Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1207
Boy, your wild anything, if in our head of the clan and clans the elite juniors at home, looked how you are wild.” Suddenly some people shouted, hear his words, Xia Tian stopped the movement in oneself hand: I have thought of a very interesting matter suddenly.” Xia Tian thinks that initially the Bai Family pitiful condition, he wished one could to put down medicine directly. If beforehand Xia Tian has wanted to put down medicine directly, then now was different, what now he thinks is makes these people see one hope to be disillusioned finally, not having what painful ratio to lose the final hope, but was more affecting. Now these people of medicine think the head of the clan who medicine can save them, the head of the clan and these elite juniors of medicine are the perfection, is the strongest team of medicine. So long as they come back. The minute minute can massacre Xia Tian. Now Xia Tian decides must make them see with one's own eyes own hope to be disillusioned, then kills them. Before medicine , is bullying others. They will extinguish others' family frequently, kills others family, today finally is one's turn their is extinguished, Xia Tian must make them try that fear, boundless fear, therefore he has not worried to get rid, but is the choice stands there waited. Waited for the head of the clan who medicine comes back. At this time medicine all people of all anticipated that Leader and elite of juniors medicine come back immediately, because they will be afraid Xia Tian to get rid suddenly, once Xia Tian will get rid, they may be miserable. Xia Tian was a moment ago casual gets rid, patted their medicine more than ten people . Moreover the half bodies of these people broke to pieces. Waiting. Probably about a half hour.

The person of medicine came back, the head of the clan of medicine led over a hundred elite juniors to come back directly. Brat, has not thought that your unexpectedly dares to walk.” Although the head of the clan of medicine has not seen Xia Tian, but he underwent others' description to guess this is that injures their medicine five old people. Moreover at this time the ground also more than ten personally lie down there, looked that died. Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to get the gate, and has killed the person of their medicine, this is he is absolutely unsupportable. You came back finally, I can also start to begin to kill people.” Xia Tian shook own arm. Snort, the brat, your unexpectedly dares to come to our medicine home to cause trouble, today I will certainly make you live to might as well die.” Saying of medicine head of the clan coldly, in his opinion, Xia Tian is a deceased person. Their here has over a hundred medicine elite juniors, even if the huge-crowd strategy also encircled dead Xia Tian. Depends on these ineffective and worthless troops?” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands, his action medicine nobody discovered that the day cold sword is the invisible sword, so long as is not Earth Grade late stage Expert, is unable to induce to his existence. Snort, I did not believe our these many people unable to kill your one.” The head of the clan of medicine waves, all people have all fired into Xia Tian. At this time Grandfather of Chen also rushed, when he got to the entrance saw inconceivable one. The flash, 30-40 people of bodies all turned into the ice piece. Such matter let present all people all shocked, afterward the Xia Tian left hand double referred to stretching out. Finger of Consonance Second Layer.

A giant finger empty shade hit to these ice pieces. Bang! These ice pieces crush instantaneously. Less than five seconds of time, less than 40 people died. Inner Strength manifestation, you are Earth Grade Expert!” The head of the clan of medicine looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, such young Earth Grade Expert he has never seen, but he has thought of a more terrifying matter immediately. Actually did Xia Tian make that more than 30 people turn into the ice piece a moment ago? Expert! In elder heart of medicine immediately one cold, that is more than 30 elite juniors, the family spends very big painstaking care to train, but now unexpectedly all by Xia Tian killing. All medicine disciples obey orders, take to be reborn in paradise pill.” The medicine head of the clan has made this decision instantaneously. Is reborn in paradise pill. Medicine biggest card in a hand. For these years, medicine is closes right up against seizes by force to expand own strength, the head of the clan of medicine has also been accelerating the development of oneself family is worried that some people retaliate, but he has also been ready, that is reborn in paradise pill. He knows that in the future will possibly bump into the unexpected enemy, once is the powerful enemy, they can with being reborn in paradise pill cope.

For these years, the head of the clan who these are reborn in paradise compounded drug hopes one for a lifetime do not use, but their they must use today, because Xia Tian is that powerful enemy, since the powerful enemy has attacked. They naturally must use to be reborn in paradise pill, but is reborn in paradise pill's side effect to be big, because it is the white robe developed, after taking is reborn in paradise pill, their strengths instantaneously will promote ten times, but must lose 30 years of life, moreover this type of compounded drug is useless to Earth Grade above Expert. The juniors slight hesitations of these medicine, they have not taken directly have been reborn in paradise pill. They understand, since the medicine head of the clan ordered, that showed that they did not have the escape route, at this moment they have not gone to be ready the psychology, because they undergo the training in this aspect since childhood, if the family presents the life and death crisis time, protection family that must go all out. So long as the foundation does not damage, that medicine can also stage a comeback. Em? This was the strengths of any compounded drug unexpectedly flash all people promotes Profound Grade to be greatly complete completely.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he has not thought that unexpectedly has such terrifying compounded drug, made one group of Profound Grade Initial Stage person strength promote Profound Grade to be greatly complete instantaneously directly. Is the medicine of white robe? Actually is this white robe who? What he and are Black Gown relate?” Xia Tian has been scheduled the medicine in white robe that moreover the white robe affirmation knows him, if the white robe and Black Gown are the good brothers, he only needs to add on toxicant in the Xia Tian medicine, that Xia Tian must die without doubt. „After it seems like I go back, needs attractive that internal injury pill, the compounded drug that if he will send next time is different from this compounded drug structure, that definitely has the issue, if same, that showed that sentiment between he and Black Gown absolutely is not good, may is same as Yin Nie and Wei Guang situation, the first division two people can only live finally.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Wei Guang is the present Xia Tian biggest enemy, is his only has not won self-confidently the person, the Wei Guang strength will not compare his master to be weak absolutely, but Xia Tian can confirm, if in the situation of his combustion compounded drug, he cannot catch his master one move absolutely. This is the disparity. Xia Tian looked up around these people, shook the head, they compared with Wei Guang, was the day badly leaves simply. Boy, I must make you die today not entire corpse.” Head of the clan wicked shouting of medicine.