Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1205

The medicine third child is not an average person, he is Expert, but this also merely is restricted in the average person. Medicine after is not the Martial Arts aristocratic family. But is a medicine world. In common custom, Profound Grade greatly complete Expert can dominate a city, because in the Earth Grade Expert ordinary circumstances cannot begin to the Earth Grade following person, moreover they also little come out to take a walk. The medicine third child is Profound Grade greatly complete Expert. He is self-confident to his strength. Young of Xia Tian seems not big, Xia Tian this age in his family can cultivation to Profound Grade intermediate stage that be extremely the talent, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian is the person of practicing martial art, he can also relaxed killing Xia Tian, as for the following matter, he naturally be able to find the person to take punishment for somebody else. The vigorous and resolute of medicine third child. However he elected mistakenly the match. Is Profound Grade greatly complete? Such match already did not have the challenging regarding Xia Tian, present Xia Tian is the Earth Grade late stage person can also kill, this say nothing of Profound Grade greatly complete person. Bang! In medicine third child's fist hits immediately on Xia Tian, a Xia Tian fist pounded directly on the medicine third child's head, the medicine third child's face has made a contact of zero distance with the ground immediately. Puff! The medicine third child's front tooth knocks to fly directly. Began. Both sides unexpectedly began directly, is hand that the medicine third child leaves first, miserable that very but he actually defeats.

A move. His move by Xia Tian was knocked down. Such scene lets all people is one startled, here people of the older generation all have heard medicine five old fierce, but medicine third child unexpectedly fought with the fists to pour by Xia Tian in the place, who that is Xia Tian? Xia Tian can put out 2 billion to come a moment ago all of a sudden, now his fist directly the medicine third child knocks down. He simply was too mysterious. No wonder he a moment ago will say that must cope with medicine. Before that offended the Xia Tian medicine female surprisedly already could not say thoroughly incoming call, that came in the man who Chen Yuan greeted is on the face has also written all over inconceivable, but now most surprised was Chen Yuanhe allow Xiao it. Their two have a dream cannot think that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce. Can put out 2 billion to come a moment ago, this absolutely is not a writing skill of second generation of rich, now unexpectedly can also with a fist the medicine third child knock down, this simply was too extraordinary. Third child!” Other medicine five old four people directly have all encircled Xia Tian. The war is ready to be set off! You can walk.” Xia Tian light saying. Heard Xia Tian saying that can walk, all people think that Xia Tian has feared, but medicine other four always saw that the injured third child is actually not willing to haggle over with Xia Tian, because they understand that can a fist project on the Xia Family third child in the place, this absolutely was not ordinary Expert. Is very likely Earth Grade Expert. If Earth Grade Expert, in their four same places also Bai Che. Therefore they have not chosen with Xia Tian die to spell, but led the medicine third child to walk directly.

Do not sleep.” Xia Tian looks that they several backs show a faint smile. „Can little friend, accompany me to exit to drink several cups to go?” Chen Grandfather walks up to say. Good Ah! Xia Tian to show a faint smile. Yuanyuan, leading your friend to go to strolling well.” Chen Grandfather said that directly to the hand signal that Xia Tian has made invitation. Em.” Chen Yuan knows that her grandfather wants to chat with Xia Tian alone, nod of therefore is also tactful. After boarding, Chen Grandfather asked directly: What had you made to that five old fogies a moment ago?” Not anything, but was helps them be separated from the worry.” Xia Tian said. „Have you killed them?” Asking of Chen Grandfather doubts. No, I turned into the idiot them.” Xia Tian light saying. How do you achieve?” Chen Grandfather very puzzled asking, must know that makes a person turn into the idiot, but the ratio kills a person more difficult, the murder can use a lot of recessive medicines, but must to turn into the idiot to be possible not to be simple. In the head of person has covert acupoint, is called the sleep hole, so long as the sleep hole were attacked, once they sleep, the brain will directly paralyze, finally creates the idiot, the senile dementia appearance.” Xia Tian answered. Sleep hole? I have not listened to this acupoint probably.” But Chen Grandfather one of the medical treatment highly respected people, he has not listened to acupoint that naturally is not simple acupoint. In human body has many recessive acupoint, the person in China is not deep regarding these acupoint understanding, hits analogy time sleep hole, if not take to make the experiment the brain of person, is absolutely impossible to discover that has this acupoint to exist.” Xia Tian answered again. „? How do you know?” Chen Grandfather curious asking. I have looked in the Island Country Ninja books.” Xia Tian said. Originally is the Island Country devil, that was normal, this cruel matter also only then these Island Country devils can do.” Chen Grandfather nodded, this matter ordinary person cannot do, once in China discovered that no matter who is the direct capital crime.

However the Island Country devil is different, they are one crowd of anomalies. „The medicine of white robe try not to take.” Chen Grandfather reminder said. He knows the medicine of white robe, although the effect is remarkable, but all medicines of white robe all lose the life, this, not only said that but loses, this point they had confirmed. After a person took this type of compounded drug, although the effect will be remarkable, however the life of whole person immediately reduces. Once the old man, wanted the function restoration in that aspect, finally has bought the medicine in white robe that finally truly restored, but less than one week of time that old man died. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. I could see that on you have wound, but I make some medicines to you, you should also be able to restore within two years.” Chen Grandfather said. Has thanked, was time of two years regarding me is too long.” Xia Tian said. You think how long restores?” Chen Grandfather asked that he wants to study to help Xia Tian cure the wound, he very long had not seen to his temperament boy, therefore he will call Xia Tian for the little friend. The meaning of little friend is the young point friend. Chen Grandfather has regarded Xia Tian is his friend. In 20 days.” Xia Tian said that although outside Heavenly Connection hole also more than 20 days can open, time that but he also requires to hurry along, moreover recently perhaps also will have any matter to occur. 20 days? Do you want to go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole?” Chen Grandfather surprised looks to Xia Tian.