Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1202
The five harmful things pink / white is the same poison that the medical circles know! This thing toxicity is strong. So long as it sticks on your skin, your fate will be miserable, even if has not moistened to your skin, but moistens to your clothes on, you also think that this is only the ordinary dust, then cleans with the hand, when your hand moves on the powder, same will be poisoned. Therefore so long as this thing uses, almost cannot hide. But the toxicity of five harmful things pink / white is also frightening, in a short time you will not have any feeling, but three days later your skin giving off heat gradually, will then be wonderful itchy incomparable, finally your body will start the blister, then festers, probably is the person who ai has incited to get sick is the same. Even if the final check, will only judge for that sickness. This type of five harmful things pink / white is the banned drugs of medical circles, but medicine old unexpectedly is using, moreover they use for Xia Tian, thus it can be seen the medicine old has gotten down has killed the heart, but he let slip. This let slip everybody to look with the strange vision to him. But when everybody is most surprised, outside walks an old man, when Chen Yuan sees the old man on face immediately one happy: Grandfather.” Person who Chen Yuan grandfather comes. My good granddaughter, some people to bully you? Said, the grandfather took responsibility for you.” Chen Yuan grandfather said. Grandfather, nobody bullies me.” Chen Yuan spoke is careful, her criterion can neutralize want neutralize, cannot light the flames of war, looks like now this, if she said that medicine five always bullied her and her friend, her grandfather might go with the opposite party to be at cost of the life very much directly. Finally can only be mutually wounded. Chen Yuanke does not hope such matter occurrence. Snort!” Medicine third child cold snort. Snort what? Do you refuse to accept?” Chen Yuan grandfather said directly. Hears Grandpa Chen Yuan words, the surrounding person understood, this old Senior temperament is not quite perhaps good, moreover unexpectedly also dares such with the medicine third child speech.

„The old codger of Chen, you leaves is too wild.” Saying that the medicine third child is not feeling well. I remember that you used the five harmful things pink / white a moment ago, if I ask the police to come now, you said how many years you will be sentenced? Are ten years 20 years? How many years can you also live?” Chen Yuan grandfather very impolite saying. You.” Medicine third child both eyes stare, but his anything words could not say, because he was in the wrong, really grandfather who therefore he does not dare to offend Chen Yuan. My what I? I asked that you do take to refuse to accept?” Chen Yuan grandfather both hands fork waist said directly. Is anyone to look, the third child who Chen Yuan grandfather this must let medicine recognizes instigated that at this time the medicine third child's complexion is ugly, if he directly recognizes now has instigated, that expressed that he has feared Chen. But he does not recognize words that instigates, Chen Yuan grandfather possibility goes to him. Chen Jia lao ghost, this time matter, how in any case we did not have your granddaughter.” The Boss of medicine came out to speak. You shut up, I was asking him.” Chen Yuan grandfather is very overbearing, understood at a glance young time is also a man of being indomitable spirit. Aggressive! This is Xia Tian to the Grandpa Chen Yuan first impression. Chen Jia lao ghost, cultivates the behavior to keep one, in the future will meet well.” The second child of medicine goes forward to say. „Are your five fellows sick? I look up three integers, you should know that I then must do.” Chen Yuan grandfather said. One! Chen Yuan grandfather said on. The Grandfather of here person's, they who Chen heard had heard overbearing of Chen Grandfather, today sees is really lives up to reputation, legend Chen Grandfather came out to fight for state power in the past. In hand on a medicine box.

His medicine box is divided into two halves, a half a lifetime, half die. What he treats the illness to save the patient to use is the fresh that half medicine kit, some people offend him, what he uses that half medicine kit that is dying. Thus it can be seen, past Chen Grandfather actually how overbearing. Now although he was old, but rules by force is still now as much as ever. Chen Jia lao ghost, can you with my fight in which both sides perish?” The medicine third child's complexion is ugly. Two! Chen Yuan grandfather continues Zha [say / way]. All people can look, he is earnest, this point likely is not cracking a joke, the Boss of medicine understood, words that such gets down, Chen Jia lao ghost definitely dares to ask the police to come, when the time comes troubled. Third child.” The medicine Boss has drunk one directly. Big brother!” Very the medicine third child does not prefer looked to the medicine Boss. The medicine Boss nodded. Good, I took.” The medicine third child said directly. Then right.” Grandfather satisfied nod of Chen Yuan, looks afterward to Chen Yuan: Yuanyuan, are they your friend?” Em.” Chen Yuan nodded. „The internal injury that your friend receives is heavy, the life is also very big, trades to do is others' words, perhaps now should lie down on the bed.” Chen Grandfather looked at Xia Tian one to say. Internal injury!” Chen Yuan stares slightly, she does not understand that actually before Xia Tian is any wound of receiving, now her a grandfather saying she thinks that the Xia Tian present symptom is not just the internal injury.

Walks, inside said that but today big figure must come.” Chen Grandfather said that takes the lead to walk toward inside directly. Xia Tian must walk, is one hear of Chen Grandfather words, he understands that Chen Grandfather is one has the big skill person, moreover Chen Grandfather such big figure said that big figure must come, the person who that comes is not definitely simple. Today arrived here person is highly respected person of medical circles, later also came figure of old monster rank. Usual medical circles meeting these old fogies will not come. However today their unexpectedly all assembled, moreover there is a person who catches up with specially from other cities. This definitely has any important matter to occur on behalf of today. Yuanyuan, leading your friend to stroll.” What Chen Grandfather said is allow Xiao it. Em.” allow Xiao also understands that Chen Grandfather wanted to chat with Xia Tian alone, therefore she was also tactful left with Chen Yuan together. How boy, injures is so heavy.” Saying that Chen Grandfather comes straight to the point. Protects our homes and defends our country.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his wound remains majority of Anonyme Island there, therefore his wound truly is protects our homes and defends our country to stay behind. Your wound , if not treat well, perhaps will leave behind internal injury for a lifetime.” Chen Grandfather said. Xia Tian has not spoken, because he discovered that periphery instantaneous peaceful, afterward near front that white platform walked a person, when saw the appearance of this person, deeping frown of Xia Tian. This dressed up him is really too familiar.