Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1203

Side Jiang Tianshu has one to wear the Black Gown man, what the person regardless at that time Xia Tian made into, that Black Gown can cure instantaneously. But that Black Gown treating an illness method is different from the normal person. He is overdrawing by the life of rescuing. Although was restored by the body of rescuing immediately, but was also lost by the life of rescuing, one time possibly cannot feel anything, but after two three times, by rescuing can feel that left the change of body. Because they already fast was senile, the hair bleaches, body variation. This is the Jiang Tianshu under Black Gown method. At this time the Xia Tian front presented one with Black Gown person just the opposite, this person of white robe, the whole person all hides in the white robe. His wear appearance with Black Gown simply is exactly the same. They have certainly the relations.” Xia Tian deeps frown, he understands that Black Gown and between the white robes have certainly the greatest relations. Moreover the present is the enemy is the friend he does not know. Came, now the medical circles internal energy cures the person who you injure perhaps also only then his.” Chen Grandfather light saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. He does not know that actually the white robe is, but the method of his clear white robe is definitely similar to Black Gown, in other words was cured one time by him, Xia Tian is very likely needs to pay ten years to 20 years of life. When the time comes troubled. Xia Tian lowers the head, had not spoken, at this time in this room came many extraordinary figure, when the white robe comes out, they are peaceful sitting there.

Idle talk were not many said that today I have brought three medicines.” The sound of white robe is hoarse. The following person nobody spoke, was waiting for he continued, but everybody also understands, the thing that the white robe brought definitely was not the bad thing. „The first type, lives bone pill, if you have cutting off limb, takes it, in one month will cut off limb to be long, but needs to lose you ten years of life, this type of compounded drug I will sell 10 million.” White robe light saying. Xia Tian hears here time immediately one startled, unexpectedly can let the cutting off limb rebirth, this was also too terrifying a point. Moreover others sell the thing not to say the shortcoming, but he also said the medicine shortcoming, thus it can be seen, this person is not bad like Black Gown. Three increasing price opportunities, third time adds to how much money, finally finalized on according to how much money.” The white robe said. 20 million.” Some people bid instantaneously. 80 million.” The second person bids paid directly money 80 million, everybody understands that three opportunities and auctions of increasing price were different, because only then three opportunities of increasing price, therefore second the price of person in addition should be highest, if then next with, only need add on 10,000 to be good. Therefore second directly has started out 80 million prices. 80.01 million.” Third increased price. The white robe has not spoken, but has placed on the compounded drug the table, then waits for the opposite party to remit money, the card number of white robe demonstrated on his behind screen. After one minute, white robe right hand wields, the compounded drug has flown in the hand of person of that payment directly. ! Steady! The rate of accuracy is high, moreover very steady.

Fell on this in that person of hand directly. The first compounded drug transaction has been closed, this seemed like very anxious buying medicine process unexpectedly quickly has such completed the first list transaction, is quicker, moreover today only trades three lists that the auction carried on. This gadget, if looks to person can net gain 20 million, is the good thing.” Chen Grandfather nodded. „Can side effect that greatly also sell to 100 million?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Anxious person anxious, needs the person to need, this for [say / way], some people he will not care about itself little to live for ten years, they only care about themselves to work as a time body perfect person, moreover life gadget cannot see not to trace, sells you him told that takes care of him, you him did not tell that he does not know completely.” Chen Grandfather answered. Xia Tian nodded. „The second type of compounded drug, Inner Strength pill, the user promotes 20 years of skill, the life to reduce for ten years, the price 50 million.” The white robe said. 70 million, our medicine wanted.” The person of medicine shouts directly. Is the medicine five old voices, hears the medicine five old words, sits in the front these people is a brow wrinkle, at this time sits in the front person is big figure, but they also know that the disposition of medicine, other people besides Grandfather of Chen is not willing to provoke medicine, mean that after all medicine five always became famous perhaps, when they behind will hold from you your knife. The majority of people are not willing to offend medicine old five, Grandfather of Chen does not want to tear to pieces the facial skin with medicine. Periphery hears nobody to increase price, medicine five old nods of silently. If nobody increases price, finalized.” White robe light saying. 150 million.” Xia Tian lifts the hand, sees Xia Tian lifts the hand time, surroundings all people all stare, they have not thought the people who medicine said that Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to increase price, this simply was insane, this obvious administration five old feelings. Moreover some Xia Tian that much money?

Here called the spatial price to die unusual was miserable. Chen Yuanhe allow Xiao they also a little hoodwinked, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to call 150 million this high prices, this was simply insane. Yeah!” Chen Jia Grandfather sighed helpless shaking the head. Xia Tian this has clarified in the face of buying Chinese medicine family, moreover he saw that this price will make medicine very uncomfortable, if medicine did not increase price, that face all did not have, if they increased price, this was also too high a point. Snort, the boy, sold you did not have that much money, 150.01 million.” Medicine probably really really needs this compounded drug, therefore they increased price. Xia Tian has not spoken. 80 million that boy, are many are regarded as your coffin money.” The medicine third child said. I will load into your five that coffin, like this your five died has also been able together act high and mighty.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. At this time the people understood finally, Xia Tian this is doing against with medicine. Here nobody is willing to offend medicine, but Xia Tian is different, he has not planned with medicine neutralize grievances. You court death.” The medicine third child stands to look angrily at Xia Tian directly. Then, is the third type of compounded drug.” The white robe has interrupted their quarrel: Internal injury pill, regardless of you received the multiple internal injuries, takes it to cure, your wound is just more serious, the life of consumption are also more, the price of this compounded drug is 100 million.”