Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1201

Hears this sound time, is surnamed the medicine on the female face immediately one happy. She as if grabbed a straw to grasp to be the same. Medicine five old, how did they come?” On Chen Yuan face immediately one startled, medicine five always in the medicine circle are very famous, medicine is also a respected family, the branch everywhere is. Is the medicine aristocratic family in China. The reputation of medicine was very not good, so long as because is the thing that they have a liking, they resourcefully will want to obtain. Once some people of legend medicine to obtain a treasure destroyed completely others clan . Moreover the matter that exterminated an entire family was also the common occurrence, but everybody did not have the evidence, the person of medicine worked never keeps any evidence. Therefore everybody knows their ominous names, but actually never has the person to topple medicine. Medicine five always in medicine the most ominous person, each of them is the fellow of killing without batting an eye, surroundings these people see medicine five old times, is panic-stricken of face. Grandfather, he bullies me, he said our medicine nobody.” The female of that surname medicine complained. Snort, was you says my medicine nobody?” During medicine five are old a person of vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian, his vision is cut-throat, in the entire vision is murderous aura, under normal conditions, average person, so long as saw that this look will directly retreat in fear. However he bumps into Xia Tian. Even if Vasily's such hormicidal mania demon he has not feared, say nothing of this any medicine five were old. The surrounding person saw medicine five in old age, they know that this time matter small, medicine was overbearing that became famous, now Xia Tian offended the person of medicine, they naturally cannot let off Xia Tian easily. Moreover here these many people, if their medicine does not display well, their honors will discard. Therefore today is to set up the prestige, they cannot let off Xia Tian.

If they have put Xia Tian, after that who will also fear their medicine. Chen Yuan saw medicine five old times knows that the matter is bad, she had heard medicine family member overbearing, especially five of medicine old, mean that their became famous: Five old Senior, I am Chen.” Chen Yuan wants to preserve Xia Tian with the reputation of Chen. Chen? Snort!” Medicine five old person of gaining ground vision stare: Small girl, do you frighten me with the reputation of Chen?” Senior, do not misunderstand, Junior had heard since childhood five reputations, five Senior will be the present age person of high skill definitely will not lower oneself to the same level with our these Junior.” In Chen Yuan words has mystery, if medicine five old must cope with Xia Tian now, their five have bullied, after all Chen Yuan admitted defeat. Small girl, is very smart.” A medicine five old person said. Many thanks Senior praise.” Chen Yuan respectful saying. Grandfather!” Female discontented shouting of that surname medicine. Was good, does not understand custom, you were when smart I to satisfy like her.” Medicine five old that person said. The female of that surname medicine can only pursing the lips stand there, at this moment wish of allow Xiao exits, the female of that surname medicine hit intentionally in allow Xiao the body, then lay down on the ground: Whoops.” Hears his cry, just went out of less than five steps medicine homes five old to anchor the footsteps. Grandfather, they really bullied the person, saw that you walked, they started to begin to me.” The female of that surname medicine said loudly. I do not have, is you hits.” allow Xiao anxious saying. You also dare to deny, here person saw me who is you hits a moment ago, your present unexpectedly also dares not to acknowledge.” The female of that surname medicine lies down on the ground does not get up.

Snort, dares to bully my granddaughter, who today was coming not to be easy-to-use.” Medicine five old that person shouted angrily, the direct stride moved toward allow Xiao it, although his speed was not fast, but the step was very big, looked is the person skilled in martial arts. The flash, he two steps has arrived at allow Xiao the front, a palm of the hand makes afterward. Panic-stricken of face allow Xiao, she could not shunt this palm of the hand, in the medicine old palm of the hand hits immediately when allow Xiao on face, a big hand held medicine that person of wrist|skill. Em?” Third child of medicine, is looks to Xia Tian that the grandfather of that female has doubts: Is you.” She is my friend, if you want to move her, that first passes my this pass, I will not let in any case off your medicine sooner or later, since now has caught up, that was inferior that I directly here cremated your five to be good.” Xia Tian light saying. Extremely arrogant! Insane. This is all people to the view of Xia Tian. They think that Xia Tian certainly was insane, unexpectedly dares with the Xia Family five old speeches, his unexpectedly saying that must cope with medicine, but must cremate medicine here five old. This simply was extremely arrogant to each side. Medicine in the medical circles is a super family, famous, in the entire medical circles is also lead goat same existence, but some unexpectedly people dare saying that must cope with medicine. This simply was insane. Moreover Xia Tian added a moment ago must cremate Xia Family old five. Usually only then their five bully others' share, no person dares to bully them, and such spoke to them, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares saying that now has cremated their five.

These five becoming famous of mean sinister. Any person who dares to offend their five, does not have the good end finally. Dies is possibly luxurious regarding these people. Chen Yuan also hoodwinked, she did not have to think own neutralize crisis unexpectedly arrived with great difficulty once more, this time she does not know that should say any was good, the words that because Xia Tian spoke move the medicine five old bottom lines simply. She knows that Xia Tian definitely had in a big way has troubled, but was so, she chose to stand in Xia Tian their side. „The small girl of Chen, you do not think that I do not dare to move you, if you are not tactful, I did not mind that kills you together.” The third child of medicine looks mean Chen Yuan said. They are I bring, I must take away them safely.” Chen Yuan braces oneself to say. Since you want dead together, I help you!” The third child of medicine has shown the cloudy and cold smiling face. „To kill me? Why? Depends on these powder in your hand?” The Xia Tian left hand pinches, pinched directly in medicine third child's the place of wrist|skill, a medicine third child wrist|skill pain, the five fingers has opened, the powder in his hand sprinkled on the ground. Five harmful things pink / white!!” When sees that colored powder in ground, all people are one startled, they understand the third child who finally medicine why must wear the glove, because in his control is grasping the five harmful things pink / white. Your medicine was really has lacked prospects more and more, unexpectedly started to cope with youngster with the five harmful things pink / white.” At this moment, the entrance has broadcast a sound.