Almighty Student - Volume 12 - Chapter 1196

Although Vasily is situated fourth on the person list, but his hazard index has three stars. Xia Tian is different, Xia Tian is second, his hazard index has eight stars. Among them differs five stars. Hundred dawns live are not an average person, Lei Feng's such Expert does not dare to despise hundred dawns to live, on person list ten people turned into now strongest a group of people, on one batch, Xia Tianlong was also called is most likely becomes existence of Heaven Grade Expert. If he does not die, perhaps he sooner or later will become Heaven Grade. Therefore nobody can underestimate hundred dawns to live. Xia Tian these eight stars are not Bai to come. His disposition is tit for tat is fair play, tit for tat is fair play, the person, if violates me, gives precedence out of courtesy three points, the person violates me again, stamps out the source of trouble. What?” Vasily noticed that his qigong wave unexpectedly has not caused anything to injure to Xia Tian, immediately on the face has written all over inconceivable, fights with Xia Tian from him now, he has been suppressed hitting by Xia Tian, moreover he used the qigong wave a moment ago time was also forced with the left hand. Xia Tian seems has wound obviously, but his unexpectedly broke own qigong wave, moreover can suppress this. I have played enough, therefore I plan to break your arm first, then kills you.” The left hand of Xia Tian has shown a strange posture, five fingers and make three, at the same time his directly-burning 100,000 compounded drugs. Seizes dragon! Whiz! Flickers the body technique! The Xia Tian flash presented in Vasily, Vasily felt behind crisis, wielded own left arm to stroke Xia Tian hurriedly, was at this moment, he felt that his left hand was held by the opposite party, opposite party finger unexpectedly fell into to his meat. golden light flashes dodges.

Puff! An arm high flies. Arm! Good familiar arm! Arm unexpectedly is flying.” This flash, Vasily presented a bewildered idea, afterward he feels his left arm pain. Ah! The pitiful yell sound sends out from Vasily's mouth together, he knows finally that arm so was why familiar, because that arm is his arm. Dies!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, has hand golden light flashes to dodge. dāng! [gold/metal] Dao was blocked: Rao Renchu, and Rao people!” An old man appears in the Xia Tian front, afterward he picks Vasily to escape single-handed directly. Hateful, if on me has not injured, I kill certainly you.” Xia Tian is not does not want to pursue Vasily, because his wound is very heavy, the situation is not good. Unusual overwhelming power that although he hit a moment ago, but if the enemy insisted that a meeting, he could not bear, moreover his wound keeps him from long time making a long-range raid, therefore he does not dare to pursue. Next time will make me bump into you, I will certainly kill you.” Xia Tian said that turned back dormitory directly. Tonight he is really crisis on top of crisis, unexpectedly fights with the people of two celebrities continuously, but he has discovered a very serious issue, although similarly is the person of person list, but the deicide wants in Vasily's such goods really many. Reason that Vasily can be on the list is because his cultivation speed is quick, such young on Earth Grade late stage, moreover homicide many people, fight time is fierce enough, his qigong broken, other does not have what extraordinary place.

Xia Tian is but different, Xia Tian in long before can kill the Earth Grade late stage person, moreover Xia Tian has also killed many people, is fiercer than him, his qigong wave does not have any too big use to Xia Tian. His qigong wave just stronger compared with Inner Strength manifestation of other people on about three times. But after all Inner Strength manifestation. The Eight Trigrams mirror is not the ornaments. It can be said that his ability was suppressed by Xia Tian completely, therefore he does not have any threat regarding Xia Tian, is the deicide is different, method Xia Tian of deicide thinks the heart startled, her unexpectedly can break own arm stiffly, attacks Xia Tian with this unexpected style. Moreover under her deft ruthless. Grasps to the war opportunity is good. Paternal grandmother, I must sleep to rest to the nature awake.” Xia Tian lies on the bed opens rests, next day these people walked, Xia Tian did not have, they do not have any person to call Xia Tian. Because they look at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, saw that Xia Tian did not have, they think that Xia Tian was rests excessively, therefore they did not plan that called Xia Tian, waited to make Xia Tian be taught by the teacher. Today set time. allow Xiao left look, right has a look, cannot see Xia Tian: Report teacher, our group has been short of a person.” I know that he is completing more arduous mission.” The teachers said directly. More arduous mission?” allow Xiao looking pensive said one: Teacher, I do not fear painstakingly, I must complete that most arduous mission.” Shi Jiaoguan immediately a brow wrinkle, but he has thought immediately means that in any case allow Xiao with Xia Tian is also one group, that along with her then, in any case he has planned to give Xia Tian their this team of person perfect scores. Cracking a joke.

That is. How he possibly dares to deduct points with Xia Tian this. Good, you look for him.” Shi Jiaoguan said. Teacher, I am also and their one group, I must complete arduous mission with them together.” Chen Yuan has also stood. Good, you look for him.” Shi Jiaoguan said. Teacher, he where?” Asking of allow Xiao. Should pack thing in the dormitory, may in other place, you look to look.” History teacher does not know that actually Xia Tian went to where, him has not needed multibarreled to be OK in brief, he does not dare multibarreled, how his small Captain possibly dares to go to the control. You with?” allow Xiao very discontented asking. I feared that you do the matter that anything is not concerned about face, therefore I must think you.” Chen Yuan said. Snort, I like you, you am not arrogant, how possible to pursue others, I am different, so long as is I approves, I will pursue.” allow Xiao most looks down upon Chen Yuan is her arrogance, Chen Yuan is the department is colored, she has thought one are attractive, is outstanding. You will do the matter that these are not concerned about face, you said that you put in order several times to accommodate, which was your money comes?” Saying that Chen Yuan disdains. Young lady, is no one like you, in your family is so rich, can afford the house that in Capital, my family is a rural area, all my is I must come by own ability.” allow Xiao said direct stand forth. When she arrived at the male student dormitory, saw Xia Tian. shit, is this arduous mission in legend?” A face allow Xiao inconceivable looks at Xia Tian.