” The corrupt wolf trampled in the sheepskin volume the pocket directly, afterward he moved toward the third platform, on the platform has a small bag. This thing named Chu Wudai, I refine 99,999,999 compounded drugs to deposit with 3000 disciples completely, uses its method to be simple, you only need to close the eye, the centralized spirit, meditates, you can optional extraction inside goods.’ In world unexpectedly has such supernatural object.” The corrupt wolf looks at Chu Wudai surprisedly, although before him, heard that nine revolutions of universe cauldrons have the Chu Wu function, but he has not thought in this world unexpectedly also to have other thing also to be able Chu Wu. This absolutely is the most precious object. Wants the treasure of cow compared with anything. Had this thing later the storehouse treasure to be simple, moreover I can also achieve unexpectedly, but also so many compounded drugs, it seems like I revenged hopefully.” Corrupt wolf incomparably excited saying. Afterward he moved toward the last platform. Cloud penetration sword, after three day , the compounded drug digestion, can propose this treasured sword.’

„After three day? Perhaps Liu Ji does not think that comes here person is Expert, how possibly also to use and other by my strength on , I can pull out now.” The right hand of corrupt wolf makes an effort to pull out the cloud penetration sword, but cloud penetration sword unexpectedly is entirely still. Em?” I do not believe. Comes again.” How possible?” The corrupt wolf back and forth experimented over a hundred times, he discovered that regardless of use any skill unable the sword to pull out. Sixty year cycle skill?” The corrupt wolf has remembered the function of compounded drug suddenly: „The talent like me, the cultivation 20 years compared favorably with others cultivation for 60-70 years, therefore I should have the sixty year cycle skill now, but why couldn't I draw out the cloud penetration sword?.” The corrupt wolf has thought of a fearful possibility suddenly. Sixty year cycle that passes with the present difference? The cultivation speed of past person perhaps was with me almost, that compounded drug that in other words I ate up a moment ago was equal to my cultivation 60-70 years!” The corrupt wolf thinks here time thoroughly could not conceal on oneself face was joyful. He does not have to think own unexpectedly obtained such big buried treasure. This is the heaven grants his most precious object simply. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I covet the wolf am in this world the talent first person, any Xia Tian, any deicide, I must step on you in the under foot.” Corrupt wolf incomparably excited laughing said that at this moment the corrupt wolf felt one obtained the godship once again: Person list, I must kill above all people completely, only then I am in this world the only talent.” How long the corrupt wolf has not waited to be excited, he felt an own within the body formidable strength enters, afterward his whole person fainted on the ground.

The corrupt wolf is a cut-throat wicked wolf, the game that so long as stared by him, he certainly will not let off, now this wicked wolf obtained a more formidable skill, this wicked wolf soon can go out. When the time comes will certainly raise sanguinary rule in Jianghu. After Xia Tian turned back the dormitory, lay on the bed directly carries on to rest, his body currently has the wound, moreover was in the wound adds the wound, the situation was not good, the deicide started to be possible not to have slight being forgiving, especially her final that foot, almost directly wanted the Xia Tian poor life. Facing such match, Xia Tian did not have the means to revenge, because the opposite party had not killed him a moment ago, moreover was he has grasped the upper body of opposite party, therefore the opposite party will trample his foot, now he also can only suffer loss without redress. I am rascal I fear anyone.” This is the Xia Tian motto. Was in any case cheap he to occupy, now wants too many were also useless, he biggest problem must healing from a wound well, probably before outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened wound recuperate now. Xia Tian that slept feels to restless suddenly, he always felt that has one unlucky premonition. What's the matter? Is the body has wound reason, therefore extremely in being worried?” Xia Tian deeps frown, he always felt that must what happened, has the crisis to appear probably. However he should not have what enemy to be right in a short time, his enemy either had been solved by him, either must, when outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time a war. „It is not right.” At this moment the Xia Tian vision looks suddenly to out of the window, at this time on the window presented a cloudy evil face.