Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1195

Suddenly when sees this cloudy evil face, Xia Tian also had a scare. No matter what whose greater part of the night, in three buildings saw that in out of the window has a number of people also to have a scare. Xia Tian is also so. However he discovered immediately this was a person. Paternal grandmother, coming out of greater part of the night frightens the person, the father is very not happen to happy, took you to vent anger.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly directly, he knows that this person is looks certainly own. Since the person list appears, his trouble has not been short probably. A moment ago was the deicide, now came a scary foreigner, how this let him not to come to be mad, moreover a moment ago was hit by the deicide was also very aggrieved. Therefore Xia Tian decided that he must repair this fellow well. After Xia Tian exits, that person fast walks toward the distant place, obviously he does not want to annoy troublesome in person many places, Xia Tian also followed, after they run has met, that person has anchored the footsteps. „Are you Xia Tian?” That person looked that asked to Xia Tian. Damn, father who you look, you do not know that who the father is?” The Xia Tian anger has also come up, he is really felt that has not been feeling well, therefore speaks also ill-humoredly. I know certainly that who you are.” That person is not quite familiar with the China language, therefore has not understood cursing at people of Xia Tian probably. Your smelly SB, you know that who the father is, you also asked that after your head lets the gate has clamped, make the donkey kick a foot.” Really what actually Xia Tian cannot master this person to install is any B, knows own name obviously, but must ask.

How even if that person of China language not to be again good, he can also listen to Xia Tian is scolding him. Your unexpectedly dares to scold me, you know that who I am?” That person used the dialog of classics. Being sick of your Y, you find fault, who do I manage you am? Did not punch directly on the line.” Xia Tian helpless saying. That person does not care about the words that Xia Tian spoke, but self-examines saying that answered: I am the person who the person list is listed fourth, is I am unsatisfied to own rank, therefore I came China specially, yesterday I have been defeated in 30 moves have placed the third corrupt wolf, snort, your strengths are also mediocre, today I must defeat you once more, making all people know that my Vasily is the true talent.” You, whom did not have , the corrupt wolf just made into the severe wound by me couple days ago, moreover his treasure was also snatched by me, now the people of casual Earth Grade intermediate stage can expel he, does not know the superiority feeling of which really your coming.” Xia Tian this time thorough was speechless, this fellow thinks that has defeated the corrupt wolf on the unmatched in the world, if the corrupt wolf is going to Anonyme Island beforehand and this person fights, he knows corrupt wolf was fierce. Hears the Xia Tian words, on Vasily face is disgruntled immediately: Your China person will find the excuse, hit said one have been injured, or the treasure did not have, does not know why really hundred dawns lived must give you such high rank.” Was good, do not boast B, my stomach that listens to has hurt, must hit hits.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Looked that your appearance knows you have the internal injury, copes with your such trash, my hand sufficed.” Vasily extended his right hand directly, he left hand direct back after behind. I reminded your one time, if your left hand is not willing to want, I can help you cut off him.” Although Xia Tian has the wound, words that but he erupts, he is afraid, now he in the fit of temper, is wanting to repair Vasily well, but Vasily unexpectedly also dares with his such act high and mighty, his small crabby to come up. Snort, a hand sufficiently killed you, after having killed you, I was the person list second, when the time comes I killed the deicide who has been listed first again, when the time comes I was the person list first, I must to know that my Vasily was the true first under Heaven talent.” Vasily's excited saying. He is warlike elements. During the stay in Russia, only then had the war he to take the lead in overrunning.

Now the person list comes out, he is not convinced, regarding him this is the face issue, he has thought one are the true talent, moreover his strength from disciplines the birth and death crisis, his late stage kills many people he not to know that once in brief makes war, his all alone first kills an opposite party company. He is a killing devil. If not the corrupt wolf escapes, he will also cut to kill the corrupt wolf. Now he has met person of list second Xia Tian, is the person who hundred dawns live to give appraise high, he naturally must cut to kill Xia Tian, he must live the proof to hundred dawns, he should arrange at the first that person. It seems like you force me.” The right hand of Xia Tian flings, the day cold sword appears in the hand of Xia Tian directly. Em?” A Vasily brow wrinkle, looked directly to the right hand of Xia Tian, what although he could not see in the Xia Tian right hand to grasp was any thing, but he can affirm that in the right hand of Xia Tian definitely has grasped the thing. ! Flash Xia Tian appears in his front right hand day cold sword flings, cut directly to his waist. Snort, gave up any idea.” Vasily cold snort, the body dodged has shunted Xia Tian directly the strikes. However at this moment, the body of Xia Tian dodges, the sword blade of day cold sword vanishes comes out from the end directly, these happen to blocked Vasily's dodging route, Vasily just evaded Xia Tian has struck, does not have to think one beset with a crisis in another, his under foot hurried, the body squatted, has evaded the attack of Xia Tian. Meanwhile, the left hand of Xia Tian has been making a fist to the air. Has not hit!” Saying that Vasily disdains.

But at this moment he suddenly felt that raised to fly him vigorously directly, was Eastern Man becoming famous Unique Skill. What?” Vasily by Xia Tian these makes very distressedly. The Xia Tian principle gets sick while you, wants you to assign, he completely had the superiority now, how he possibly drops, therefore his right hand flings, more than ten cold light shot at Vasily directly. Hateful!” Vasily cursed angrily one, afterward could not attend to retreat, both hands exhibits the style that in a Capsicum anomalum the turtle immortal has used, was the turtle sends the qigong the posture: Qigong wave.” As Vasily's drinks greatly, a huge qigong wave flies these Sword Light volumes directly . Moreover the qigong wave has not stopped, but attacked directly to Xia Tian. This is Vasily's Unique Skill. Qigong wave! Bang! When the qigong porter is at the body of Xia Tian, in Vasily heart one happy. Yeah, compared with flexure itchy many.” Xia Tian sighed saying that afterward his left hand has shown a very strange posture: I played to suffice.”