Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1206

Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Third child who no wonder you can a move be able to overthrow medicine.” Chen Grandfather nod of silently continues to say afterward: I want to know that you are surnamed anything, you before me a person who knows looks like very much.” „? Is the person who you know who?” Xia Tian asked. Western Hidden Xia Tianlong!” Chen Grandfather said directly. Right? I really am also honored, can in the photograph with legend.” Xia Tian had not said one are the Xia Tianlong son, he understands that perhaps in this world man's heart unfathomable, in whose surface smiles with you, actually the innermost feelings early have actually been plotting against you. „It looks like really very much, in the past we fought for state power together he also compared with your Freshman some.” Chen Grandfather spoke of here time as if recalled any matter to be the same. After Xia Tian went to Chen Grandfather home, drank one to start to sleep, he has not worried to eat internal injury pill, because of internal injury pill in one minute of internal affairs good all wounds, therefore he wants to wait first, before waiting for outside Heavenly Connection the hole, ate again, if among this he came across any matter, ate, otherwise first recuperated. Next morning, Chen Grandfather very earnest looks at Xia Tian saying: Medicine five always turned into idiot.” I know.” Xia Tian nodded. Patriarch of medicine retaliated you, now they rushed to here, you first walked.” Chen Jia Grandfather said. Good, you told me the position of medicine.” Xia Tian does not want to implicate Chen, but he does not plan to let off medicine, therefore he plans to get the gate, the report white was happen to reluctant to part at that time her grandmother the enmity. You are not think that I ask you to leave am feared implicates our Chen? I worried that your safety, medicine is not simple.” Chen Grandfather saw the Xia Tian thoughts said directly. No, I think, has the opportunity to look for their troubles.” Xia Tian has not stated clearly, after all he with Chen Grandfather also just knew that therefore he did not plan that involves Chen.

Good, but there is any need words, momentarily contacts with me.” Chen Grandfather has given Xia Tian the address of medicine: You must be careful, the insect of centipede, dies, but is not stiff, the medicine disciple spreads around the world, Capital is just their.” Relax, tree macaque is but actually loose, moreover my personal enemy are many, has not cared about medicine.” Xia Tian said that went out of Chen directly, he looked at address in a hand, afterward moved toward medicine directly. Sees the Xia Tian back, saying that Chen Grandfather thought aloud: Like, was really has looked like, the appearance or the style simply were exactly the same.” Shortly after Xia Tian leaves, the head of the clan of medicine personally had the person to kill. Old companion, the anger so is how big.” Chen Grandfather said directly. Hands over me not to haggle over with you person.” Saying of medicine head of the clan coldly, lost five senior generals all of a sudden, how the head of the clan of medicine could be resigned, he must kill Xia Tian inevitably is medicine five always revenges, but he will directly not have killed Xia Tian now, he must make Xia Tian five always cure medicine first, then letting Xia Tian lived to might as well die. What person?” Chen Grandfather bewildered asking. Chen Jia lao ghost, do not install with me confused, handed over injured my medicine five old people yesterday, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite, you did not need not to acknowledge that yesterday some people saw him to board your car(riage).” Yesterday many people saw on Xia Tian Chen Grandfather car(riage), this point Chen Grandfather was also clear. „, He walked yesterday evening.” Chen Jia Grandfather said. Walked? Chen ghost, you with me, when three -year-old child does play? I must go to search.” The medicine head of the clan said. Here is Chen, you said that searches for searches , after my Chen, how to mix in Capital?” Chen Jia Grandfather said. You do not make me search for are at heart fishy, now you give shelter to injure my medicine five old people, that is openly is challenging to my medicine, if you are this manner, we make war.” The medicine head of the clan said.

„The medicine old ghost, are you frightening me?” Chen Grandfather vision stares. Chen ghost, if our two make war, finally can only be mutually wounded, but you also know that my disposition, I make you say now, what to do? I who if you said am unsatisfied, we make war.” The words of medicine head of the clan are also tactful was making war with Chen Grandfather. 100 million! The medicine old ghost, 100 million arrive at account now you to search.” Chen Jia Grandfather said. You.” The medicine head of the clan is mad results on the face the blue vein to stick out suddenly, afterward he has put down his hand: Good, I give.” The medicine head of the clan just hit money to Chen Grandfather, he received a call. What?” The medicine head of the clan hears the time complexion of telephone changes, afterward waves to behind person: Walks.” Was bad, won't he hit really?” Chen Grandfather complexion changes, afterward asked the driver to drive hurriedly, he must go to the medicine home, if Xia Tian had the relations with Xia Tianlong, he must rescue Xia Tian, but he does not know the Xia Tian name to the present, otherwise he can confirm from the name that Xia Tian definitely was the Xia Tianlong son. This time Xia Tian stands in the entrance of medicine. His right hand is taking a signboard of medicine, afterward a foot trampled to fly the front door of medicine directly, he broke the two sides attachment points with the [gold/metal] blade first, this can relaxed kicked the front door. The front door was broken. The security of medicine directly flushed. The security of medicine is the entrance door juniors of medicine.

They looked that some people caused trouble directly to clash. Snort!” Xia Tian light snort, afterward the signboard in right hand pounded directly in these people: Medicine all people leave to me, the woman, the child can leave, other people must die.” Initially medicine attacked Bai Family time did not have an old person or the child, all killed! However Xia Tian is different, making him kill these father and daughter and children he cannot achieve, he future enemy will be rather more cannot achieve to stamp out the source of trouble, he will not be cruel enough to kill these children. Hears Xia Tian big drinks, the person of medicine all flushed. Any person, catches up with medicine to act unruly unexpectedly.” The person of medicine is a face angry looks to Xia Tian. Today here must turn into the ruins.” The body of Xia Tian rushes to the front of these people instantaneously, signboard directly pounding in right hand maliciously on the bodies of these people, the Xia Tian strength is afterward big, this will pound is Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert also will be injured. Did not need to raise these ordinary medicine disciples. A move, more than ten medicine disciple half bodies were patted by Xia Tian crush. Frightened! Suddenly, the disciples of all medicine all fell into the fear.